Pele's Wish: Secrets of the Hawaiian Masters and Eternal Life

Pele's Wish: Secrets of the Hawaiian Masters and Eternal Life

by Sondra Roy

With her kitchen-table style storytelling, first-hand adventures, ancient poetry and song, and practical spiritual excercises, acclaimed new age author Sondra Ray uncovers another side of Hawaii that outsiders rarely see or truly understand: The wisdom and spirituality of the Hawaiian ancients and their kahuna wisdom. In Pele’s Wish, Ray acts as a


With her kitchen-table style storytelling, first-hand adventures, ancient poetry and song, and practical spiritual excercises, acclaimed new age author Sondra Ray uncovers another side of Hawaii that outsiders rarely see or truly understand: The wisdom and spirituality of the Hawaiian ancients and their kahuna wisdom. In Pele’s Wish, Ray acts as a messenger of the Aloha spirit with the teachings of the Kahunas, or "transmitters of secrets" with her personal guide, Maui-based kahuna Auntie Pua.

The ancient rituals and basic tenets of the "Huna" way, loving yourself, nurturing other beings, the land, and living in harmony with all of life, is shared in Ray’s conversational, accessible style with meditations and practical exercises to bring the spirit of Aloha into our everyday lives. You don’t have to be Hawaiian to benefit from this ancient wisdom, wisdom that can lead to eternal life!

Ray reveals a time-tested practical code leading to a deeper spiritual life, in tune with rhythms of the natural world. The ancient wisdom of the islands shows that in identifying the three core selves present in everyone, and in coordinating the way the three selves interact with each other, one can control one’s own reality; This is the Huna Way.

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Pele's Wish

Secrets of the Hawaiian Masters and Eternal Life

By Sondra Ray

New World Library

Copyright © 2005 Sondra Ray
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-930722-44-6


Pele and the Sacred Vagina Cave

I was inside the Vagina Cave on the island of Hawai'i when I received the assignment to do this project. This particular cave was somewhere outside of Hilo on the Big Island. It was not open to tourists, and only those who knew about it or could get a reliable guide ever found their way to it. Thousands of lava tubes form these caves. Some were used as burial caves. Some larger chambers were used as hospices for the ill and dying. Some were hiding places during battles. In this huge cave, Madame Pele, goddess of fire, had carved out tubes and caverns that actually resembled female parts.

I was there with Auntie Pua, a spiritualist in the kahuna tradition of Hawai'i, and she was having ongoing visions of the Hawaiian elders. At the entrance to the caves, she chanted in Hawaiian, seeking and finally receiving permission to enter. She told me we were being led in by a group of warriors, who were in front of, on the sides of, and behind us. I could not see them, but I knew what she said was true.

We went in through the ovary, crawled down the fallopian tube, then went into the womb. Our guide knew exactly what she was doing. When we found the spot we wanted, I laid out some koa leaves for an altar and lit some candles.

Auntie Pua described what she was seeing — a gathering of the ancients: "They want you to be the ambassador of aloha," she told me. "Pele is holding you in her bosom."

I began to weep softly and deeply. I was so touched and so honored. Mind you, we were sitting inside the uterus at the time.

Auntie Pua said the chiefs and "chiefesses," kings and queens, knew I could write and wanted the truth out and told with integrity. They all honored Pele. And who wouldn't upon seeing Pele's manifestations on the Big Island of Hawai'i?

Pele is about fire, passion, and life itself. She is one of a host of powerful and revered gods and goddesses of Hawai'i. People stand in awe of the fire flowing down the mountain-side, watching Pele create new land.

As goddess of the volcanoes, it is impossible to imagine Hawai'i without Madame Pele. I feel so alive when I think of her, and I just want to be in her good favor. How perfect it would be to serve her in the way I'd been asked. The elders wanted me to be passionate about expressing aloha — to get everyone passionate about expressing aloha. What better assignment could I be blessed with? It felt like the Eternal Fountain of Love (aloha) showering blessings on me.

After I agreed to the assignment and the elders had left, we crawled out the other fallopian tube and out the other ovary and came upon the vulva. There it was, clitoris and everything. Now, you have to imagine it all in extra large sizes. The vulva was perfect in shape and everyone obviously treated it as a sacred altar. Flowers and gifts were placed next to it. I was in awe of the way Madame Pele had fashioned the whole thing, as if consciously done and planned perfectly.

The cave was huge. At the beginning of one tunnel, the guide cautioned us not to go in. She said it was a lava tube so long that some people walked for two-and-a-half weeks but had to turn back when they ran out of water.

Spelunking had been a hobby of mine in college, but I hadn't done it much since I found the cave I had been secretly looking for — Babaji's cave in the foothills of the Himalayas where he had materialized his body. I have visited that cave every year since my first visit and had lost interest in all other caves until I heard about Hawai'i's Vagina Cave. I was lucky to hear about this place since, as far as I know, it has not been advertised anywhere.

