Party Animals: Eleven Years Cocoon Ibiza Marco Carola & Nick Curly In the Mix

Party Animals: Eleven Years Cocoon Ibiza Marco Carola & Nick Curly In the Mix

by Nick Curly

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Disc 1

  1. Zebra Talk  -  Someone Else
  2. Mini  -  Kobaalt
  3. Into Something  - Miguel Colmenares
  4. No Fashion  -  Miyagi
  5. Tiny Calf  -  Remerc
  6. Grubjo  - Matteo Milleri
  7. Chabada Bada  -  David K
  8. Suicide Birds  -  Coletone
  9. Little Patience  -  Gabe
  10. Tapa Boca  - Joseph Capriati
  11. Zarangi  -  Tale of Us
  12. Iron Troops  -  Ittetsu
  13. Dosson Creek  -  Reisak Corporation
  14. Hoochie Mama  - Martin Buttrich
  15. Movin  -  Youandewan
  16. The Longest Day  -  Layo

Disc 2

  1. Yankee Clipper  - Steffen Deux
  2. Get Your Space  -  Krakatoa
  3. Makena  -  Gorge
  4. Taberna del Funk  -  Horacio
  5. Telematiks  - Mihai Popoviciu
  6. You've Got Me  -  Guti
  7. Kama Kama  - Sascha Dive
  8. Just One Moment  - Daniel Stefanik
  9. No Worries  -  Butch
  10. Bring It  -  Lauhaus
  11. Pujante
  12. Vilassar  -  Remerc
  13. House Nation  -  Anthea & Celler
  14. Rubix  - Julien Chaptal
  15. Keep On
  16. Supersnout  - Mark Broom
  17. Hold It  -  Peace Division
  18. El Ladron De Mails  - Marcelo Rosselot
  19. The Dark Side of Bo  - Markus Fix
  20. Wongel  - Matthew Dekay

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nick Curly   Primary Artist,DJ
Marco Carola   DJ

Technical Credits

Matthew Benjamin   Composer,Producer
Miguel Colmenares   Composer,Producer
Mark Broom   Composer,Producer
Martin Buttrich   Composer,Producer
Layo Paskin   Composer,Producer
Lee Burridge   Composer,Producer
Francesco Farfa   Composer,Producer
C. Henry Woods   Composer,Producer
Sean O'Neal   Composer,Producer
Phil Weeks   Composer,Producer
Ryan Crosson   Composer,Producer
Karm   Composer,Producer
Bülent Gürler   Composer,Producer
Daniel Stefanik   Composer,Producer
Joseph Capriati   Composer,Producer
Christian Wedekind   Composer,Producer
Brian Sanhaji   Mastering
Peter Waldmann   Composer,Producer
Mihai Popoviciu   Composer,Producer
Markus Fix   Composer,Producer
Francisco Allendes   Composer,Producer
Rio Padice   Composer,Producer
Ronald Christoph   Composer,Producer
Jun Akimoto   Composer,Producer
Nobuo Ittetsu   Composer,Producer
Julien Chaptal   Composer,Producer
Sebastian Flach   Composer,Producer
Sascha Dive   Composer,Producer
Guti   Composer,Producer
Anthea Nzekwu   Composer,Producer
Massimo Di Lena   Composer,Producer
Alexandros Berdos   Composer,Producer
Michi Vajna   Composer,Producer
Matteo Milleri   Composer,Producer
Nico Döringer   Composer,Producer
Tale of Us   Composer,Producer
Reisak Corporation   Composer,Producer
Marcelo Rosselot   Composer,Producer
Krakatoa   Composer,Producer
Matthew Kerkhoff   Composer,Producer
Ewan Smith   Composer,Producer
Gabriel Serrasqueiro   Composer,Producer
Robert Wagenknecht   Composer,Producer
Raymond Van Baal   Remixing
Paul Hazendonk   Remixing
Néstor Ojeda   Composer,Producer
Tillman Cremer   Composer,Producer
Steffen Deux   Composer,Producer
Christian Brix   Composer,Producer
David Kemoun   Composer,Producer

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