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Passion Restored (Gallagher Brothers, #2)

Passion Restored (Gallagher Brothers, #2)

4.7 13
by Carrie Ann Ryan

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The Gallagher Brothers series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with the one brother who thinks he can handle it all and the one woman who could change that.

Owen Gallagher likes everything in its place and is organized to a fault. While his brothers have each dealt with their own personal tragedies and stresses, Owen figures he’s


The Gallagher Brothers series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with the one brother who thinks he can handle it all and the one woman who could change that.

Owen Gallagher likes everything in its place and is organized to a fault. While his brothers have each dealt with their own personal tragedies and stresses, Owen figures he’s had it pretty easy. That is until his perfectly ordered world is rocked at its foundation and he’s forced to rely on others. Now, he must heal his body and his soul while trying to ignore his delectable and utterly off-limits neighbor.

Liz McKinley is stressed out, exhausted, and not in the mood for a bearded and growly man in her ER. When she patches him up to the best of his ability, she’s prepared to push him firmly from her thoughts. Of course, that would be easier if she and her best friend hadn’t bought the house next to his. Now their paths seem to cross daily, and she is finding it harder and harder to say no to the injured and angry man next door. But she’s been scarred one too many times in her life, and even though this Gallagher looks good enough to eat, she knows that sometimes, sating that craving is the worst thing she can do.

