P.D.Q. Bach: Two Pianos Are Better Than One

P.D.Q. Bach: Two Pianos Are Better Than One

by P.D.Q. Bach

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  1. Introduction  - Peter Schickele
  2. 1. Shake allegro  - Peter Schickele
  3. 2. Andante alighieri  - Peter Schickele
  4. 3. Presto changio  - Peter Schickele
  5. Introduction  - Peter Schickele
  6. 1. Antemezzo  - Peter Schickele
  7. 2. Mezzo  - Peter Schickele
  8. 3. Intermezzo  - Peter Schickele
  9. 4. l'Altro Mezzo  - Peter Schickele
  10. Introduction  - Peter Schickele
  11. Chaconne a Son Gout  - Peter Schickele
  12. Introduction  - Peter Schickele
  13. 1. Fuga Meshuga  - Peter Schickele
  14. 2. Sort of Little Trio Sonata Andante; Allegro molto; Lento; Vivace  - Peter Schickele
  15. 3. Three Canons  - Peter Schickele
  16. 4. Chorale Prelude: "Da kommt ja der Schurke"  - Peter Schickele
  17. 5. Four More Canons  - Peter Schickele
  18. 6. The Grossest Fugue  - Peter Schickele
  19. Closing announcement  - Peter Schickele

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

P.D.Q. Bach   Primary Artist
Gerald Tarack   Violin
Stephen Taylor   Oboe
Jorge Mester   Conductor
Peter Schickele   Piano
Early Anderson   Trombone
Peter DuBeau   Tuba
Richard Fitz   Tambourine
Wayne Hedrick   Flute
Grace Lingen   Flute
Lauren Goldstein   Bassoon
Susan Palma-Nidel   Flute
Jon Kimura Parker   Piano
New York Pick-Up Ensemble   Ensemble
Lowell E. Graham   Finger Snapping
Michael Willens   Double Bass

Technical Credits

P.D.Q. Bach   Composer
Michael Bishop   Sound Effects,Contributor
Jack Renner   Engineer
Robert Woods   Producer
Anilda Carrasquillo   Art Direction,Cover Design
Peter Schaaf   Cover Photo

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