Partial Truths and the Politics of Community

Partial Truths and the Politics of Community

by Mary Ann Tetreault

ISBN-10: 1570034869

ISBN-13: 9781570034862

Pub. Date: 03/28/2003

Publisher: University of South Carolina Press

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University of South Carolina Press
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Feminist Community in Postmodern Times1
Pt. 1Family Quarrels
Ch. 1Post-Communism and "Women's Experience"?35
Ch. 2World-Traveling Feminisms in an Era of Global Restructuring67
Pt. 2Family Values
Ch. 3Is This the Educational System You Wanted?: Feminism and Homeschooling89
Ch. 4An Activist in "Retirement"104
Ch. 5Sex (Roles) and the Sorority: A Story of Feminist Transformations112
Ch. 6Reflections on Doing Feminist Research in a County Jail124
Pt. 3Discordant Instruments
Ch. 7Theorizing Global Political Economy Because People Matter141
Ch. 8Feminist Ideas on Cooperation and Self-Interest for International Relations161
Pt. 4Altered States
Ch. 9Gender Politics in the Northern Ireland Peace Process: A Case Study of the Transversalist Politics of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition181
Ch. 10Let Freedom Ring: Recharging and Consolidating "Inside the Beltway" Activism211
Ch. 11Tilting at Closed Institutions230
Ch. 12Finding Power in a Hegemonic Environment: Lessons on Surviving and Thriving from Five Women's Organizations in Poland238
Pt. 5Equal Justice
Ch. 13Human Rights and the Rights of Women: Retrospects and Perspectives on Work in the United Nations265
Ch. 14Speaking Out for Justice in Higher Education: The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Works to End Sex Discrimination in Academe275
Ch. 15In Search of Justice: Wartime Rape and Human Rights285
Pt. 6Philosophers' Stones
Ch. 16Knowledge and Accountability in Global Governance: Justice on the Biofrontier315
Ch. 17Thinking about Feminist Theology and Community342
About the Contributors397

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