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Disc 1

  1. C & O Whistle
  2. Fox in the Mountains
  3. Old Joe Clark
  4. Kentucky Bootleggers
  5. Cackling Hen
  6. Cotton Mill Blues
  7. Say Darling Won't You Love Me
  8. Banjo Sam
  9. Knocking Down Casey Jones
  10. Been on the Job Too Long
  11. The Old Bell Cow
  12. Bile Them Cabbage Down
  13. Alabama Jubilee
  14. Trail Blazer's Favourite
  15. Chickens Don't Roost Too High for Me
  16. Soldier's Joy
  17. Show Me the Way to Go Home
  18. Whoa Mule Whoa
  19. When I Was Single My Pockets Did Jingle
  20. Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
  21. The Knoxville Girl
  22. Hatfield McCoy Feud
  23. Tuck Me In
  24. Harbour of Home Sweet Home
  25. Midnight Serenade

Disc 2

  1. The Marion Massacre
  2. The North Carolina Textile Strike
  3. Busted Bank Blues
  4. Picture on the Wall
  5. Got Drunk and Got Married
  6. I Tickled Her Under the Chin
  7. The Married Man
  8. The Bluefield Murder
  9. George Collins
  10. Choctaw Beer Blues
  11. Anuiant et Bleu
  12. Sara Jane
  13. I Was Born 4000 Years Ago
  14. It's Hard to Be Shut Up in Prison
  15. Broadway Blues
  16. Log Cabin Blues
  17. Down in Arkansas
  18. When the Whipoorwill Is Whispering Goodnight
  19. Only a Tramp
  20. Six Feet of Earth
  21. Those Dark Eyes I Love So Well
  22. Longing for Home
  23. Down by the Railroad Track
  24. Hen House Blues
  25. Memphis Blues

Disc 3

  1. Are You Washed in the Blood
  2. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  3. When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder
  4. My Mother's Bible
  5. Brighten the Corner Where You Are
  6. I'm a Child of the King
  7. There's a Treasure Up in Heaven
  8. Room for Jesus
  9. This World Is Not My Home
  10. 'Til We Meet Again
  11. He Cometh
  12. The Model Church, Pt. 1
  13. The Model Church, Pt. 2
  14. Little David Play on Your Harp
  15. Jesus Is Getting Us Ready
  16. I Will Tell a Wondrous Story
  17. Two Little Children
  18. I Shall Not Be Moved
  19. Death Is No More Than a Dream
  20. Will There Any Stars in My Crown
  21. The Land Where We Never Grow Old
  22. The Old Rugged Cross
  23. In the Sweet Bye and Bye
  24. Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory to the Lamb
  25. Give Me That Old Time Religion

Disc 4

  1. Good Cocaine (Mama Don't Allow It)
  2. A Pretty White Rose
  3. The Prisoners (Sic) Sweetheart
  4. Little Mamie
  5. The Unfortunate Breakman
  6. Some Mother's Boy
  7. Idaho Joe
  8. Gambler's Blues
  9. La Valse de La Ru Canal
  10. Ma Mauvais Fille
  11. Cousinne Lilly
  12. Miserable
  13. Valse de Gueydan
  14. Upstairs
  15. La Delaisser
  16. Le Pond de Nante
  17. I'm Going Crazy
  18. Swinging in the Lane
  19. Chicken Reel
  20. Double Eagle March
  21. My Little Girl
  22. In the Good Old Summertime
  23. Are You Angry with Me Darling
  24. Julie Girl
  25. Red Wing

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Joe Gibbs   Guitar
Emry Arthur   Guitar,Vocals
Fiddlin' Doc Roberts   Fiddle,Mandolin,Vocals
Arthur Tanner   Banjo,Vocals
Frank Welling   Guitar,Steel Guitar,Vocals,Group,Accompaniment
Leo Soileau   Fiddle
John T. McGhee   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals,Group,Accompaniment
Moise Robin   Accordion,Vocals
Wilmer Watts   Banjo
Lee "Red" Henderson   Guitar
John Thomasson   Fiddle
Alex Hood   Banjo
Roy Gonzales   Guitar,Vocals,yodeling
Earl Johnson & His Dixie Entertainers   Fiddle
Grady Moore   Guitar,Vocals
Sid Harkreader   Fiddle,Vocals
Claude Davis   Mandolin,Vocals
Cleve Chaffin   Banjo
Hugh Gibbs String Band   Harp Guitar
William Shannon   Vocals
Dick Parman   Guitar,Vocals
George Reneau   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Lonnie Griffith   Guitar,Vocals
Rufus K. Stanley   Banjo,Vocals
George Washington White   Vocals
Ted Chestnut   Banjo,Mandolin,Vocals

Technical Credits

John Stedman   Liner Notes
Pat Harrison   Annotation
Claude Davis   Duet

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