Passage to Vietnam: Seven Days Through the Eyes of Seventy Photographers

Passage to Vietnam: Seven Days Through the Eyes of Seventy Photographers

by Rick Smolan, Jennifer Erwitt

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The work of 70 photojournalists from 14 countries (including 15 Vietnamese photographers), this eye-opening and beautiful photo-essay on Vietnam portrays a reunified country still recovering from the wounds of war. More than 200 candid color photographs take us inside homes and temples, brick and bicycle factories, oil fields, open-air markets and college dorms, profiling a people of restless energy and ancient culture. Sponsored by U.S. and Thai corporations, the book argues that Vietnam's Marxist communism ``is hardly strident or insistent,'' and that reforms of the last decade have freed the nation from Ho Chi Minh's doctrinaire policies, allowing private ownership of businesses, foreign investment and greater freedom of expression and worship. Smolan created the bestselling ``Day in the Life'' photo-essay series; Erwitt is the project director of Against All Odds Productions. 85,000 first printing; $100,000 ad/promo; first serial to Newsweek (cover story); BOMC selection. (Nov.)
Donna Seaman
Smolan's Day in the Life photography series has been extremely popular, so much so that his latest volume, an eye-opening book on Vietnam, will be featured in "Newsweek" and has an 85,000 print run. Smolan and company set 70 enterprising photojournalists loose in Vietnam for one week. They took 200,000 photographs; the editors selected 200. For everyone who remembers, or visualizes, Vietnam as a country savaged by all the horrors of modern war, this selection of images will be a revelation. For one thing, Vietnam is a country of ravishing natural beauty: a land of mist and mountains, rice paddies, rivers, and rain forests, with a 1,400-mile coastline. Isolated from the West, especially the U.S., after the war, Vietnam has not only regained its intrinsic, pristine majesty, but has preserved traditional ways of life, even in the increasingly progressive cities. Many photographs capture people at work in fields, markets, and shops; engaged in prayer and other spiritual rituals; and at rest and play. The Vietnamese are extremely attractive, agile, and hardworking, at one with their homeland and proud of their 4,000-year history. Travel writer Pico Iyer describes the romantic yet industrious atmosphere of Vietnam in his fine introduction, while other essays provide historical background and consider Vietnam's future now that relations with the U.S. have been normalized.

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