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2.6 10
by Paulina Rubio
Paulina Rubio's decision to return to an all-Spanish format for Pau-Latina might acknowledge the 2002 English crossover attempt Border Girl as a slight misstep if her latest didn't drop its bits and pieces of Mexican instrumentation and language into such an ambitious and entertaining stew. As its colorfully kinetic, Björk-like


Paulina Rubio's decision to return to an all-Spanish format for Pau-Latina might acknowledge the 2002 English crossover attempt Border Girl as a slight misstep if her latest didn't drop its bits and pieces of Mexican instrumentation and language into such an ambitious and entertaining stew. As its colorfully kinetic, Björk-like cover art suggests, Pau-Latina is all over the place, and usually at a hundred miles an hour. "Baila Que Baila" mashes ringing mariachi guitars into the blips and bytes of an Ashanti-style contempo R&B number; there's even a hip-hop break to suggest the contribution of a Ja Rule or Jay-Z. "Quiero Cambiarme" and "Ojalá" take traditional horn blasts and robust supporting harmonies into a wild and disorienting future of neon-light electronica, while the dancefloor-ready "Algo Tienes"' bashing percussion and rock guitar would fit nicely on Shakira's Laundry Service. (The track also appears in an instrumental remix format.) Throughout Pau-Latina, there's an alluring scratchiness to Rubio's voice. Is she perpetually on the verge of raucous, contagious laughter? It's a definite that "Alma en Libertad" hijacks the lead riff from John Mellencamp's "Small Town," but it's an equally robust feel-good anthem that's impossible to shake from the brain. Neither the melodies nor the adventurism stops there. The lusty "Dame Otro Tequila" would make a nun thirsty, while the ballad "Mía" is a lush departure from the album's constant kicky beats. Pau-Latina is sure to please fans of 2000's Paulina. But the feisty, stylistic restlessness at its heart does more for Rubio's crossover potential than the pleasing though ultimately same-y beats of Border Girl ever could.

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Release Date:
Universal Latino


  1. Algo Tienes
  2. My Friend, Mi Amigo
  3. Te Quise Tanto
  4. Baila Que Baila
  5. Ojalá
  6. Perros
  7. Quiero Cambiarme
  8. Mía
  9. Alma en Libertad
  10. Adiosito Corazón
  11. Amor Secreto
  12. Volverás
  13. Dame Otro Tequila
  14. Algo Tienes

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Paulina Rubio   Primary Artist
Emilio Estefan   Didjeridu
Sergio George   Keyboards
Marcello Azevedo   Guitar,Keyboards,Bajo Sexto
Tata Bigorra   Coros
MC Wave   Rap
Cesar Nieto   DJ
Tea Time   Rap

Technical Credits

Paulina Rubio   Composer,Executive Producer
Hal Batt   Engineer
Scott Canto   Engineer
Emilio Estefan   Composer,Producer
Jorge Gonzalez   Engineer
Tom McWilliams   Composer
Tim Mitchell   Composer
Clay Ostwald   Composer
Archie Pena   Producer
Chris Rodriguez   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Sergio George   Producer,drum programming
Marteen   Producer
Marco Antonio Solís   Composer
Javier Garza   Engineer
Marcello Azevedo   Arranger,Producer
Angie Chirino   Composer
Alfred Figueroa   Engineer
Toy Hernández   Producer,Engineer
Tony Mardini   Composer,Engineer
Felipe Tichauer   Engineer
Coti   Composer
Max Kolibe   Engineer
Sacha Triujeque   Producer,Engineer
Frank Maddocks   Graphic Design,Art Direction
Reyli Barba   Composer
Javier Carrion   Engineer
Nicolas Tovar   Composer
Steven Sunset   Engineer
Jake R. Tañer   Engineer
Gaitán Bros.   Producer
Danita Ruiz   Management
Caresse Henry   Management
Jorge Villamizar   Composer
Carlos Alvarez   Engineer

