Peak Performance: Strategies and Insights of America's Most Productive People

Peak Performance: Strategies and Insights of America's Most Productive People

by Charles A. Garfield

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Garfield's informative and brightly written study could well become a manual for high achievement in any field. He examines here top performers of all types; drawing on interviews with high achievers in many areas, he delineates the essential characteristics of peak performers and argues that anyone can gain the skills needed to excel. He uncovers ``peak'' attributes (a sense of mission, need for results, ability to self-manage) in an array of men and women, from business leaders like Victor Kiam of Remington to a cabdriver, a toll-booth agent and a building's maintenance staff. Whether entrepreneurs or Fortune-500 managers, Garfield's achievers are all energetic people, eager to grow, open to change and purposeful in their actions. Throughout, he emphasizes that commitment to one's work is the key source of peak performance. 100,000 first printing; $125,000 ad/promo; first serial to Success! February 17
Library Journal - Library Journal
This book joins a host of others published recently about excellence in business. Garfield has done extensive research in human potential. His earlier book, Peak Performance ( LJ 6/15/84), covered training techniques for athletes. Now he turns to ways of achieving maximum productivity in the workplace. He covers formulating missions, alignment of personal and organizational goals, self-management, team spirit and effective leadership, and managing change effectively. Garfield's approach is both educational and inspirational. Recommended for collections serving practicing managers and management students. Grace Klinefelter, Ft. Lauderdale Coll. Lib., Fla.

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