Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution

Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution

by Manuel Plana

ISBN-10: 1566564018

ISBN-13: 9781566564014

Pub. Date: 02/28/2002

Publisher: Interlink Publishing Group, Incorporated

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Interlink Publishing Group, Incorporated
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Interlink Illustrated Histories Series
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5.26(w) x 7.62(h) x 0.43(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Mexico Before the Revolution8
The Liberals and the Conservative Reaction12
The Era of Porfirio Diaz14
The Leaders of the Revolution16
The Immense Territories of the North17
The Peculiarities of Chihuahua21
Madero Leads the Revolution against Diaz25
The Madero Presidency28
Mexico on the Eve of Revolution (map)13
Benito Juarez: The Liberal Reforms15
The State of Chihuahua (map)18
The North: Consequences of Economic Growth21
Porfirio Diaz: A 30-Year Regime22
The Plan of San Luis Potosi26
Zapata's Ayala Plan28
Huerta: The Reaction against Madero31
Chapter 2From Bandit to Revolutionary32
The Leader of the Revolution in the North36
The Rebellion against Huerta Spreads40
Villa: Leader of Chihuahua43
The Ballad of the Revolution38
Carranza and the Guadalupe Plan41
The Northern Division42
Pancho Villa as Seen by John Reed45
Chapter 3The Revolution in the North46
A War Economy48
A Powerful War Machine52
Relations with Woodrow Wilson's United States57
The First Disputes between Villa and Carranza62
Life during the Military Campaigns51
The Battle of Zacatecas57
A Portrait of Alvaro Obregon63
Chapter 4The Civil War in the Revolution64
Alliances on a Collision Course66
A Power Struggle68
Villa and Zapata in Mexico City71
Villa Returns to the North76
Two Movements in Conflict79
The Counterattack by Obregon and Carranza84
Villa's Army at the End88
The Convention of Aguascalientes70
A Portrait of Eulalio Gutierrez72
The Revolutionaries in Mexico City78
The Revolution and Anti-Clericalism82
The Battle of Celaya (map)85
Obregon at Celaya86
Villa's Agrarian Law89
Chapter 5The Victors and the Vanquished92
The Guerrilla Movement Spreads94
The Constitution of 191798
The Punitive Expedition96
The 1917 Constitution102
Chapter 6The Foundations of a New Mexico106
New Political Alliances108
Villa and the Revolution113
The Revolution's Legacy118
The First Labor Union110
The End of Carranza112
Villa's Death117
Index of Names125

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