Peace Not War, Vol. 2

Peace Not War, Vol. 2


Released a month before the 2004 U.S. presidential elections, Peace Not War, Vol. 2 is a collection of 37 songs on two discs, one called "Beats" and the other "Chords." Everything was chosen from artist submissions, which means that, besides big names like Michael Franti, Faithless, …  See more details below


Released a month before the 2004 U.S. presidential elections, Peace Not War, Vol. 2 is a collection of 37 songs on two discs, one called "Beats" and the other "Chords." Everything was chosen from artist submissions, which means that, besides big names like Michael Franti, Faithless, Ani DiFranco, Anti-Flag, and quite a few groups off the Quannum label, there are a bunch of little-known musicians, as well. That's not to say there are poorly produced, messy songs on here. Thanks to easy access to reasonable home recording equipment, the tracks all have a professional quality to them, and many of the lesser-known indie artists (Son of Nun for example) sound every bit as good as their more famous counterparts. The musicians, all from the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, fall easily into the left side of the political spectrum and do a good deal of Bush/Blair/Howard bashing and questioning of the war on terrorism, especially those included on the "Beats" disc, which makes sense, as hip-hop generally tends to deal more directly and candidly with whichever issues it addresses. The "Chords" disc, with both hard electric and soft acoustic guitars (which, when in back-to-back songs, can be an almost unsettling combination), instead speaks about the broader themes of war, poverty, racism, deception, and government (an exception being the Rub's tongue-in-cheek "George Bush Is an Islamic Fundamentalist," which is about as far from inconspicuous as you can get). The intention of Peace Not War, Vol. 2 is to excite and anger as many young liberal voters as it can to stand up and speak out for what they believe in, so the album's producers are careful to choose songs that shy away from promoting aggression or extreme revolution or that focus too much on conspiracy theories. Instead, the tracks concentrate more on peaceful protest and on convincing the listeners of the injustice of war, both in general and in the Middle East. There are some weak points, where the line between sappy and poignant is crossed (Robb Johnson's "The Day the World Said Stop the War," or Liquid Blue's "Making Up," for example), but for the most part Peace Not War, Vol. 2 is a good mix of sounds, good for non-violent rallies that want to motivate the participants or for a listener who wants find music that supports his political views.

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Disc 1

  1. We Don't Stop  -  Radioactive
  2. Ducky Boy  -  Jurassic 5
  3. The Last Trumpet  - Lyrics Born
  4. Mass Destruction
  5. What Would You Do?  -  Paris
  6. Arrest the President  -  Rawbone
  7. What For?  - Maya Jupiter
  8. Countries at War  -  Visionary Underground
  9. State of the World
  10. We Want Your Soul
  11. Starship Trooper  -  Herd
  12. Peace Not War
  13. Counter War Terrorism
  14. Revolutionation  -  FreeFall Collective
  15. Fight Back  -  Son Of Nun
  16. WMD Day  -  R.U.B.
  17. New Kicks  -  Tigre
  18. Later Will Be
  19. Not in My Name

Disc 2

  1. Power to the Peaceful  -  Anti-Flag
  2. True Nature
  3. Welcome to the Occupation  - Brad Postlethwaite
  4. Albright Monument, Baghdad  -  Propagandhi
  5. Animal  -  Evens
  6. On the Face of It
  7. Don't Kill
  8. War Is Coming  - Sara Marlowe
  9. In the Run to the Tap  -  Karma Sutra
  10. The Saddest Game  - Martha Tilston
  11. Jello from the Sky  -  Gertrude
  12. Masters of Deception
  13. George Bush Is an Islamic Fundamentalist  -  R.U.B.
  14. Someone New  -  Kelly Gang
  15. Gratitude  -  Saritah
  16. The Day the World Said Stop the War  - Robb Johnson
  17. Making Up  -  Liquid Blue
  18. Panic Attack

