Peephole Records: Serving the Best in Rock and Roll

Peephole Records: Serving the Best in Rock and Roll

This two-disc collection from St. Petersburg, Florida label Peephole Records boasts an astounding fifty tracks of contemporary rock & roll from a number of independent bands and artists, and while not everything here resonates, enough of it does to make this a worthwhile listen. The variety is impressive, from garage rock attitude ("Gimme Gimme Your Heart" by


This two-disc collection from St. Petersburg, Florida label Peephole Records boasts an astounding fifty tracks of contemporary rock & roll from a number of independent bands and artists, and while not everything here resonates, enough of it does to make this a worthwhile listen. The variety is impressive, from garage rock attitude ("Gimme Gimme Your Heart" by the Cryptkeeper Five), melodic power pop ("Baby Girl" by the Queers), Ramones clones ("No Unity" by the Norma Jeans, "Cans of Beer" by the Gamma Rays), to countless punk and punk-pop forays. It all serves to underscore the tremendous vitality that continues to run through the indie scene, as styles merge and bleed into each other. It seems absurd to call a band emo power pop punk, but that's as good a description as any for bands like Gatsby's American Dream, whose "Why We Fight" sounds like a riskier version of the Counting Crows. Or how about rockabilly punk, which pretty much sums up the ferocious version of "Suspicious Minds" included here by the Independents. In the end, this impressive sampler has way more hits than misses, and the wonderful news is that it only scratches the surface of what's out there.

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Disc 1

  1. Blood Splattered Bride
  2. Gimme Gimme Your Heart
  3. For You
  4. Baby Girl
  5. Loved Ya to Death
  6. Hell-Bound
  7. Nite of the Zombie
  8. Bells
  9. Say We Suck (Sin 34)
  10. No Unity
  11. A Wounderful Life
  12. Eyes Open Wide
  13. Smash Your Face
  14. Aurora Borealis
  15. Hey Now
  16. Double Feature
  17. Pet Sematary
  18. Out and Over
  19. Where Shopping Is a Pleasure
  20. Hotel Psycho
  21. Pirate Song
  22. Devilskin Suitcase
  23. Funny Little Thing
  24. Cast a Shadow
  25. When You Say Nothing at All (Ronan Keating)

Disc 2

  1. At the Show
  2. $20 Date
  3. Amanda Tells Me
  4. Face for Radio
  5. Cans of Beer
  6. You Look Good from Behind
  7. (Have You Seen) The Matrix
  8. Satan Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore
  9. All Electric
  10. Birth
  11. Pen to Paper
  12. Bloodlust
  13. Don't Wanna Live in Hell
  14. Friday Night
  15. Second Home
  16. Ak-47
  17. Broken Teeth
  18. Why We Fight
  19. Pave the Bay
  20. Blackjack
  21. Replicate You
  22. Tonight at Midnight
  23. King of Tricks
  24. Suspicious Minds
  25. End of the Party

