Peace and Conflict Studies / Edition 2

Peace and Conflict Studies / Edition 2

by Charles P. Webel

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ISBN-10: 1412961203

ISBN-13: 2901412961201

Pub. Date: 07/10/2008

Publisher: SAGE Publications

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SAGE Publications
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Second Edition

Table of Contents

Preface Part I: The Promise of Peace, the Problem of War
1. The Meanings of Peace
2. Peace Movements
3. The Meanings of War
4. The Special Significance of Nuclear Weapons
Part II: The Reasons for Wars
5. The Individual Level
6. The Group Level
7. The State Level
8. The Decision-Making Level
9. The Social and Economic Levels Part III: Building "Negative Peace"
10. Diplomacy, Negotiations, and Conflict Resolution
11. Peace Through Strength?
12. Disarmament and Arms Control
13. International Organizations
14. International Law
15. World Government
16. Ethical and Religious Perspectives Part IV: Building "Positive Peace"
17. Human Rights
18. Ecological Wholeness
19. Economic Well-Being
20. Nonviolence
21. Toward the Future

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