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sylvia Marlowe   Track Performer
Steve Clisby   Spoken Word
Rob Hirst   Drums,Background Vocals
Jamie Lawrence   Bass
Ian Miller   Electric Guitar
Mark Schulman   Drums,Guest Appearance
John Simmons   Spoken Word
Jeff Stone   Track Performer
Michael "Master V" Vangerov   Guitar
Sister Bliss   Bass,Piano,Strings,Keyboards
Steve Sherman   Track Performer
Ed Hamell   Guitar,Vocals
Maxi Jazz   Vocals
Billy Allen   Percussion
Braintax   Vocals
Taskforce   Vocals
Stevens "Marley Stevens" Wright   Track Performer
Richard Grossman   Bass
Jack Nolan   Guitar,Vocals
Matt Tweed   Bass
Omar Perry   Track Performer
Glenn Diani   Bass
Eddie Stratton   Drums
Ghetto Priest   Vocals,Track Performer
Catchwise   Track Performer
Kristin Kelly   Background Vocals
Sonia Mehta   Vocals
Scotty Aglia   fender rhodes
Gina Anatharajah   Drums
Tone Bourke   Keyboards
Brian Champ   Track Performer
Chris   Group Member
Wil Colbert   Track Performer
K. Giblin   Vocals
Dutti Hairy   Vocals
TC Iziam   Vocals
Ziggy Bey Jan   Percussion
Matt Kelly   Violin
Layla Loxa   Background Vocals
Jordan Medina   Drums
Meng   Beatbox
Daniel Monette   Track Performer
Nikki Nova   Vocals
Paracat   Vocals
Beth Perry   Cello
Rocket Rodriguz   Bass,Turntables
Rub   Background Vocals
Saritah   Vocals
Denise Sherwood   Track Performer
Scott Stephens   Keyboards,Vocals
Damian Summers   Guitar
Martha Tilston   Guitar,Vocals
Todd   Group Member
Ella Westbury   Saxophone
Shawn Whitney   Track Performer
Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Paris   Producer
Jane's Addiction   Composer,Producer
Sonic Youth   Composer,Producer
Hamell on Trial   Composer
Ani DiFranco   Composer,Producer
David DeVore   Producer
Nick DiDia   Engineer
Michael Franti   Composer,Producer
John Leckie   Producer
Tom Morello   Producer
Adrian Sherwood   Producer
Jeff Stone   Composer
Brian Virtue   Producer
Ben Wilson   Composer,Producer
Carl Young   Composer
Sister Bliss   Composer,Programming,Producer
Bob Ezin   Producer
Ian MacKaye   Composer,Producer
T.J. Parker   Composer
Propagandhi   Composer,Producer
Anti-Flag   Composer
Steve Sherman   Producer
Duncan Cowell   Mastering
DJ Nu-Mark   Producer
Rollo   Programming,Producer
Maxi Jazz   Composer
Dave Shul   Composer
Lyrics Born   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer
Toby Marks   Producer
Albert Stanton   Producer
Adam Freeland   Composer,Producer
Damian Taylor   Composer,Producer
Tigre   Producer
C. "DJ Smooth" Henderson   Composer
Braintax   Composer
Taskforce   Composer
Gertrude   Producer
Karma Sutra   Composer
Rollo Armstrong   Composer
Richard Grossman   Producer
Jack Nolan   Composer,Producer
D. Harrison   Composer
Robb Johnson   Composer
Ghetto Priest   Composer
Brendan Morley   Producer
Marco Damble   Producer
Sonia Mehta   Composer
Solomon "Jumbo The Garbage Man" David   Producer
Sara Marlowe   Composer
Bas   translation
Nigel Bunner   Producer
Frank Byng   Engineer
Gene Callagan   Engineer
Carpetface   Producer
Brian Champ   Composer
Carl Chemist   Producer
Debate   Producer
Amy Farisa   Composer,Producer
FreeFall Collective   Producer
Otis Mad Hacker   Producer
Dutti Hairy   Composer
Jay Q   Arranger,Producer
Kelly   Executive Producer
Freddy Martineau   Producer
Mister Cris   Producer
Daniel Monette   Composer
Mudge   Executive Producer,Cover Art
Brad Postlethwaite   Composer,Producer
Rub   Producer
Slipperz   Producer
Son Of Nun   Producer
Gerald Stringer   Producer
Damian Summers   Producer
Martha Tilston   Composer
Shawn Whitney   Composer
Ryan   Producer
Ozi Batla   Composer
Mark Stewart   Producer

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