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Pacific Nightmare: How Japan Starts World War III - A Future History

Pacific Nightmare: How Japan Starts World War III - A Future History

by Simon Winchester

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The catalyst for this novel by a Hong Kong-based correspondent for the British newspaper the Guardian is the planned return of that city to Chinese control in 1997. Hong Kong becomes a focal point for southern China's discontent with Beijing's hardline Maoist rulers, and civil war breaks out, plunging the nation into chaos. In 1999, Japan sends in troops to restore ``calm and stability.'' Chinese officers are preparing a retaliatory atomic strike when the U.S. takes a nuclear initiative of its own. Winchester ( Pacific Rising ) establishes a plausible early sequence of events, but then depicts Japan's intervention so sketchily that he fails to convince. By concentrating on crafting small-scale action sequences at the expense of analyzing his future history's diplomatic, political and military developments, he inhibits this disappointing narrative. Author tour. ( Oct. )
Library Journal
This curious and unlovely work posits dreadful events that, in the author's view, will follow the transfer of Hong Kong to China. This is not a novel in any conventional sense but rather a speculative essay on the People's Republic of China emphasizing governmental cruelty and political repression, written by the author of the nonfiction Pacific Rising ( LJ 4/15/91) and The Sun Never Sets ( LJ 5/1/86). The subtitle is misleading. Korea, Japan, and ultimately the United States enter the picture at the very end, with savage results, but the author's real attention is on mainland China. The book's purpose is unclear. Despite some scholarly trappings, there is no effort to separate fact from speculation, making it impossible for a nonexpert to assess the author's credibility. Certainly, the total omission of the United Nations weakens his scenario; it is difficult to believe, after Desert Storm and the Environmental Summit, that the United States would singlehandedly take the military action Winchester imagines. Not recommended.-- Elsa Pendleton, Boeing Computer Support Svces., Ridgecrest, Cal.

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New York; Massachusetts; Scotland
Date of Birth:
September 28, 1944
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London, England
M.A., St. Catherine¿s College, Oxford, 1966

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