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Pau-Latina 2.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay, what can I say? I'm gonna start with a little bit anout Paulina Rubio. Well, this woman started her singing career in a Mexican group called Timbiriche. She went solo in the early 90's. Her first album LA CHICA DORADA had like 2 hits. Her second album had another couple of hits. They were pretty decent albums. Her next two albums weren't as successful as her first 2 albums. She had no hits from her third or fourth albums. Her career was "going down". Many people thought that Paulina was a "futureless" singer due to the failure in her albums. About 4 years later in 2000 she released a new album "PAULINA" with a new record company. This album was like "woah". It made her internationally known. It was the most successful album Rubio had released and had like 5 hits like EL ULTIMO ADIOS, Y YO SIGO AQUI, YO NO SOY ESA MUJER, etc. I actually bought that album and thought it was pretty good. I was starting to become Paulina's fan. Then 2 years later after the release of this successful album, I heard that Paulina was going to crossover like Shakira. When I heard "Dont Say goodbye", the first single, i thought i was a pretty descent song. So I bought "Border girl", her first english album. I was so disappointed with that album and PAulina Rubio. The album had a forgotten "hit" DONT SAY GOODBYE. That was the only english song that was played in English radio stations, but it didn't top the english charts. The album was mostly computer work and a lot of the songs were songs from the PAULINA album resang in english. I decided to not buy anymore of Paulina's music. Almost 2 years later in 2004 Paulina releases this album PAULATINA. The first single TE QUISE TANTO didnt catch me when i heard it for the first time. I didnt buy this album, but I borrowed it from a friend who has it and was disappointed because it didnt sound like the PAULINA album released in 2000. When I first jeard the album, I noticed that the songs were kind of immature. The lyrics are pointless. Whats up with PERROS? Or MIA? Te quise tanto is probably the only decent song in the album. I dont know why anyone would buy a Paulina album. I mean, she doesnt dance like Britney Spears, or sing like Shakira. Her voice sounds like shes screaming when she sings. But technology nowadays is very advanced so Paulina doesnt have to worry. Anyway, the sound in this album is also weird. It's like reggae mixed with ranchera and rnb mixed with ska. I dunno. 2000's PAULINA is still the best album from paulina rubio out there. She needs to start working with better producers or choose better songs with more meaning. She should also try to avoid the annoying little "papaupaulala" like in ALGO TIENES. She can leave that for 5 year old singers. Well anyway, i dont recommend this album at all, but if you wanna listen to Paulina buy her PAULINA album that was released in 2000.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This ho can't sing. I'd rather listen to britney spears moan, before buying this piece of trash. i heard this cd for free at wal-mart and the songs are ridiculous. i think she likes women because of her song MIA. i think she should retire from singin cause her voice is annoying as hell.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm serious when i say this!!!! Paulina Rubio can't sing. You can tell just listen to her oh my god it sounds horrible... well the style of music is good but she has no talent in really singing as in she has no vocal talent!!!!!! If you want someone who can sing, don't pick her!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I own two of Paulina Rubio's other albums, Paulina and Flashback: Greatest Hits, both of which I like a lot, but this newest one is my favorite. With the exception of Amor Secreto (a little too slow for me), every song on the album is great. The music is upbeat and catchy so it's a fun CD. If you're looking for an album with profound and unique lyrics this might not be for you, though I have probably listened to this CD over a hundred times and haven't gotten tired of it. This is a great CD for Paulina Rubio fans or anyone looking for music to put them in a good mood.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have never been a Paulina fan, but i saw her at a concert, and i was convinced that this cd was worth the money. Paulina is at her best and anybody says that she cant sing clearly does not know what REAL music. Her top songs of the Album would have to be 'Mia' 'My friend Mi amigo' and 'Te quise tanto'
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Paulina Rubio has been around for a long time, but she became internationally known like 4 years ago. I liked her album PAULINA a lot and was very excited when i heard that she was gonna cross over. I did not like her english CD. then when i heard that she was gonna record another spanish album i felt happy again and thought that it was gonna be another CD similar to her PAULINA cd that she released almost 5 yrs ago. i was extremely siappointed with this CD. The lyrics are not as intense as her PAULINA CD. in fact they are kinda silly and senseless. I also noticed from this cd that her voice either worsened or they didn't digitalize it well. I say digitalize because i am now convinced that Paulina gets her voice digitalized in order to sound better. I saw her singing in the MTV VMALA weeks ago. She couldn't even sing live. Anyway, i hope that someday she comes out with another PAulina.
Guest More than 1 year ago
OH my goodness! i bought this cd thinking it was gonna be good, but i was disappointed. Theres no meaning to the songs and the girl has no potential in her voice. Please, dont buy this unless u like to throw your money away on trash. Cause this is what this is--trash!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is one of my absolute faveorates by Paulina Rubio. I love how her music infuses the Sounds of Guitars, Trumpets and other Mariachi Like instruments with the typical beats of Pop Music. This combination is unique and great for the listening ear, also the music is upbeat and catchy and with lyrics that are easy to sing to.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What an amazing cd. I love it. People should stop hating because she is #1. All the tracks here are amazing. I love this cd and to anyone who is looking for a cd thats really good this is it. Ignore all the Hater reviews. There just jealous.