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Past Lives, Future Healing: A Psychic Reveals the Secrets to Good Health and Great Relationships

Past Lives, Future Healing: A Psychic Reveals the Secrets to Good Health and Great Relationships

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by Sylvia Browne

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In her practice as a psychic, Sylvia Browne has discovered that cell memory—past-life memories of the spirit that inhabits the body's cells—can unlock the mysteries of an individual's life. Some cell memories are negative, some positive, but all exert a palpable influence that, when understood, can lead to tremendous joy and healing.

Browne begins by


In her practice as a psychic, Sylvia Browne has discovered that cell memory—past-life memories of the spirit that inhabits the body's cells—can unlock the mysteries of an individual's life. Some cell memories are negative, some positive, but all exert a palpable influence that, when understood, can lead to tremendous joy and healing.

Browne begins by explaining what cell memory is and how she began to research it. She describes the negative effects cell memory has inflicted on her clients; these include illnesses, chronic pain, mental and emotional problems, even birthmarks. She also explores cell memory's positive aspects, such as the undreamed-of talents and qualities we can unlock from past lives, and provides techniques and meditations that readers can use to unearth and demystify their own personal cell memories.

Sylvia Browne has seen, experienced, and guided clients to miraculous changes through the use of cell memory. No subject is closer to her heart, and her passion for the human mysteries cell memory can solve is celebratory and deeply inspiring.

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The Barnes & Noble Review
Children of the 21st century haul lots of psychological baggage. Not only do we carry around the hurt of our early lives, according to world-famous psychic Sylvia Browne, but we bear the hurt of past lives as well. “Your past lives, here and at Home, are no different than the stages of this life,” Browne explains, “and, like every other moment of your past, [they affect] your life today in more ways than you might imagine.” In this sequel to the bestselling Life on the Other Side and The Other Side and Back, Browne explains how memories from past lives can impinge on our present bodies and minds -- and how even non-psychics can harness those memories’ power.

As millions of fans know, Browne has worked for nearly half a century as a psychic healer. She counsels thousands of seekers, illuminating for them her visions of the Other Side. “You have lived on earth in many different bodies, during many different eras in many different parts of the world under many different circumstances for your own carefully chosen purpose, depending on the goals and needs of your spirit’s progress,” insists Browne. “What you’re living right now is simply the current phase of one life, the same eternal life your spirit has been living and will go one living forever.” And since we hold onto the memories of all phases in our eternal life, she explains, we need to understand our past lives just as we need to understand our childhoods.

In Past Lives, Future Healing, Browne presents us with case after case in which clients heal present troubles through regression to the past. Many of these studies read like little fables; their characters feel richly colored even while their meaning is obvious to all. In one case study, for example, Liza is desperately afraid of losing her loving husband until she regresses to colonial Delaware and ancient Egypt. There, she finds that she was widowed and abandoned many times over; her “irrational” fears were actually based on past traumas. Browne encourages Liza to let these troubles go. Months later, her husband reports: “She’s much happier, and best of all, she finally seems to trust me.”

Whether you’re one of Browne’s loyal admirers or a skeptical-yet-curious reader, Past Lives, Future Healing offers an intriguing take on the power of past lives. And with a section describing how you can use the tools of regression in your own life, it may offer you healing in the present, too. (Jesse Gale)

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So what is the secret of staying healthy and happy in this life? Understanding past lives, argues best-selling psychic Brown, who gives us some special guidance here. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