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Carrie Ann Ryan
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Gallagher Brothers , #2
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Passion Restored (Gallagher Brothers, #2) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
LightningCityBookReview 7 months ago
Carrie Ann Ryan's Gallagher men fall hard and love harder and sex their women up even harder! I love it!. "Passion Restored" stars Owen Gallagher who is the one of the middle Gallagher men. He's the one who keeps his brothers in line with his ultra-organized ways: multiple lists, color-coded charts, and spreadsheets. Owen makes sure everyone is fed and initials the coffee shop cups for his brothers. Even though they end up drinking out of the wrong ones anyway. However Owen wants to feel like more than a glorified Office Manager. He wants to land the big job that will put their company on the map. Liz McKinley's a nurse who's priority is healing the ill. She doesn't play hospital politics or engage in high school-like gossip. Liz is intelligent, strong, and kind. She had a horrible childhood which colors her view on what she wants for her future. "Passion Restored" has a gripping storyline and a quick pace. My pet peeve is an overly angsty heroine who continuously pushes and pulls the hero whenever convenient. Owen is an Alpha Caretaker, as opposed to a Protector. He makes Liz feel safe not by slaying her dragons but caring for her so she can slay her own. Owen also corrals his brothers, organizing them and tending to them so they can tackle their day prepared. Liz's childhood broke her because of this she feels doomed to hurt the man she falls in love with. Essentially she is creating her own fate pushing away any all potential romantic relationships. Carrie Ann Ryan creates a mulit-faceted secondary character in Tessa, Liz's best friend and housemate. We catch up with the other Gallagher brothers Graham, his family. Jake, the rest of his triad, and their son. Finally the youngest and flirty Gallagher, Murphy. Carrie Ann Ryan creates a fabulous hero in "Passion Restored" who overcomes a terribly traumatic hit and run. Owen Gallagher's an adorable Alpha Caretaker with a pure golden heart; he loves completely and never backs down. Liz McKinley perseveres a nightmarish childhood, an exhausting career, while heaping abhorrent and undeserved expectations on herself. Owen wants nothing more than to shower Liz with all the love he has. Liz's child's heart, wants it desperately; but her broken heart pushes it away because she feels unworthy. "Passion Restored" has an intriguing storyline firmly based in the heroine's camp. There're portions at the books end which feel rushed and/or superfluous. Not to mention the heroine's yo-yoing is sometimes grating. Consequently that affects my rating. Murphy and Tessa's flirty banter is playful and a delight. This is another Gallagher Brothers book definitely worth reading. To read the entire review please visit: http://wp.me/p4XqxF-1Lh This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
I loved it. Can't wait for the next book. I love all of Carrie's characters.
jennifer315 7 months ago
Owen Gallagher is a man who loves his lists and is beyond organized. Liz McKinley is an overworked nurse with a past that is keeping her from finding love. As far as she is concerned she doesn't want a relationship. She is content with doing her job and living with her best friend Tessa. However, Owen keeps popping into her life and she can't avoid him. From a bar to the ER to being his new neighbor their paths keep crossing. I loved Owen with his beard, tats, piercings and kind nature. He loves his family and has a great relationship with them. Liz had a rough childhood that shaped her life. She spends all her time working. She has Tessa in her life and they are more like sisters. I loved watching Owen and Liz finding their way to each other. Totally great read!
LindaBr1 7 months ago
This is Book 2 in A Gallagher Brothers Novel series. This was a really good book! Owen Gallagher is part owner/operator of Gallagher Brothers Restoration. He's really into organization and lists. Liz McKinley is an ER nurse. They meet in a bar then again later that night in the Emergency Room. Liz doesn't need or want anything to do with Owen. So we get to see how Owen decides to handle this. And yes, there are indeed several lists made in Owen's mind! This is definitely a keeper! I love this series. Carrie Ann Ryan has another hit on her hands with this book. Now we have the long wait for the next book in the series.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Loved the banter, just expected a little more. Can't wait for Murphy and Tessa's story
Anonymous 7 months ago
I loved this book.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Love the Gallagher's.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Oooooo......those Gallagher brothers. Was hooked with Grahams story from he first book and knew Jake's story from the Montgomery series. ALL of Carrie's books will keep you highly engaged. Can't wait to see how Murphy's story will be revealed!!
Rainn2978 7 months ago
This book follows Owen Gallagher (the brother of Jake Gallagher from the Montgomery Ink Series) and Liz Mckinley. It sucked me in from the very first. I love all the different family dynamics and how no matter what happens to them, they are always there for each other. Including the people that their family has chosen as mates! Owen is just a naturally sweet and caring man and has no problem showing the people he loves that he really does care about them! Liz is a very complex woman. She had some very serious family problems growing up and has a hard time moving past them. It shaped the woman she is today and how she feels about relationships, and I can't blame her a bit. The fact that she is strong enough to be with Owen and get their HEA? Loved it!! I loved the fact that Owen never walks away, he is a rock! And she finally realizes it in the end! You will every step of this book and want to go and read all the other books by this author I promise you! I can't wait for Murphy's book!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA 7 months ago
Passion Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan takes us back to Denver Colorado and the Gallaghers extended family. In this book we get to know more about Owen. Owen Gallagher is a planner. He makes sure every I is dotted every t is crossed. He has contingency plans for contingency plans. So when he falls in love he is rocked to his core because love doesn’t follow a plan. Liz McKinley is a stressed out ER nurse and Owen’s new next door neighbor. Because of her past she is determined not to fall in love or have kids. Oh, the universe just loves to screw with plans. There were times throughout this book where I wanted to Gibbs slap Liz and Owen but I knew the author wouldn’t let me down. She doesn’t. You can read this standalone but I promise it will send you running to get the others in this series.
CrystalsBookWorld 7 months ago
First the Montgomery Ink series, and now the spin off stories! Sadly I missed book one somewhere, but so happy that Passion Restored is easily read as as standalone! Owen Gallagher is amazing!!! I love the Gallagher clan. Carrie shows a lot of love within the characters and its hard as a reader not to leave a piece of your heart within the book once it is done. Owen comes off as a strong, sexy, and independent man. He works hard labor all day, and can unwind with a cold brewski afterwards. And while doing that he meets Liz and her friend at a bar. Even though Liz seemed a bit standoffish, Owen still had some kind of a connection with her. Liz is a sexy, independent, blue eyed nurse. Fate just brings these two together. Unfortunately, Owen had to go through some physical pain to be back on Liz's path. But in actuality, no matter how they would run into each other, it was hard to resist to stay away from each other. Do they finally give in? You should check out this book and see what happens. You will not be disappointed. I tell you it gets chaotic and these two are a bit of a hot mess together. Passion Restored is exactly what you get, passion. You are emotionally invested with the family, friends, and the story line. I was a mess in some areas, and then I was heated up in others. I am a big fan of Carrie Ann Ryan and I can not wait until the third book comes out, Hope Restored!
Pebbles92 7 months ago
Passion Restored is another hit in the Gallagher Brothers series. I LOVE the continued ties to the Montgomery family. While any of these books can be read as stand-alones, I highly recommend giving them a try. I adored Graham from the start although it did take me a bit to warm up to Liz however. She had a rough childhood and despite his best efforts, she continued to keep Graham at a distance and even pushed him away, in my opinion, too many times. There were certainly some twists and turns I didn't see coming so this story kept me on my toes. Overall, a great addition to the series and I am on pins and needles waiting for Murphy and Tessa's story.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Love me some Gallaghers!!! You know every women around dreams of men like these Gallagher and Montgomerys. Spunky nurse Liz + Oranganized Owen just might be 1 of the hottest sex couples in this series yet! Their story is worth every moment of your time and the fact many can relate to their issues. Love it read it live it if you can!! Provided to me for an honest review.