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Party Crasher

Party Crasher

4.2 11
by April Angel
She crashed his party and became his prize...

According to one annoying Drex Callum, Chris is a "nosy reporter." And maybe she is. She's heard of the super secretive event known as the Seduction Party, and she won't be content until she finds a way in. The last thing she expects to find is that Drex is the host. She'll never get an invitation from her


She crashed his party and became his prize...

According to one annoying Drex Callum, Chris is a "nosy reporter." And maybe she is. She's heard of the super secretive event known as the Seduction Party, and she won't be content until she finds a way in. The last thing she expects to find is that Drex is the host. She'll never get an invitation from her nemesis--unless she finds a way to get one herself. And breaking into his house is nothing if it means getting the scoop. But what she gets instead is an eye-full of the man himself, half-naked and more than she'd ever dreamed he could be in all her teenage fantasies.

Drex has been fantasizing about Chris forever, and now that she's a grown woman, he still has a hard time treating her like one. So when she shows up at the Seduction Party--on the auction chair!--he's got no other choice but to teach that nosey woman a lesson. He never dreamed sex could be like this, with Chris in his room, tied to a bed, asking him for stuff that blows his mind...

But when things turn ugly, it becomes clear that someone wants the nosey reporter dead. And Drex will have his hands full trying to keep his prize safe...

Reader note: contains strong contemporary erotic romance themes. Milly Taiden writing as April Angel

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Meet the Author

Want to know about me? April Angel (aka Milly Taiden) was born in the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. She grew up between New York, Florida and Massachusetts. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband, bossy young son and their little dog Speedy.

She's addicted to shopping for shoes, chocolate (but who isn't?) and Dunkin Donuts coffee.

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Party Crasher 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Theresa_Esterline More than 1 year ago
Crashing a party has never been so exciting! Great quick and erotic read by April Angel (aka Milly Taiden). I loved the new twists in this story of being in love with your older brothers best friend for over 10 years! And now a bit about the story ... Imagine yourself as a newspaper reporter. You are in love with your older brother's best friend and business partner. The two go to a very secret and private party every year - the Seduction Party. You feel left out and want to be included and you want to write about it so everyone can know about this exclusive event! After sneaking your way to an invitation you and your best friend get into the party. This is the situation Chris finds herself in.  As she is just starting to wander around seeing what the party is all about she spots Drex, her older brother's best friend. He has told her repeatedly over the years this isn't her type of party. In trying to escape being kicked out she becomes part of the party. Which leads to some hot and steamy love scenes... however in the morning she starts getting threats. Her life is at risk and she is being attacked, chased, etc. Can Drex save her? Will she let him? And just want kind of party is it? Give this book a read to find out! Favorite passage: When the hell had he gotten that body? He was wet and in a towel. A tiny thing wrapped low around his hips. In stupefied shock, she watched his bronzed muscles flex as he took a step toward her. She widened her eyes and almost fell out the window trying to move away. She'd known him all her life, and there wasn't one time she'd seen him look like ... like that.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book
carpediem5366 More than 1 year ago
As usual April delivers a steamy story! Party Crasher is a must read! Chris is a reporter, She desperately wants to do a story on the Seduction Party that her brother and his best friend Drex host every year. They of course wont let her attend. Chris has the major hots for Drex and sneaks in the Party.....I am sure you can imagine what happens next and how hot it gets. Then the twist, Chris is being threatened! Drex and Chris are so romantic! I think this books has the most romance in it! All of Aprils books have romance but none compare to Party Crasher.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked the story, but wished it was longer, at only 150 pages you dont get into too much detail.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
How many pages?
Mebuffy More than 1 year ago
This was a really enjoyable read!  The chemistry between the characters is blazing and it’s so fun to watch Chris get herself into trouble at Drex’s party.  The results are just plain hot.  The conflict was pretty predictable, but does not take away from the likability of the story.  I will say that the resolution was a little anticlimactic.  Overall, it’s a very sexy story with a sweet ending that leaves you looking forward to more from the author. Party Crasher is a short and sexy romantic suspense that will be sure to raise your temperature and leave you wanting in the best of the ways.
Fictional_Candy More than 1 year ago
Loved this hot tale "I'm going to F*** you for all the times I've wanted to but didn't.  F*** you until I am the only man your body recognizes" Um, oh hell yeah.  This is my third book from April Angel (aka Milly Taiden) and I think pretty soon I will be approaching fan girl status.  In Party Crasher the characters are vibrant and fun, the sex is hot and exciting, and the danger is exhilarating.   Christine is an investigative reporter, and she is determined to find out what happens at Seduction Parties.  But the girl can't get an invite.  But no worries, she is finding her way in.  And somehow she not only finds her way in, but right up on center stage displayed for auction. Lucky for her, family friend Drex recognizes her and makes sure she doesn't end up in the wrong hands.  Ok Chris was snappy and brazen, I liked her.  She didn't need help from any man, and I really love seeing a strong female lead.  Not only that, but getting into the party and ending up on stage was all a bit Laverne and Shirley, and it really made the story a bit fun.  Well, I thought that was fun until Drex got her in the bedroom. Then I realized what real fun was.  Drex, oh Drex.  Man.  April Angel can write these men that will just boil you to pieces.  Drex is no exception.  Strong, confident, in charge, Drex is everything any woman would go weak in the knees for.  If you don't believe me, start at the beginning of this review and read that quote again.  Because that is him up there.  Yep, no need to say more.  But this story doesn't end with the Seduction Party.  Someone doesn't want Chris to write that story for the newspaper, and they are determined to make her stop.  But no one pushes Chris around - love her!!!  And when Drex gets protective of her, and takes steps to protect her - and worries about her so deeply, I am just lost.  I loved this story.  It was a great and quick read, and the adrenalin rush was fantastic.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
IproCNJ More than 1 year ago
Every teen girl who has an older brother's wish come true. Your brother's friend, who's never seen you as anything other than his best friend's annoying kid sister finally sees you as a woman to be desired. And oh boy does he desire! With enough sparks to start a forest fire, my only question is how did these two characters manage to not hook up before now? If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting any of April Angel's characters, what are you waiting for? April Angel has become one of my personal favorite authors. From the moment I read Mr. Buff I was hooked. There's a certain amount of expectation when your first book is so well received and Angel has yet to disappoint. Not all books, genres or storylines will appeal to everyone. That being said, if you like steamy scenes, hot characters and male characters that like to push close to the boundary, you will not be disappointed. After I finish reading every one of her books I find myself saying the same thing... This is my favorite book so far. That's probably because, not only does she meet every one of my expectations, she surpasses them every time.
sjero More than 1 year ago
OMG Without a doubt my favorite book of April's so far. It has everything I could ever want in a book. Love, lust, passion, fun and a bit of mystery. Loved the supporting character and can't wait for their story....hint hint APRIL!!! I can't stop smiling! it definitley fed my hopeless romantic side. For a short story, you can't ask for more. It has it all. Plot, loveable characters, a great storyline and left me wanting more, more, more! The cover is just gorgeous too. Its very sensual and sexy and just awesome!