Parents' Complete Special Education Guide: Tips, Techniques and Materials for Helping Your Child Succeed in School and Life

Parents' Complete Special Education Guide: Tips, Techniques and Materials for Helping Your Child Succeed in School and Life

by Roger Pierangelo, Robert Jacoby

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VOYA - Sandra Stewart-Cole
A very broad subject is tackled in The Parents' Complete Special Education Guide. This large format paperback contains much useful information for parents of a child with special education needs. Highlights include a very clearly written and well-laid out child development guide for ages zero to five years. Besides the usual child growth mode, a list of suggested activities for parents is included. The screening process is discussed at length from when and which children should be screened, to reviewing the evaluations of the screening itself. Medications for different disorders are described, along with potential side effects and a table of medications with brand and generic names. The transition from special education to adult living is covered quite well, and includes a student transition action plan with a timeline that begins with junior high and runs through adulthood. Because the subject matter is so broad, some areas of special education are glossed over. Most of the eight pages devoted to gifted education are lists of Nearly one-fourth of the book is comprised of very useful appendices. Glossaries of medical, educational, and physical therapy terminology are included, so that a parent could look up what an educator means by dysorthographia (the learning disability that affects a child's ability to spell). Another appendix lists developmental stages and the approximate age at which a normal child achieves that ability. IQ tests, gifted characteristics and suggested school activities for the gifted. An entire chapter devoted to "Practical Parenting Tips" glosses over the basics, with some emphasis on the specific problems parents of special education students may face. Because of the amount of helpful information included, I would highly recommend this book to parents of children with special needs and any library with a parenting collection. Glossary. Index. Biblio. Further Reading. Appendix.
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The authors of this practical guide each have over 25 years of experience in the field of special education, Pierangelo as a classroom teacher, psychologist, and administrator, Jacoby as a special education teacher and school principal. They open with a discussion of child development, screening procedures for suspected disabilities, and early (preschool) intervention. In subsequent chapters, they describe individual education plans, related counseling and therapy services, and 12 major types of disability. To conclude, the authors deal with common medication information, practical parenting suggestions, and the transition of special students to adult life. The five appendixes contain a wealth of information, including a glossary of special education terms, forms used by the Committee on Special Education, organizations and publications for special children, and various types of special education tests. Their guide gives parents all the pertinent information they need to navigate the many rules and regulations involved in the special education process. Highly recommended for public libraries.Barbara S. Meagher, Central Connecticut State Univ., New Britain

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