The Painter and the Wild Swans

The Painter and the Wild Swans

by Claude Clement, Frederic Clement

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In this stunningly illustrated parable, a Japanese painter learns about life, death and the act of creation from a flock of elusive swans; PW praised the ``renderings that contain a rich blend of pathos and beauty.'' Ages 5-up. (Sept.)
School Library Journal
K-Gr 3 Although rich and successful, Teiji abandons his landscapes and portraits after the sight of a flock of wild swans in flight leaves him unable to paint anything else. His quest to find the elusive swans ends in apparent defeat and deathbut at the moment when he realizes that such beauty cannot be captured, that it is enough to see it, he becomes a swan himself. This poetic idea is at least as old as William Blake (and the folktale motifs, of course, much older), but as the themes seem naturally Japanese, the setting is appropriate. The paintings, in cool tones so modulated that they seem at first monochromatic, are refined almost to preciosity. Swan forms blend Escher-like into fog, steam, snow, clouds; the results are elegant but mannered. At times the pictures don't correspond exactly to the text, but the appeal of this self-consciously artistic book is decidedly towards more sophisticated (even adult) readers, who might not mind the small discrepancies. Patricia Dooley, formerly at Drexel University, Philadelphia

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