Parallel Image Processing

Parallel Image Processing

by Maurice Nivat, P. S. Wang, A. Saoudi

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Series on Machine Perception
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Table of Contents

Picture Generation and Recognition
Two Topics Concerning Two-Dimensional Automata Operating in Parallel1
Three-Dimensional Object Pattern Representation by Array Grammars17
Recognizable Picture Languages31
Stochastic Puzzle Grammars47
Learning of Pattern and Picture Languages65
Parallel Recognition and Parsing Algorithms
Parallel Recognition of High Dimensional Images75
On Parallel Recognition of Two Classes of 2-D Array Patterns83
Two-Dimensional Uniquely Parsable Isometric Array Grammars91
A Parallel Algorithm for Analyzing Connected Components in Binary Images105
Parallel Architectures and Algorithms
Replicated Image Algorithms and Their Analyses on SIMD Machines125
The Depth and Motion Analysis Machine143
Image Analysis on Massively Parallel Computers: An Architectural Point of View177
Stealth Terrain Navigation for Multi-Vehicle Path Planning185
Implementation of the Z-Buffer Algorithm on a Reconfigurable Network of Processors207
Neural Networks
Parallel Algorithm for Colour Texture Generation Using the Random Neural Network Model227
Combining Image Processing Operators and Neural Networks in a Face Recognition System237

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