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Parallel Lies (Bombshell Series #44)

Parallel Lies (Bombshell Series #44)

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by Kate Donovan

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Five years ago, Sabrina Sullivan and her sister took on new identities after their CIA agent father was killed by an assassin sworn to wipe out their family.

Now her sister has been kidnapped. And Sabrina is coming out of hiding to find her.

Her father's former partner says he wants to help.

Her father's former protégé says not to trust


Five years ago, Sabrina Sullivan and her sister took on new identities after their CIA agent father was killed by an assassin sworn to wipe out their family.

Now her sister has been kidnapped. And Sabrina is coming out of hiding to find her.

Her father's former partner says he wants to help.

Her father's former protégé says not to trust him.

And the assassin is back, telling her they're both lying....

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Publication date:
Silhouette Bombshell Series , #44
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4.14(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.84(d)

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Parallel Lies

By Kate Donovan


Copyright © 2005 Kate Donovan
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0373513585

Five years later

"Can I help you, miss?"

Sabrina hesitated, knowing that the next words she uttered would change the course of her life. But she had carefully weighed every alternative before making this decision and, absent new information, wasn't about to second-guess herself.

Her father had trained her better than that.

Smiling at the young man guarding the entrance to Theo Howell's Monterey estate, she announced, "I'm Briana York. A friend of Mr. Howell's. I don't have an appointment, but I can guarantee you he'll want to see me."

"I'm sure he will," the guard said, returning the smile as he scanned her bare legs. She had dressed in shorts and a tank top for the long, hot drive, not really caring how she looked.

Well at least he can see you're not armed, she told herself ruefully.

"Just give me a second, Miss York." Stepping back into his booth, the guard punched a button and an intercom began sputtering static.

Then a female voice from Sabrina's childhood demanded, "Fred? Is the repairman here?"

"It's someone to see Theo. Her name's Briana York. She doesn't have an appointment."

"Briana York?"

Until now Sabrina had been so focused on the danger in visiting Theo's house after all these years, she had failed to anticipate how wonderful it would be to see the place -- and its inhabitants -- again. Thoroughly charmed, and no longer hesitant about revealing herself, she waved her hand to catch the guard's attention. "Is that Marietta? The cook? Tell her it's Sabrina Sullivan. She'll know who I am."

"Sullivan?" The guard's eyes widened. "As in Sully Sullivan?"

"Just tell her."

The guard nodded, then cleared his throat. "Marietta, the guest says her name is Sabrina Sullivan."

A delighted squeal emanated from the intercom, then the cook instructed Fred to admit the guest right away.

"Go on up to the house, Miss Sullivan. Stay to the right -- "

"I've been here before. Thanks." Sabrina edged her car up to the gate and sped through as soon as it had opened.

He didn't even ask you for identification, she told herself in amused disbelief. If Dad were here, he'd give that poor guy such a lecture!

It didn't bode well for the state of affairs at Perimeter Security Incorporated, she decided. Apparently discipline had fallen apart after her father's death. Hopefully they still knew how to run a background check, which was all she needed from them.

And security aside, she was relieved to see that the estate was as stunning as she remembered it, with the sound of waves crashing in the distance while the wind whistled through the twisted limbs of hauntingly beautiful Monterey cypresses.

The house that Perimeter built, she reminded herself, proud that her father had been part of Theo Howell's phenomenal success. The story was a classic. Howell had come from modest wealth, eventually inheriting the family business -- a burglar alarm company. In a stroke of brilliance, he had invested every dime -- including a few borrowed ones -- and had transformed the company into a full-scale security provider called Perimeter, utilizing sophisticated computers, state-of-the-art monitoring and highly trained bodyguards. Almost immediately, Perimeter gained global prominence, and in the years that followed, became the preeminent provider of security to corporations, dignitaries, movie stars and other assorted clients.

But not without some growing pains. Despite all the successes, Theo Howell and Perimeter had had three pivotal failures. The first -- a bomb smuggled into a peace summit -- had been a mixed blessing, leading Howell to re-cruit the brash young CIA agent who had disarmed the device just seconds before the timer reached zero. That agent, Sully Sullivan, thereafter revamped the company's procedures, trained its staff and basically took it to even higher heights.