I found out about the cave during a boat trip on Maui that I'd taken with the intention of watching whales. The whales and dolphins were not the only highlight of the trip — the company on the boat was very special as well. Three great healers were there: Howard Wills, Bunji (a great aboriginal crystal healer), and Bhagvandas (a great spiritual musician). The other people on the boat had received healings from them. I was really happy to be asked to join them at the last minute. I knew the three of them had traveled through the islands, and as I sat with Bhagvandas, we struck up a conversation. I asked him to tell me the highlight of his tour on the islands.

"Without a doubt," he said, "it was the Vagina Cave on the Big Island."

As he told me of his amazing experiences I knew I had to go there. Many months before I went to the Hawaiian Islands, my spiritual guide informed me that I would write a book that would rock the world. She gave me no additional information. I had decided then and there that I would go where the rocks were being formed by the volcanic activity of Madame Pele.

I spent all of December on Maui getting in the Hawaiian aloha spirit. I taught a few seminars, each time having a kahuna open them, which is traditional in the islands. At one seminar, Auntie Pua stayed on stage with me the entire time. This was unusual. It was as if she knew I had to build up a lot of Hawaiian energy. This was ecstasy for me. Auntie Pua moved the energy in a way that was perfect for all of us.

One day I mentioned to Auntie Pua that I had to go to the Big Island, and she said she had to go with me. I was stunned. "You would go with me?" I blurted out, surprised that I could be so lucky.

"Yes," she said. "I have to properly introduce you to the volcano."

I was told that the active volcano on the Big Island is considered to be the living body of Madame Pele. I was more than ecstatic to be going there with her. I ran along the beach shouting "Ja Ma!" (victory to the Divine Mother). This was an expression I'd learned during my previous pilgrimages to India, where I had also learned about the teachings of the Divine Mother.

I told my assistant to get me two tickets to the Big Island and that I had to be there New Year's Day. My assistant reported there were no seats available at all — it was already nearly New Year's Eve. I told her we simply had to go and she must keep trying. She came back a little while later and announced that no small planes were available either. I told her to keep trying. After making many calls, she was finally able to reroute us back to Honolulu and over to Hilo.

It was not a problem that Auntie Pua and I did not have a car for getting around the island. As we talked over dinner everything just came to us. We didn't even have to ask for what we needed out loud.

We sat very still at dinner that evening. Among the people who came to our table to say hello and welcome us was someone who offered to drive us the top of the volcano — exactly where we wanted to go. All we needed was a guide who could take us to the caves. And who should approach us but a woman who does sacred dance and she offered to be our guide.

Though I was in awe of our fortune, Auntie Pua acted as though nothing was out of the ordinary and always treated me as a kahuna myself. Never had I mentioned to her that clairvoyants had told me I was a kahuna in past lives. She just knew.

Months later I'd reflect that my life really was getting easier and easier, and things were finally coming to me, but not quite as they had during that visit with Auntie Pua by my side. With the two of us together, the whole island seemed to be of service. That was real aloha.

At five the next morning, still in the dark, we traveled to the top of the volcano, as far as we could go in the car. The lava, which had been running down the road, had stopped suddenly and cooled. Imagine this: you are driving along and the road just turns into cooled lava, and you wonder why it stopped right there.

We began hiking over the cooled lava, which is a bit like walking on the moon. We were walking on a trail around the edge of the Kïlauea Volcano, whose crater is twelve hundred feet deep and more than two miles in circumference.

While walking on the cooled lava flows, we crossed shiny expanses of black lava, with occasional steam vents that interrupt the desolation. There were lava cones, as well as cinders, like peaks and craters, with jagged, rough lava, black but dusted with specks of gold, silver, and blue. We hiked for what seemed like several hours until we got as close as we could to where the red-hot moving lava was still spilling down into the ocean. Steam rolled up hundreds of feet from the sea. The energy in this place was mind blowing.

Auntie Pua announced that she wanted to perform a ritual to purify and ground me in preparation for going to the Vagina Cave. She picked a cool spot for me to lie down. Then she chanted in Hawaiian, prayed and fanned me with ti leaves. When she was done, we hiked back to the car. Little did I know what was to come the next day.

After the ritual I thanked Auntie Pua and we set out to find the Vagina Cave and go in together. We had no idea where the cave actually was. The only information we had was that it was on the Hilo side of the island, which is why I considered it lucky that the only place we could find a hotel on short notice happened to be on the Hilo side of the island.

Auntie Pua confessed to me that, being from Maui, she had never been to the Vagina Cave herself. I was really happy because I felt we would both be experiencing this treat together. With the help of a guide we found the opening to the cave. The entrance was overgrown with vegetation and hidden from the view of anyone unfamiliar with its location. And so it was that we were able to visit the cave where the elders would ask me to be the ambassador of aloha.

