Parenting the Custodial Grandchild: Implications For Clinical Practice / Edition 2

Parenting the Custodial Grandchild: Implications For Clinical Practice / Edition 2

by Bert Hayslip, Jr.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Diversity Across Individuals
* Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren: The Effects of Work Disruptions on Current Work Hours and Income, R. Pruchno, D. McKenney
* Determinants of Role Satisfaction in Traditional and Custodial Grandparents, B. Hayslip Jr., J. R. Temple, . J. Shore, C. Henderson
* Diversity and Caregiving Support Interventions: Lessons from Elder Care Research, S. H. Qualls, K. A. Roberto
* Diversity Across Grandparent Caregivers in Needs for Formal and Informal Social Support: A Pilot Study, J. King, B. Hayslip, Jr., P. Kaminski

Section 2: Diversity Across Age and Gender
* Age, Health, and Custodial Grandparenting, B. Hayslip, Jr., R. J. Shore, M. Emick
* Grandmothers Diaries: A Glimpse at Daily Lives, C. M. Musil, T. Standing for their Grandchildren, P. McCallion, S. R. Kolomer
* African American Grandmothers: The Responsibility Continuum, R. D. Lee, M. E. Ensminger, T. A. LaViest
* Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren: The Vulnerability of Advancing Age, C. Goodman
* Gender Differences Among Custodial Grandparents, B. Hayslip, Jr., P. Kaminski, K. Earnheart

Section 3: Cross Cultural and Intra-cultural Variation
* Cross Cultural Differences in Traditional and Custodial Grandparenting: A Qualitative Approach, B. Hayslip, Jr., A. H. Baird, R. Toledo, C. Toldeo, M. Emick
* Grandparent Caregiving Among First Nations Canadians, E. Fuller Thomson
* Social Support Among Custodial Grandparents Within a Diversity of Contexts, S. J. Kohn, G. C. Smith
* Stress Related Factors Amongst Primary and Part-time Caregiving Grandmothers of Kenyan Grandchildren, P. Oburu, K. Palmerus

Section 4: Variation Across Race and Ethnicity
* Latina Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren: Acculturation and Psychological Well-being, C. Goodman, M. Silverstein
* African American Grandmothers as Health Educators in the Family, J. A. Watson, S. Randolph, J. L. Lyons
* Religious Beliefs and Practices Among African American Custodial Grandparents, M. R. Crowther, L. M. Swanson, R. L. Rodriguez, M. Snarski, H. K. Higgerson
* A Stress Process Model of Grandparent Caregiving: The Impact of Role Strain and Intrapsychic Strain on Subjective Well-Being, R. L. Rodriguez, M. R. Crowther
* The Voices of Black Grandmothers Parenting Children with TANF Assistance, T. L. Henderson, J. Cook
* Epilogue: Toward an Understanding of Diversity Among Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren, J. Patrick, B. Hayslip, Jr.

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