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Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide 1989-1990

Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide 1989-1990

by Robert M. Parker

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Library Journal
This is an update of Parker's previous Guide ( LJ 7/87), containing new introductory material and more comprehensive coverage of the wines of France, California, Australia, Spain, and the Pacific Northwest. It utilizes a 100-point rating system and format which will be familiar to readers of Parker's newsletter, The Wine Advocate . While the coverage is extensive, it is not comprehensive; this is not a reference work but rather a consumer's guide for the wine drinker. The main focuses are the world's finest wines and the best wine values. While not everyone will agree with Parker's tastes, the author is arguably the most respected wine critic in America, and his judgments find favor with most wine drinkers. This book will be of value to the reader looking for guidance in buying wine.-- Bruce Hulse, Vanguard Technologies Corp., Washington, D.C.

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