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It was dark and cold, the end of a long day, and I hoped as I left my office that I'd make it home before the approaching storm arrived. I was saying good night to my staff when I noticed that my assistant Michael was on a call that was clearly troubling him. He looked at me, mouthed the name of a client I remembered fondly from a few years back, and pantomimed that she was crying. I stepped back into my office, closed the door, and picked up the phone, barely noticing the low rumble of thunder that shook the window beside me. "Robin, it's Sylvia."
"Oh, Sylvia, thank God I got through to you. You're my last hope. Or should I say our last hope. It's about my husband." I could hear the fear in her voice as a disturbing story spilled out of her. It seems that one day four years earlier her husband, Rick, a successful landscape architect, had headed out for a routine trip to the grocery store, returned without groceries a half hour later in an absolute panic, shut himself in their bedroom, and had essentially refused to leave the house ever since. He couldn't explain this sudden, desperate agoraphobia to himself, let alone to her or to the battery of doctors and psychiatrists she'd begged him to see, and after thousands of dollars worth of treatment and medication, he wasn't one bit better. His terror of leaving the house had naturally cost him his clientele and his career; they were on the verge of bankruptcy. As much as she'd loved the man she'd married ten years ago, Robin wasn't sure she could go on living with this frightened recluse she seemed unable to help. "Please, Sylvia," she pleaded through her tears, "I can't take this anymore, and neither can he. In fact, if this goes on much longer, I'm afraid he might try to take his own life. You know I trust you, so just tell me what to do and I'll do it."
"Can you get him to come here?" I asked.
"Forget 'can,' I will," she told me. "When?"
"Now. Right away. I'll wait for you."
Three hours later Rick and I were alone in my office while a hard rain fell outside. He was shockingly pale, with the gaunt look of someone whose once healthy body had taken on more stress than it could handle, and his gray eyes looked haunted by a dark, soul-wrenching fear. Like most clients who genuinely want to be helped, he let me lead him easily into a deep hypnotic trance and take him back to the grocery store trip four years earlier that seemed to have triggered his breakdown. It sounded unremarkable until he frowned slightly and added, "Oh, and there was this little boy in the produce department."
I asked what the little boy was doing.
"He took an apple and started to bite into it. But his father ran over to him yelling, 'Don't eat that without washing it, it might poison you!'"
Poison. A potentially traumatic word. I jotted it on my notepad while calmly asking, "And did that mean something special to you?"
There was a long silence before he realized, "I'd forgotten about this, but yes, it did. I was four years old, and my family was on a vacation in Mexico. There were some kids playing beside the water in a drainage ditch, or sewage ditch or something, and I went over to play with them, but suddenly my dad grabbed me and hollered at the top of his lungs, 'Don't touch that water, it's poison!' I remember it scared me to death at the time."
Poison again. Twice in one lifetime. And a father and young son as well. I didn't have to be psychic, or even all that bright, to link those two events. But a parent's admonition to a four-year-old, no matter how loud and dramatic, doesn't necessarily frighten the child that deeply. So I repeated, "And did that mean something special to you? Let yourself go farther back, see if you can step past the veil of this life and tell me what if anything happens." As strongly as I felt that something else was buried in his spirit's memory, I couldn't help him by leading him to it. He had to find it on his own.
"My skin," he finally said.
"What about your skin, Rick?"
"It's brown. Golden brown."
"Are you male, or female?"
"I'm male. Tall. Very muscular. My hair is long and black, and I have large brown eyes."
"Where are you?"
"South America. Near the coast. On a high hilltop. I can see the ocean in the distance from the courtyard of my house where I'm sitting."
"What's the year?"
Without hesitation he answered, "Fourteen hundred eleven."
"Are you alone?"
He shook his head. "My advisers are with me. I'm Aztec. A ruler. Royalty. We're being served a meal. There's tension.
A lot of tension. No one's speaking. The only sound is all of us eating. I can hear our metal goblets on the stone table."
Suddenly, without warning, he grabbed his throat and began choking violently, convulsing.
"Rick, what is it?"
"It's like my throat is on fire! Something in the food!
Oh, God, I've been poisoned! I'm dying! These men have killed me!"
I sat forward and raised my voice to penetrate his panic. "It's not happening now. You're just observing it, you're just watching a moment from a life a very long time ago. You're safe. You're perfectly safe. That's a whole other life, not this one, and you have nothing to be afraid of. In this life you're living now, you're never going to be poisoned, not ever again." I kept up a firm, reassuring monologue until Rick's choking subsided, his convulsions stopped and, wringing wet, he went limp on the sofa. His breathing slowed and became peaceful. He didn't bother to wipe away the tears that were streaming down his face, and I thought what a relief those tears must be.
Rick's wife, Robin, stared when he emerged from my office, and she saw that he was smiling. It was obviously his first smile in a very long time, and it lit her eyes with hope as they hugged. She called me a few weeks later to report that Rick was healthy, happy, and back at work, not a trace left of the panic that had held him captive for so long.
"Rick's psychiatrist can't believe it," she added. "And you should have seen the look on his face when I told him Rick was cured by a psychic."
"Let me guess." I laughed, having been through this before. "The psychiatrist claims I cured Rick with nothing but a posthypnotic suggestion."
"That's exactly what he said," she told me.
"Robin, if all Rick needed was a posthypnotic suggestion, why didn't his psychiatrist give him one?"
She chuckled. "Good question. I'll pass that along."
"Better yet," I said, "tell him I'm working on a book that will explain how and why Rick was healed, and all he has to do is read it with an open mind."
To Rick's psychiatrist, and to all of you, welcome to the blessed healing power of cell memory.

—Reprinted from Past Lives, Future Healing by Sylvia Browne with Lindsay Harrison by permission of Dutton, a member of Penguin Putnam Inc. Copyright © Sylvia Browne, 2001. All rights reserved. This excerpt, or any parts thereof, may not be reproduced without permission.

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LINDSAY HARRISON has written several bestselling works with hypnotist and psychic Sylvia Browne.

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