Paper Moon: The Moonstruck Series

Paper Moon: The Moonstruck Series

4.3 3
by Linda Windsor, Stina Nielsen, C. J. Critt

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The Moonstruck Series

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Paper Moon 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Linda Windsor has a winner in ¿Paper Moon,¿ Book One of the Moonstruck Series from WestBow Press. Caroline Spencer is the divorced mother of 16 year-old Annie who, along with her best friend, Karen, want to take a school trip to Mexico. Naturally, they need chaperones, and Caroline joins them on the trip designed to promote family togetherness. Blaine Madison barely makes the plane to join the school sponsored trip. Traveling with a group of Christian teenagers and their parents to Mexico makes Blaine feel uncomfortable. After all, he lost his faith in God after his wife died. But it will give him an opportunity to spend time with his daughter, Karen. When he¿s seated next to Caroline on the plane, her natural humor has the stressed out Blaine smiling for the first time in ages. Then, the night of their arrival in Acapulco, the kids visit the disco club, Banditos, where no liquor is served. There his daughter Karen meets John Chandler, a senior at the University of California in Mexico City, and Blaine¿s parental instincts get into high gear. It¿s not only the difference in ages between his daughter and the college student that make him suspicious. There¿s something about John just doesn¿t sit right with him. Unbeknownst to the travelers, John is involved in a ring of thieves who steal priceless stamp collections, meant to be sold abroad. John¿s goal is to find a naïve target: someone to mail the card carrying the stolen property from the States. Despite the rule of not accepting packages, Karen falls prey to John¿s request. As the school group tours Mexico, Blaine finds himself turning to Caroline for help in understanding his daughter. The spiritual depth behind Caroline¿s words eases the guilt Blaine feels over the loss of his wife, and also helps bridge the gap between father and daughter. And Caroline finds herself attracted to the handsome, lonely widower. As the days pass, her attraction for Blaine continues to grow. But when John discovers that Karen has lost the envelope he gave her, and then Karen and Annie disappear, Blaine blames Caroline. Caroline trusts in God to keep the girls safe. But is Blaine ready to give God ¿ and Caroline ¿ a second chance? Linda Windsor has won numerous awards for her novels, including historical and contemporary romances, and after reading ¿Paper Moon,¿ I can see why. ¿Paper Moon¿ is filled with adventure, suspense, marvelous humor and great sensitivity. To say I eagerly look forward to her next release is an understatement. This is definitely a not-to-be missed book!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Philadelphia, Caroline Spencer, owner of Little Angels Daycare Center, accompanies her sixteen years old daughter Annie on the Edenton Christian High School trip to Mexico. Also on the journey is workaholic Blaine Madison escorting his angry with him daughter Karen, who believes her widowed father has no time for her.--- At the Mexico City Banditos Dance Club, college student John Chandler picks up Karen as Blaine angrily watches. John feels guilty because he knows he is using the naive lonely teen as he has done with others to bring stolen items into the states, but knows he cannot change horses as his roommate¿s Uncle Jorge will kill him and perhaps his cute pigeon too. What he never expected was for Jorge to kidnap the two teenage tourists, leaving an irate Blaine and a frightened but praying to God Caroline to try to rescue their daughters as the police seem indifferent and perhaps even terrified to intercede.--- Though Caroline is too accident prone in the beginning of the tale (early distracter), fans will appreciate this deep tense romantic suspense starring two opposites when it comes to religious beliefs, relationships, and single parenting. The story line is character driven as the audience gets to know the Spencers and Madisons up front and close although that delays the action until late in the novel. Still this is fine tale in which a believer and a non-believer must find the same path to save their daughters from a vile avarice soulless fiend.--- Harriet Klausner