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Children's Literature
AGERANGE: Ages 8 to 10.

The Ancient Greeks are known for their many achievements. Some of the pieces of art and architecture have been lost to time, but the Parthenon still stands as a monument to their skill. Built to honor the goddess Athena, it was designed by Ictinus at the request of Pericles in 447BC. While the structure was damaged by wars and some of the statues taken, the basic structure remains intact and Greece currently works to preserve it. The Parthenon is an amazing example of mathematics, as well as the sheer force and will required to shape and lift marble into such a massive structure. Other amazing structures built by the Greeks include a variety of temples and the statue of Zeus, named one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. While architects and builders use modern tools such as cranes and computers, the basic design principles have not changed over the last two millennia. Part of the "Structural Wonders" series. Reviewer: Amie Rose Rotruck

AGERANGE: Ages 11 to 14.

This new �Structural Wonders� series looks at the science behind some of the most significant and interesting buildings throughout history. The six-volume set spans from ancient times to the twentieth-century Empire State Building. The format of each book is almost identical, including chapters on history, the idea behind the structure, the science needed to build it, its measurement, environmental impact, and construction careers. A chapter on Computer Aided Design is the same in each book. This series would best be used in grade school or middle school math and science classes to relate lessons to real life and real careers. Information on building history and use is sparse, but chapters such as "Make a Golden Rectangle," in Parthenon and "Measuring the Empire State Building" in Empire State Building could help an abstract concept take on concrete meaning. High school students will not find the depth of coverage needed for their assignments. Each title in the series touches on such a wide variety of subjects that no chapter presents in-depth material. Web links are suggested throughout, though, for those who would like further information. This series is suggested as a supplement to middle school curriculum, but public libraries need only consider it as an additional purchase. Reviewer: Stephanie Petruso
April 2008 (Vol. 31, No. 1)

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Weigl Publishers, Incorporated
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Structural Wonders Series
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11 - 14 Years

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