Perimeter's second disaster, more than twenty years later, had resulted in the assassination of a client in the Canary Islands. Desperate to salvage the company's reputation, Sully had rejoined forces with the CIA to bring the assassin -- Pluto Zenner -- to justice. Pluto had been killed resisting arrest, leading to the third and most tragic failure of all -- the revenge taken by Pluto's son, Adonis, against Sully.

For Sabrina, that was where the Perimeter story ended. She had no idea what had happened over the past five years. All she knew for sure was that Adonis Zenner had never been apprehended or punished for her father's murder.

Coupled with the lax behavior of the guard at the gate, Adonis's continued existence didn't speak well for the caliber of Perimeter's current staff, she decided grimly. But it was too late to turn back. Sabrina still believed she'd made the right choice in coming here, so she parked her red convertible alongside a black one at the curb of the circular driveway in front of the Howell mansion. Then she took the steps two at a time, reaching the front door just as Marietta opened it wide.

"Miss Sabrina!" The servant gave her a hearty hug. "I thought we'd never see you again."

Sabrina returned the embrace. "It's so great to see you. Are you in charge of the place these days?"

The dark-haired woman shook her head. "It's just me and my husband now. Money's tight for Mr. Howell. But we're really all he needs. Sebastian does the gardening and driving. And I still do all the cooking, so don't worry. I'll put some meat on those skinny bones of yours in no time." She studied the guest fondly, then asked, "Is it okay to call you Sabrina?"


"What about Miss Michelle? Is she coming, too?"

"She's on vacation." Sabrina sighed. "We can visit in a little while, but for now, I'd better go see Uncle Theo. Was he shocked to hear I was back?"

"I didn't tell him." Marietta gave her a wide smile. "I can't wait to see the look on his face."

Sabrina laughed. "Let's hope he's not annoyed. You and that guard really shouldn't have let me come up without permission."

"He'll be too happy to complain. Come on." The cook headed down the hall toward Theo's study.

Sabrina surveyed the entrance hall with wistful thoroughness. Nothing had changed. The same sweeping brass and oak staircase, oak flooring and vibrant red carpets. No furniture except for a brass table holding a vase filled with red roses.


Excerpted from Parallel Lies by Kate Donovan Copyright © 2005 by Kate Donovan. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Kate was born in Newark, Ohio, and lived there until age nine when her family moved to Barrington, Rhode Island. They moved again to California just in time for Kate to attend college in Berkeley, which is where she met her husband-to-be, Paul. Kate and Paul attended law school together and settled down in Sacramento to raise a family: son Paul Michael; daughter Amanda; Murphy the trusty (if tiny) watchdog; and Scooter the cat/hunter.

They all live in Elk Grove now, and Kate divides her time between her day job as an attorney for the state of California and her writing. When she's not writing, she hangs out with her family in the vicinity of the TV, reads or cooks the many Mexican recipes handed down to her by her late mother-in-law.

Kate loves to hear from readers. You can reach her by email at katedonovan@hotmail.com.

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Parallel Lies (Bombshell Series #44) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Uncle Theo Howell informs his twenty years old niece Sabrina ¿Breeze¿ Sullivan that criminal Adonis Zenner, with revenge as the motive, killed her father. Sabrina¿s dad, while working for the CIA killed Adonis¿ drug lord father Pluto. Theo also believes he will come after Breeze and her younger sister Michelle. To keep them safe, the siblings are placed in the Witness Protection Program.................... Five years later, Sabrina surfaces because her sister is missing. She begins her hunt to rescue Michelle by assuming that somehow Adonis caught her. Security expert Zack Lansing joins Sabrina on her quest. As they work together with danger everywhere, Zack and Sabrina fall in love, but first must save Michelle and eliminate the Adonis threat before they can explore a relationship..................... PARALLEL LIES is a fantastic thriller that is filled with action yet stars fully developed characters including the antagonist whose backdrop obsession induces the chain reaction of events. The feuding family suspense focuses on the intertwining of both families with death being the common denominator that links them. Who will survive the finale confrontation is not as clear as readers would expect as the good guys have some mountains to overcome. Kate Donovan writes a great action adventure tale........................ Harriet Klausner