Parklife [Special Edition]

Parklife [Special Edition]

by Blur

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Modern Life Is Rubbish established Blur as the heir to the archly British pop of the Kinks, the Small Faces, and the Jam, but its follow-up, Parklife, revealed the depth of that transformation. Relying more heavily on Ray…  See more details below


Modern Life Is Rubbish established Blur as the heir to the archly British pop of the Kinks, the Small Faces, and the Jam, but its follow-up, Parklife, revealed the depth of that transformation. Relying more heavily on Ray Davies' seriocomic social commentary, as well as new wave, Parklife runs through the entire history of post-British Invasion Brit-pop in the course of 16 songs, touching on psychedelia, synth pop, disco, punk, and music hall along the way. Damon Albarn intended these songs to form a sketch of British life in the mid-'90s, and it's startling how close he came to his goal; not only did the bouncy, disco-fied "Girls & Boys" and singalong chant "Parklife" become anthems in the U.K., but they inaugurated a new era of Brit-pop and lad culture, where British youth celebrated their country and traditions. The legions of jangly, melodic bands that followed in the wake of Parklife revealed how much more complex Blur's vision was. Not only was their music precisely detailed -- sound effects and brilliant guitar lines pop up all over the record -- but the melodies elegantly interwove with the chords, as in the graceful, heartbreaking "Badhead." Surprisingly, Albarn, for all of his cold, dispassionate wit, demonstrates compassion that gives these songs three dimensions, as on the pathos-laden "End of a Century," the melancholy Walker Brothers tribute "To the End," and the swirling, epic closer, "This Is a Low." For all of its celebration of tradition, Parklife is a thoroughly modern record in that it bends genres and is self-referential (the mod anthem of the title track is voiced by none other than Phil Daniels, the star of Quadrophenia). And, by tying the past and the present together, Blur articulated the mid-'90s Zeitgeist and produced an epoch-defining record. [EMI's deluxe 2012 double-disc expansion of Parklife contains the 1994 album on the first disc and a host of B-sides and rarities on the second. Parklife is where Blur hit their stride and this is evident even throughout the B-sides collected here. Sure, there are songs that are proud throwaways -- Graham Coxon's spiteful, boozy pisstake "Red Necks" and Alex James' tweaked twee "Alex's Song" -- but there are also moments of shivering beauty, as in the Ziggy Stardust homage "Peter Panic," the gleefully nasty disco "People in Europe," and the barbed pop of "Threadneedle Street." To these B-sides acoustic versions of "Jubilee" (a song that does not easily lend itself to such an arrangement), "Parklife," and "End of a Century" are added, rounding out a generous and entertaining bonus disc.]

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Disc 1

  1. Girls and Boys
  2. Tracy Jacks
  3. End of a Century
  4. Parklife Starring Phil Daniels
  5. Bank Holiday
  6. Badhead
  7. The Debt Collector
  8. Far Out
  9. To the End
  10. London Loves
  11. Trouble In the Message Centre
  12. Clover Over Dover
  13. Magic America
  14. Jubilee
  15. This is a Low
  16. Lot 105

Disc 2

  1. Magpie
  2. Anniversary Waltz
  3. People In Europe
  4. Peter Panic
  5. Girls And Boys
  6. Threadneedle Street
  7. Got Yer!
  8. Beard
  9. To the End
  10. Supa Shoppa
  11. Theme From An Imaginary Film
  12. Red Necks
  13. Alex's Song
  14. Jubilee
  15. Parklife [From 'End Of A Century' Spanish C
  16. End of A Century

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Blur   Primary Artist
Phil Daniels   Narrator
Damon Albarn   Harpsichord,Recorder,Vocals,Background Vocals,Melodica,Moog Synthesizer,Vibes,String Machine,Hammond B3
Simon Clarke   Soprano Flute,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Graham Coxon   Acoustic Guitar,Clarinet,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Saxophone,Background Vocals
Richard Edwards   Trombone
Stephen Hague   Accordion
Kick Horns   Horn
Alex James   Bass Guitar,Vocals,Crowd Noise
Roddy Lorimer   Trombone,Flugelhorn
Ivan McCready   Cello
John Metcalfe   Viola
Leo Payne   String Quartet
Mark Pharoah   Violin
Chris Pitsillides   String Quartet
Audrey Riley   String Quartet
Dave Rowntree   Percussion,Drums,Crowd Noise
Tim Sanders   Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Stephen Street   Keyboards
Christopher Tombling   String Quartet
Rick Koster   Violin
Louisa Fuller   Violin
Duke Strings   Strings
Neil Sidwell   Trombone

Technical Credits

Pet Shop Boys   Arranger,Producer,Remixing
Blur   Producer,Engineer
Damon Albarn   Composer,Programming
Graham Coxon   Composer
Stephen Hague   Producer,Engineer
Alex James   Composer
Bob Kraushaar   Engineer
John Metcalfe   String Arrangements
Dave Rowntree   Composer,Programming
Stephen Street   Programming,Sound Effects,Producer
Bob Thomas   Cover Photo
Miranda Sawyer   Liner Notes,Interviewer
John Smith   Producer,Engineer
Scott Minshall   Reissue Design
Stephen Smith   Producer
Bob Thomas   Cover Photo
Jason Guiness Coz   Technical Maintenance
Pete Gleadhall   Programming

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