Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior


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Lakeshore Records

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  28. Under the Sun  - Jon Anderson
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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jerry Barnes   Electric Bass
Shedrick Mitchell   Hammond Organ
Daniel Sadownick   Percussion
Raul Midón   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Rob Burke   Bass
John Ralston   Track Performer
Sebastian Davin   Keyboards,Vocals
Jeff Snow   Track Performer
Susan Sherouse   Track Performer
Seth Davin   Guitar
Jake Englund   Drums

Technical Credits

David Millman   Liner Notes
Marc Portman   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Joseph Arthur   Composer
Kathleen York   Composer
Skip Williamson   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Rick Musallam   Composer
Jonathan Meiburg   Composer
José González   Composer
Brian McNelis   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Joe Purdy   Composer
Stephanie Mente   Art Direction
Michelle Featherstone   Composer
John Ralston   Composer
Sebastian Davin   Composer
Michael Seaman   Producer
Kelly Sweet   Composer,Producer
Tony Dekker   Composer
Dan Millman   Composer

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