Patterns of Exposition / Edition 19

Patterns of Exposition / Edition 19

by Robert A. Schwegler

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ISBN-10: 0205731775

ISBN-13: 9780205731770

Pub. Date: 11/12/2009

Publisher: Longman

Incorporating readings that represent new voices and styles in nonfiction that will appeal to contemporary readers, this classic composition reader continues to provide engaging, instructive models of the rhetorical modes.


Incorporating readings that represent new voices and styles in nonfiction that will appeal to contemporary readers, this classic composition reader continues to provide engaging, instructive models of the rhetorical modes.

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Table of Contents

Thematic Contents.

Essay Pairs.

To the Instructor.


1. Reading as a Writer.

Brent Staples, Just Walk on By .

2. Ways of Writing.

3. Illustrating Ideas by Use of Example.

Student Essay: Adrian Boykin, Overcoming an Impediment: A Rite of Passage.

Andy Rooney, In and of Ourselves We Trust.

William F. Buckley, Jr., Why Don't We Complain?

Mary Karr, Dysfunctional Nation.
Issues and Ideas: Identities.

Wil Haygood, Underground Dads.

Henry Han Xi Lau, I Was a Member of the Kung Fu Crew.

Alan Buczynski, Iron Bonding.

4. Analyzing a Subject by Classification.

Student Essay: Heather Farnum, Piano Recitals.

Judith Viorst, What, Me? Showing Off?

Judith Stone, Personal Beast.

Michael Ventura, Don't Even think About It!.
Issues and Ideas: Images of Sound and Sight.

Renee Tajima, Lotus Blossoms Don't Bleed: Images of Asian American Woman.

Brenda Peterson, Life is a Musical.

5. Explaining by Means of Comparison and Contrast.

Student Essay: Amy Bell, Perception of Truth.

Mark Twain, Two Ways of Seeing a River.

Bruce Catton, Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts.

Phillip Lopate, A Nonsmoker with a Smoker..

Alice Walker, Am I Blue?.
Issues and Ideas: Gender Differences.

Scott Russell Sanders, The Men We Carry in Our Minds.

Nicholas Wade, Method andMadness: How Men and Women Think.

Rene Denfield, Lady of the Ring.

6. Using Analogy as an Expository Device.

Student Essay: Kevin Nomura, Life Isn't Like Baseball.

Bret Anthony Johnston, My Mother the Catwoman.

Patricia Raybon, Letting in Light.
Issues and Ideas: Humans and Animals.

Tom Wolf, O Rotten Gotham—Sliding Down into the Behavioral Sink.

Barbra Kingsolver, High Tide in Tucson.

7. Explaining through Process Analysis.

Student Essay: Karin Gaffney, Losing Weight.

Joe Buhler and Ron Graham, Give Juggling a Hand!

John McPhee, Swimming with Canoes.

Ted Gup, An Ant's Life is No Picnic.

Jim Harrison, Going Places.
Issues and Ideas: Advertising and Appearances.

James B. Twitchell, We Build Excitement.

Jessica Mitford, To Dispel Fears of Live Burial.

Jean E. Killbourne, Beauty…And the Beast of Advertising.

8. Analyzing Cause-and-Effect Relationships.

Student Essay: Sarah Egri, How a Public Document Affected My Life.

Susan Perry and Jim Dawson, What's Your Best Time of Day?

Cullen Murphy, Hello, Darkness.

Linda Hasselstrom, A Peaceful Women Explains Why She Carries a Pistol.

Susan Roach, My Father the Geezer.
Issues and Ideas: Work, Success, and Failure.

William Severni Kowinski, Kids in the Mall: Growing Up Controlled.

Randall Rothenberg, What makes Sammy Walk?

Peter Hillary, Everest is Mighty, We are Fragile.

9. Using Definition to Help Explain.

Student Essay: Lori L'Hereux, Stars.

Roger Welsh, Gypsies.

John Berendt, The Hoax.

Stephen L. Carter, The Insufficiency of Honesty.

James Combs, Phony Culture.
Issues and Ideas: Creating New Definitions for Our Lives.

Kesaya Noda, Growing Up Asian in America.

Michael Dorris, Father's Day.

Veronica Chambers, Mother's Day.

M.P. Dunleavy, "Guy" Envy.

10. Explaining with the Help of Description.

Student Essay: Carey Braun, Bright Light.

Sharon Curtin, Aging in the Land of the Young.

George Simpson, The War Room at Bellevue.

Eddie Clark, Ice Flowers.
Issues and Ideas: Place and Person.

Barry Lopez, A Passage of Hands.

Joyce Maynard, The Yellow Door House.

E.B. White, Once More to the Lake.

11. Using Narration as an Expository Device.

Student Essay: Hrishikesh Unni, Elephants, Ivory, and an Indelible Experience.

Martin Gansberg, 38 Who Saw Murder Didn't Call the Police.

Lydia Minatoya, Transformation.

Sebastian Junger, The Storm.
Issues and Ideas: Stories and Values.

George Orwell, A Hanging.

Wayne Worchester, Arms and the Man.

Chang-rae Lee, Uncle Chul Gets Rich.

12. Reasoning by Use of Induction and Deduction.

Student Essay: Sheilagh Brady, Mad About MADD.

Wendy Kaminer, A Civic Duty to Annoy.

Nancy Friday, The Age of Beauty.
Issues and Ideas: Digital Realities.

Maia Szalavitz, A Virtual Life.

J.C.Herz, Superhero Sushi.

Nicholas Negroponte, Place Without Space.

13. Using Patterns for Argument.

Student Essay: Julie Richardson, The Flight on Fat Controversy.
Issues and Ideas: Current Controversies.

Christopher B. Daly, How the Lawyers Stole Winter.

Richard Lynn, Why Johnny Can't Read, but Yoshio Can.

Castle Freeman Jr., Surviving Deer Season.

Jane Smiley, The Call of the Hunt.

Barbara Lawrence, Four-Letter Words Can Hurt You.

Sarah Min, Language Lesson.

Barbara Ehrenreich, Making Sense of la Difference.

14. Further Readings: Combining Patterns.

Leslie Marmon Silko, Yellow Woman and Beauty of the Spirit.

Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail.

A Guide to Terms.



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