The Patient Safety Handbook / Edition 1

The Patient Safety Handbook / Edition 1

by Barbara J. Youngberg, Martin J. Hatlie

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DisciplineID: 2028

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Understanding the First Institute of Medicine Report and Its Impact on Patient Safety1
Ch. 2Summary of Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New System for the 21st Century25
Ch. 3Interpersonal Relationships: The "Soft Stuff" of Patient Safety35
Ch. 4An Organization Development Framework for Transformational Change in Patient Safety: A Guide for Hospital Senior Leaders51
Ch. 5Toward a Philosophy of Patient Safety: Expanding the Systems Approach to Medical Error67
Ch. 6The Fallacy of the Body Count: Why the Interest in Patient Safety and Why Now?83
Ch. 7Mistaking Error95
Ch. 8The Investigation and Analysis of Clinical Incidents109
Ch. 9Patient Safety and Error Reduction Standards: The JCAHO Response to the IOM Report127
Ch. 10Applying Epidemiology to Patient Safety145
Ch. 11Patient Safety Is an Organizational Systems Issue: Lessons from a Variety of Industries169
Ch. 12Admitting Imperfection: Revelations from the Cockpit for the World of Medicine187
Ch. 13Reporting and Preventing Medical Mishaps: Safety Lessons Learned from Nuclear Power205
Ch. 14Trial and Error in My Quest to Be a Partner in My Health Care: A Patient's Story225
Ch. 15Health Care Literacy and Patient Safety: The New Paradox241
Ch. 16Using a Root Cause Analysis Process to Analyze Issues of Safety259
Ch. 17The Leadership Role of the Chief Operating Officer in Aligning Strategy and Operations to Create Patient Safety267
Ch. 18The Successful Quality Professional: Framework, Attributes, and Roles291
Ch. 19The Role of the Risk Manager in Creating Patient Safety305
Ch. 20Reducing Medical Errors: The Role of the Physician317
Ch. 21Engaging General Counsel in the Pursuit of Safety327
Ch. 22Growing Nursing Leadership in the Field of Patient Safety341
Ch. 23Engaging the Board of Directors and Creating a Governance Structure359
Ch. 24Teamwork Communications and Training369
Ch. 25Teamwork: The Fundamental Building Block of High-Reliability Organizations and Patient Safety379
Ch. 26Moving Beyond Blame to Create an Environment that Rewards Reporting415
Ch. 27Addressing Clinician Performance Problems as a Systems Issue423
Ch. 28Advancing Patient and Health Care Worker Safety by Preventing Infections431
Ch. 29The Baldridge Approach to Patient Safety445
Ch. 30Outlining the Business Case for Patient Safety463
Ch. 31The Economics of Patient Safety475
Ch. 32The Role of Ethics and Ethics Services in Patient Safety487
Ch. 33How We Started Patient Safety in Israel: Without a Budget but with Enthusiasm501
Ch. 34Public Legislation and Professional Self-Regulation: Quality and Safety Efforts in Norwegian Health Care507
Ch. 35The Handling of a Catastrophic Medical Error Event: A Case Study in the Use of a Systemic Mindful Approach to Error Reduction521
Ch. 36Why, What, and How Ought Harmed Parties Be Told? The Art, Mechanics, and Ambiguities of Error Disclosure531
Ch. 37Disclosure of Medical Error: Liability, Insurance, and Risk Management Implications549
Ch. 38Medical Error and Patient Safety: Communicating with the Media563
Ch. 39Using Best Practices to Improve Medication Safety573
Ch. 40Improving the Safety of the Medication Use Process591
Ch. 41Designing a Safer System for Medications: A Case Study633
Ch. 42One Organization's Advocacy Effort for Error Prevention: The Institute for Safe Medication Practices645
Ch. 43The Role of the Laboratory in Patient Safety659
Ch. 44Partnership and Collaboration on Patient Safety with Health Care Suppliers675
Ch. 45Patient Safety Training and New Technology703
Ch. 46No-Fault Compensation for Medical Injuries: The Prospect for Error Prevention713
Ch. 47The Criminalization of Health Care: When is Medical Malpractice a Crime?731
Ch. 48What Does the Leapfrog Group Portend for Hospitals and Physicians?747
Ch. 49The Future of Patient Safety: Reflections on History, the Data, and What It Will Take to Succeed753

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