The day after our visit to the Vagina Cave, we were invited to a private residence known as Shangri-La. There was an incredible lagoon in the backyard, about as big as three swimming pools. It was warm and the bottom was all lava. I got in and began doing wet breathwork with my snorkel. I started thinking about this book and really wanted to know what it would be about. I prayed for a title but nothing happened. I kept on breathing with all my determination. A woman swam over to me and asked if I would like a Watzu session, which is a form of transformative body work performed in the water.

I said, "Are you kidding?" She wasn't.

Nothing could have been better at that moment. I got so relaxed during the session. Soon I heard the words "Pele's wish." I was thrilled because I knew it was to be the title of this book.

I was not at all sure what Pele's wish might be, but I figured that if this aspect of the Divine Mother could manifest volcanoes, she knew what she was doing and someday she would tell me more about her wish.

After our experiences at the Vagina Cave and Shangri-La, Auntie Pua returned to Maui. I stayed to continue my work. The journey had been an adventure for me, one that took me very deep, literally and figuratively.

Pele personifies what Auntie Pua had described as the life force, or divine creativity, and is one of the ancestral spirits, the goddess of volcanoes. Some native Hawaiians, as well as others who come to the islands, feel they have a personal relationship with her. To this day many see her and refer to her, in a familiar way, as Tutu Pele, or Madame Pele.

Since Pele is known for her passion and sensuality, she is sometimes seen as the epitome of a vibrant woman. Without Pele, the islands themselves would not exist. She created the land by bringing up her great flow of red-hot magma from the deep core of Mother Earth. Even Mauna Loa, a large volcano on the Big Island, is believed to have been created by Pele.


Goddess of Hawai'i's Volcanoes

Madame Pele is a source of great inspiration and supernatural power. It is believed that even the tiniest rock she creates contains quantities of mana, the sacred energy source so important to the kahuna for spiritual transformation and healing.

Pele's traditional home is the active crater Halemaumau at the Kïlauea Volcano on the Big Island, now embodying one of the most splendid U.S. national parks. It is believed that she can appear as an old hag or a sensuous young woman, beautiful, majestic, and mysterious. The many ancient legends about her reveal an impetuous, lusty, and mysterious nature. At times gentle and loving, she is also unpredictable, capable of sudden fury and great violence.

There are photos taken of volcanoes erupting in which a woman's face has shown up in the middle of the fire and smoke! This, it is said, is Madame Pele. I saw this picture myself at the Volcano House. The Divine Mother takes many forms.

Several times I have been in helicopters looking at the red lava below. I wish everyone could see that just once. To witness new land being created right before your eyes, and from the source, does something magical to the beholder. For one thing, it gave me such gratitude for this continual demonstration of the constancy of the life force. It allowed me to understand immortality at a much deeper level than ever before, for here was a demonstration of it, with new land emerging from within the earth. It made me respect and appreciate all the people living on the island who could handle such raw energy without going crazy ... especially the Hawaiian people who knew how to show respect for Pele.

It would be wonderful if more tourists could really take the time to stay and experience the spiritual feelings that arise on the island. In that helicopter, I wondered if people really felt awe about the mystery of life, if they felt "in the presence of the breath of life," if they experienced the meaning of aloha. It all made me love life more, which generated more passion for all that life has to offer. It made me want to get more in harmony with life itself. It renewed my desire to live on and on.


Madame Pele's Wish

Madame Pele is an eternal spark of creation, an expression of the unconditionally loving and divine feminine. She wants us to be healed, to be empowered and whole, balanced and harmonious in all of our relationships. She sees us as priests and priestesses furthering the evolution of spirit within humanity.

Throughout the world there is the concept of the Divine Mother, who appears in many forms. She is the powerful, loving, and creative force of the universe. For me, Pele is an expression of this force, the paradigm shifter, the midwife for us all. She longs for us to learn from her the skills to regenerate our cells, to heal our lives and celebrate life in the highest ecstasy. I feel her longing to expand our awareness and innate capacities and activate the Christ Codes in our bodies. As an expression of the Divine Mother, the intelligence behind matter, she longs to give us the solutions to all the problems we face.

Will we listen?

Now is the time for empowerment. Are you ready? Are you willing to hold the grail cup of the Divine Mother?

Madame Pele's wish is that we would all be in service to life.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would remember who we really are.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would each become emissaries of pure love.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would enter the state where miracles occur easily and effortlessly and are a part of our everyday reality.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would achieve self-mastery.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would see life as a passage of initiation and treat it with supreme reverence.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would open ourselves to our wisdom and support spiritual evolution and beauty on this planet.

Madame Pele's wish is that we allow the Divine Mother to express through us so that we may always uplift life.

When I speak of the Divine Mother, I am referring to the original spark of creation, which is a feminine aspect. The prime creator behind all things is a feminine vibration. The Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of God, the intelligence behind matter. Einstein knew this. All my male gurus in India who perform miracles know this. It is the secret of their power. This is true power: love, safety, and certainty. It is not ego power, which is about domination, control, and anger.


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