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Penguin Bros # 4

Penguin Bros # 4

5.0 3
by Josh Blaylock
Now that the word is out that the Penguin Bros. are here to stop crime, the sinister Commanderex assembles a team to stop the famed heroes.


Now that the word is out that the Penguin Bros. are here to stop crime, the sinister Commanderex assembles a team to stop the famed heroes.

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Devil's Due Digital
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Barnes & Noble
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Penguin Bros # 4 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome sathal!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AWSOME!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Frodo opene his eyes. At first, he only say darkness. Then, some redness crept into his vision. Then, everything turned white, and he had to close his eyes again. When he opened them, he saw someone standing by a spotlight, looking embarresed. That pern was being yelled at by--Gandalf? <br> It was indeed Gandalf, and he was freaking out at the light operator for accidently turning the light on, and shining it right at Frodo. <br> "He needs his sleep! What with the poison, and the-" <br> "Sir?" The operator said. <br> "What?" Gandalf huffed. <br> "He's awake..." The man said and hurried away quickly and saw Frodo sitting on the bed, blinking rapidly. <br> "Gandalf?" Frodo asked. <br> "Indeed. I apologize for not coming to your cozy little college when I said I would, but I had more.. pressing matters to attend to." Gandalf sat next to Frodo. "But you must tell me.. what do you remember?" <br> Frodo frowned. "About what?" <br> "Your adventures of the last couple of days. What do you remember of them?" <br> Frodo paused. "Why would you like to know?" <br> "Why, to help fit together the rapidly emerging pieces of this puzzle, that's why!" <br> Frodo nodded, and began. <p> "After Strider took us up to his room, he explained what was going on. The OneRing had a cloaking device that would activate automatically when put on. However, when this was activated without the correct password, it sent out a homing signal. He explained that we needed to leave before the Nazgul-of which he assured us all nine were in the area-came to steal it back. So we packed our bags and left the Prancing Pony. He led us through the woods and surrounding countryside, camping very little, and moving fast. He told us we were headed towards Rivendell, a sort of--haven, I think he said. We camped a foggy night in an abandoned shack he called Weathertop. It was perched on a small hill, so I guess the name made a bit of sense. And then-- I only remember fragments.. strange.. running, fighting.. and then.. I woke up here." <p> Gandalf nodded, remaining silent. At that moment, a tall nan wearing what appeared to be an 80's style coat and long hair tied in a ponytail walked in. "Well, well, well. The Sleeper awakes. How's our 'Hobbit' doing, huh?" <br> "Very good." Gandalf replied. "Frodo, this is Elrond. Owner of this.." <br> "Nightclub." Elrond supplied. <br> "And is also the head of a boycott against Mordor inc. products." <br> Frodo nodded again. "Pleased to meet you, sir," to which Elrond waved his hand at him. <br> "No need to call me sir, sir." He said, his eyes twinkling, but his face a complete poker face. Come on. The others are waiting!"