Paul Sperry Sings Songs of an Innocent Age

Paul Sperry Sings Songs of an Innocent Age

by Paul Sperry

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Albany Records


  1. From the land of the sky blue water
  2. Hark! Hark! the Lark for voice & piano
  3. Take, O Take Those Lips Away, for voice & piano
  4. Where the Bee Sucks, for voice & piano
  5. Early Spring-Time, for voice & piano
  6. You'll Miss Lots of Fun When You're Married, song for voice & piano
  7. Oh! That We Two Were Maying, for voice & piano, Op 2/8
  8. One Spring Morning, for voice & piano, Op 3/2
  9. Orsola's Song, for voice & piano
  10. Nocturne, for voice & piano
  11. Narcissus, Op. 13/4
  12. It Was a Lover and His Lass for voice & piano
  13. It Was a Lover and His Lass for voice & piano, Op. 10/1
  14. O Swallow, Swallow, Flying South for voice & piano
  15. Adversity, for voice & piano, L. 7/90 (from Songs (6) (1902))
  16. Euthanasia, for voice & piano, L. 7/88 (from "Songs (6) (1902)")
  17. The Danza, for voice & piano, L. 7/11 (from "Songs (6) (1885)")
  18. The Owl, for voice & piano
  19. Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred for voice & piano
  20. The Pirate Song, for voice & piano
  21. Ariette, for voice & piano, Op. 1/4
  22. Take, O Take Those Lips Away, song for voice & piano (Shakespeare Songs
  23. O Mistress Mine, song for voice & piano (Shakespeare Songs No. 1), Op.
  24. Looking-Glass River for voice & piano
  25. Dansons la Gigue! for voice & piano
  26. Long ago, Op. 56/1
  27. A Maid Sings Light, Op. 56/3
  28. Auf ihrem Grab, song for voice & piano (Trägodie No. 3), A. 12
  29. Wohl lag ich einst in Gram und Schmerz, song for voice & piano, A. 7
  30. Spring Song, song for voice & piano, S. 363 (K. 6B43)
  31. The Circus Band, song for voice & piano, S. 229 (K. 6B20)
  32. Half-Minute Songs (12), for voice & piano
  33. Capture of Bacchus, for voice & piano, Op 87

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Paul Sperry   Primary Artist,Tenor (Vocal)
Irma Vallecillo   Piano

Technical Credits

Charles Tomlinson Griffes   Composer
Edward MacDowell   Composer,Text
John Knowles Paine   Composer
Charles Ives   Composer,Text
Gregg Smith   Producer
Carrie Jacobs-Bond   Composer,Text
Dudley Buck   Composer
Charles Wakefield Cadman   Composer
George Whitefield Chadwick   Composer
David Hancock   Engineer
Thomas Hill   Composer
Johnny Martel   Composer
David B. Hancock   Engineer
Ethelbert Nevin   Composer
Paul Sperry   Liner Notes
William Shakespeare   Composer,Text
Percy Bysshe Shelley   Composer,Text
Alfred Lord Tennyson   Composer,Text
Nelle Richmond Eberhart   Composer
Paul Verlaine   Composer,Text
Jean Richepin   Composer,Text
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   Text
Heinrich Heine   Composer,Text
Donald Collup   Producer
Charles Swain   Text
Arlo Bates   Text
Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson   Text
Arthur Macy   Text
Emanuel Geibel   Text
Harmony Twichell Ives   Text
Nelle Richmond Eberhart   Text
Edward Taber   Text
Ann Sperry   Cover Design
P.C. Warren   Text
Charles Kingsley   Text
Thomas Bailey Aldrich   Text
Thomas Hill   Text

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