Peking to Paris: Life and Love on a Short Drive Around Half the World

Peking to Paris: Life and Love on a Short Drive Around Half the World

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by Dina Bennett

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In this thrilling road trip from “Peking to Paris,” a woman tries to save her car, her marriage, and her confidence from breaking down.


In this thrilling road trip from “Peking to Paris,” a woman tries to save her car, her marriage, and her confidence from breaking down.

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“Selected as a top 10 Travel Book of Spring 2013 by Publishers Weekly.”
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A road-trip memoir from an author who has "a love-hate relationship with adventure." Why did a woman who suffers from carsickness, has no sense of direction and hates roughing it accompany her husband on a grueling five-week, 7,800-mile rally through China, Mongolia, Russia and Europe? After selling their software company and settling on a ranch in Colorado, Bennett and her husband, Bernard, grew restless. After two decades of marriage, they had "grown nonchalant about our togetherness. We needed a new project, something that would pull us off our separate paths and merge us into a team again." At a lunch stop for the Colorado Grand classic car tour, Bernard had a chance encounter that offered up a challenge: a 35-day race following the silk route taken by Genghis Khan on the centenary of the original Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. All they needed was determination, money and a classic car. So began a two-year project to find, rebuild and drive the perfect prewar automobile. They settled on a 1940 GM LaSalle two-door coupe, affectionately named Roxanne. But the rebuild took longer than expected, and Bennett and Bernard had no chance to road test the work and learn the nuances of GPS navigation. This led to a structural problem that plagued them throughout the journey. While Bennett longed to see the landscape and experience the local culture, they ended up driving 10 hours per day and spending their off days in various garage bays. "This trip is all about driving and not about the journey," she lamented. Yet her writing captures the beauty of the austere landscape, changing social dynamics with other teams and the nuances of her shifting relationship with her husband. A fun ride, worth the trip.

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Dina Bennett was born in Manhattan. After five years as a PR executive, she joined her husband’s software localization company as senior VP of sales and marketing. The two worked side-by-side until they sold the firm in 1998 and abandoned corporate life for a hay and cattle ranch. Since then she has untangled herself from barbed wire just long enough to get into even worse trouble in old cars on over 50,000 miles of far-off roads. She resides in Bend, Oregon.

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Peking to Paris: Life and Love on a Short Drive Around Half the World 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
BAnnR More than 1 year ago
Some books are written to be instructional; others serve to stir the senses - creating joy, agony, passion, misery, love and raw emotion. Peking to Paris… is all of the above and more. The story of Dina Bennett and her husband, Bernard, tracks their 7800-mile odyssey as they endure the long, treacherous, uncomfortable and, at times, beautiful journey that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the famed Peking to Paris 2007 Motor Challenge. Dina has difficulty reading while riding in a car (which anyone who is prone to car-sickness can appreciate) and given her long history of motion sickness, it seems outlandish that she will agree to go along with her husband’s plan to be the navigator to his driver for this Rally. For Dina, it is the sacrifice she is willing to make to re-connect with her husband after 20 years of marriage; for Bernard, it is the thrill of a lifetime to compete in this august Rally. Their commitment to the Rally is tested on each segment of the nearly 35-day expedition. Freezing nights and stiflingly hot days, a 1940 LaSalle 52 Coupe (dubbed Roxanne) that breaks down constantly throughout the Rally, and people who are avid racing enthusiasts, automobile devotees and reluctant companions make for a revealing, eye-opening adventure that will delight the novice and motor enthusiast, alike. Dina writes with integrity and humor, sharing her challenges, fears, hopes, disappointments and ultimate victory with the reader, as she chronicles her naiveté at the beginning of the trip, balanced against the stark reality that enfolds her and Bernard as the journey progresses. She paints beautiful pictures with her choice of words on every page. The final chapter is heart-warming and satisfying. Appendices offer details referencing Roxanne’s rebuild list, what the couple packed in their car for the journey, a list of vehicles that participated in the Rally, the daily Rally distance and overnight stops, as well as Rally terminology. For every woman who wonders if she can stretch beyond the fear of facing down the greatest challenge before her and every man who dreams of participating in the adventure of a lifetime – obstacles be damned – you’ll find something to love about this book.