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nick Drake   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Adam Bomb   Vocals,Group Member
Andrew Rowan Summers   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Cory   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Cindy   Vocals,Group Member
Scott Walker   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Pepito   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Tom Sparks   Drums,Group Member
Mass Giorgini   Bass,Background Vocals,Group Member
Joe Queer   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Roach   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Amelia Fletcher   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Dave Torres   Trombone,Group Member
Joe T. Cook   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Dan Lumley   Drums,Group Member
Tom Leon Hardy   Bass,Group Member
Flav Giorgini   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Chris Young   Saxophone,Group Member
Jimmy Ray   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Matt Hart   Vocals,Group Member
Justin Warren   Bass,Group Member
Kepi   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Mark Empire   Drums,Background Vocals,Group Member
Crizzy   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Jen   Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Paul   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Mike Avilez   Vocals,Group Member
Jeff Brigman   Bass,Group Member
Ben Treat   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Laura Willard   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Colin   Bass,Group Member
Heather ?   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Marty   Drums,Group Member
Edward Hunter   Drums,Group Member
Pat Kim   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Charlie Bender   Vocals,Group Member
Mikey Cortes   Guitar,Group Member
Jeremy Perez   Bass,Group Member
Tito Esquiaqui   Drums,Group Member
Ricky San Jose   Trumpet,Group Member
Rudy Gajadhar   Drums,Group Member
Bobby Darling   Guitar,Group Member
Nic Newsham   Vocals,Group Member
Kirk Huffman   Bass,Group Member
Aaron Drake   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Kevin Aper   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Ivo Backbreaker   Drums,Group Member
Ken Clifford   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Tony C   Bass,Background Vocals,Group Member
Geoff   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Luke McNeill   Drums,Group Member
Brett Hunter   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Scampi   Drums,Group Member
Blackie Levay   Guitar,Keyboards,Group Member
Evil Presly   Vocals,Group Member
Josh Yakunich   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
DIRT Hooligan   Bass,Background Vocals,Group Member
Xtian Goblyn   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Mike Hobbs   Drums,Group Member
Jerry Hormone   Guitar,Group Member
Ciaron   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Marien Nicotine   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Andrea   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Lurch (Hoyling)   Drums,Background Vocals,Group Member
5 Finger Dan   Vocals,Group Member
Jack Arnone   Bass,Group Member
Adrienne Avilez   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Willy B.   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Billy Ballistic   Drums,Group Member
Matt Benatar   Drums,Group Member
Big Juicy   Drums,Group Member
Bernie Blitz   Bass,Group Member
Blue Madigan   Saxophone,Background Vocals,Group Member
Mark Boros   Bass,Group Member
Bill Bradshaw   Drums,Group Member
Kyle Buckingham   Bass,Group Member
C Leb   Drums,Group Member
Brian Canoli   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Car Bomb Joe   Guitar,Group Member
Car Bomb Steve   Drums,Group Member
Car Bomb Todd   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Cashis King   Guitar,Group Member
Cellen   Cello,Group Member
Charlie K. Oz   Guitar,Group Member
Coffin Greg   Guitar,Group Member
Coffin Jon   Bass,Group Member
Coffin Kevin   Drums,Group Member
Coffin Mike   Organ,Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
CVar Bomb Dave   Vocals,Group Member
Todd Dammit   Guitar,Group Member
Franky DeRita   Guitar,Group Member
Marky DeRita   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Jaime Drake   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Berto   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Doug Etcher   Drums,Group Member
James T. Farris   Vocals,Group Member
Marni Frank   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
GC Bazooka   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Meird Goblyn   Bass,Group Member
D.T. Graves   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Christian Hermann   Drums,Group Member
J.C. Frenzy   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
JayMe LayMe   Guitar,Group Member
Jeff Generic   Drums,Group Member
Jim ZBS   Drums,Group Member
Joe Disaster   Vocals,Group Member
Phil Kill   Drums,Group Member
Jody Kimmel   Drums,Group Member
Scott Laval   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
LeRoi   Drums,Noise,Group Member
Danny Lewis   Drums,Group Member
Tyler Lewis   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Lezli   Guitar,Group Member
Jorge Longoria   Guitar,Group Member
Mark Shady   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Matt Martchal   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Mass   Bass,Background Vocals,Group Member
Danny Michael   Drums,Group Member
Mikey Sunday   Bass,Group Member
Marc Morcos   Drums,Group Member
Mario Morcos   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Kirk Morrison   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Mike Paul   Bass,Group Member
Heidi Peel   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Phil The Goatkiller   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Brad Pooler   Guitar,Group Member
Shaun Rafferty   Guitar,Group Member
Matty Raymo   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Sebrina Rockarena   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Harry Rothe   Bass,Group Member
Orie Shafer   Drums,Group Member
Ben Shepard   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Ralf Shepard   Drums,Group Member
Reggie Silverstri   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Silvie Pussycat   Vocals,Group Member
Sparky Goblyn   Drums,Background Vocals,Group Member
Alex Spitz   Bass,Group Member
Spooky J   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Tony Tourettes   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Travis T. Goblyn   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Russ Vancleave   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Ryan VanWiergen   Guitar,Group Member
Vivian   Bass,Group Member
Shawn Watkinds   Drums,Group Member
Tiffany Wynn   Vocals,Group Member
James Wysynski   Guitar,Group Member
Manuel Cossu   Drums,Group Member

Technical Credits

Elvis Presley   Composer
Spitvalves   Composer
Guts   Composer
Kevin Aper   Composer
Marien Nicotine   Composer
Cryptkeeper Five   Composer

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