Penguin Bros # 1

Penguin Bros # 1

3.4 5
by Josh Blaylock
Lightening penguin begins to recruit the rest of his group, unsure whether the young penguins are ready.


Lightening penguin begins to recruit the rest of his group, unsure whether the young penguins are ready.

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Penguin Bros # 1 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The darkness was getting thicker, and the Hobbits were not getting anywhere. They had been wandering in the forest for what seemed like hours (45 minutes) and Sam had complained about the bubbites a million times. (Five, really.) He had just finished the fifth when Merry lost patience. <br> "Why don't yo--whagghh!!!" This last paet being because he had just tripped over a willow trwe's root and fell in a pit. <br> "Merry? What jus--Whagghh!!!" Pippin, who was following Merry, asked, and soon she was in the pit with him. Frodo and Sam stopped. <br> "Pip? Merry?" Frodo asked. No reply. "PIPPIN! MERRY! WHAT HAPPENED?" He shouted. <br> "Down here, Frodo!" Pippin called up. "But don't come this way!" <br> "Why not?" Frodo asked. <br> "There's this big pit, and- Merry, move your foot please..." <br> "Oh. Sorry." There was some scuffling. <br> "Anyways, there's a big pit here, and you'd be best not falling into it." Pippin explained. <br> "So we're just going to have to wait here until morning?" Frodo asked. <br> "Uh-uh, Frodo." Sam said. "I do not like this place, and I want to leace right now!" <br> "Well, do you have a better idea?" <br> "We could ask him." Sam pointed towards a light bobbing in the woods. <br> Frodo hesitated, "I don't think.." He was inturrupted by Pippin and Merry shouting at the top of their lungs. <br> "Hey!! Over here!!!" The light turned, and they could see it bobbing towards them, accompanied by the sound of a man singing. <br> "Hey, dol, Merry dol, Ring-a-dong dillo! <br> Sing a song, hop along! Fal lal the Willow. <br> Tom Bom, Jolly Tom! Tom Bombadillo!" <br> As the light got closer, it revealed a man standing in front of them. He was tall, and thin, and had a bushy red beard. He was wearing a light blue jacket, and bright yellow boots. He was holding a high powered flashlight, and looked at the Hobbits appraisingly. <br> "What ho! Some younglings! What arw you doing out hwre so late at night?" The man asked. <br> "Oh, sir, it's Pippin, and Merry, they've fallen into a pit.." Sam said. <br> "Fallen? Why, that Old Man Willow. I'll have his guts for garters if he continues digging those pits around the forest." He placed the flashlight on the ground and helped Pippin and Merry out. "You'd best come to my house. I live just outside Bree. Come now! Tom'll not lead you astray yet!" With that, he skipped off through the forest, singing more of his song. The Hobbits exchanged glances, and nodded together, then rushed off after Tom. <br> Later, they were all snuggled in sleeping bags in the living room of the House of Tom Bombadil, and Tom himself was watching the four sleep peacefully.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
How do they make books like this?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So sexy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Club penguin is better