Particle Distributions in Hadronic and Nuclear Collisions

Particle Distributions in Hadronic and Nuclear Collisions

by Mark Adams

ISBN-10: 9810237863

ISBN-13: 9789810237868

Pub. Date: 01/28/1999

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Jet Quenching in A+B Collisions and the Pb + Pb [approaches] [pi] [superscript 0] Puzzle at WA981
Electromagnetic Observables: Review of SPS Results and Perspectives11
Particle Production at HERA23
J/[psi], and Low Mass Resonance Production in Hadron and Heavy Ion Induced Collisions Around 200 GeV per Nucleon33
Unresolved Questions in J/[psi] Production and Propagation in Nuclei43
Wavelet Analysis in Search for the Disoriented Chiral Condensate55
Formation and Decay of Chiral Condensates in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions66
Searching for DCCs with the WA98 Experiment at CERN73
Systematics of Mid-Rapidity E[subscript T] and Multiplicity Distributions in Nucleus and Nucleon Collisions at AGS Energies85
Heavy Vector Meson Measurement in the PHENIX Experiment99
Anisotropic Azimuthal Distributions of Identified Particles in Au+Au Collisions at 11.5 A-GeV/c109
Jets at D0 and Implications for RHIC119
Double Pomeron Exchange and Diffractive Physics129
Stringy Model for QCD at Finite Density and Generalized Hagedorn Temperature139
Multiparticle Production and Percolation of Strings151
The BRAHMS Experiment at RHIC - Goals and Status161
Measuring Global Observables with PHENIX171
The PHOBOS Experiment at RHIC - Physics and Capabilities181
Physics with the STAR Detector at RHIC191
The ALICE Experiment at the CERN-LHC201
Event-by-Event Analysis and the QGP Phase Transition213
The Hadronic Final State of Pb+Pb Collisions at the CERN SPS223
Event Analysis Using Scaled Topological Measures in NA49233
A Color Mutation Hadronic Soft Interaction Model - Eikonal Formalism and Branching Evolution241
Author Index251

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