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by Jill Brock
What would you do for your best friend? Would you break the law, put yourself in danger, or put your own emotional and mental meltdown on hold? Odessa Wilkes is about to find out when she helps her best friend, Maggie Swift find her missing husband.
Roger Swift is gone and emptied out the checking account. He's left his wife clueless and in near hysterics. Maggie


What would you do for your best friend? Would you break the law, put yourself in danger, or put your own emotional and mental meltdown on hold? Odessa Wilkes is about to find out when she helps her best friend, Maggie Swift find her missing husband.
Roger Swift is gone and emptied out the checking account. He's left his wife clueless and in near hysterics. Maggie comes to Odessa for help and she can't say no. She should say no, because she has problems of her own. Odessa, a lapsed African American Princess, has been dumped by her 'perfect' boyfriend, lost her six-figured advertising job, and is dealing with an anxiety disorder that turns her to Jell-O when anything gets too 'intense'. She has been reduced to making desserts at her family restaurant and working for her overbearing sister, Candace.
Friends since high school, Maggie and Odessa go in search of Roger with Maggie's mischievous eight-year old son Rocket in tow and the family dog. Standing just over five feet tall and a dead ringer for redheaded Tinker Bell, Maggie is determined to find Roger. Armed with a copy of 'An Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating' and Maggie's contagious enthusiasm, Odessa knows it's only a matter of time before they find trouble. Trouble comes in the form of an inept kidnapper, a valuable missing treasure, an ex-boyfriend, insurance fraud, and the improper use of pepper spray. Eventually, the two amateur detectives learn they are more than capable of finding Roger. More importantly, what Odessa finds is the way back to herself and the possibility of a new chance at love.

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Pennywise 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
IsabellaRenae More than 1 year ago
Combine Nancy Drew and a modern day pissed off suburban house wife and you will get our first beloved character in this hilarious novel! Maggie Swift, who resembles a full grown Tinker Bell, wakes up one morning and within hours of a "normal "day her husband goes missing, draining their accounts. Maggie, who thinks her husband, is having an affair, enlist the help of her best friend, our second beloved character in this novel, Odessa Wilkes. Odessa is a fiery African American woman who has recently encountered "The god of divine crap" and isn't taking it well. In one day Odessa looses her six-figure income job, is dumped by her boyfriend of two years, and is in a subway fire. The inevitable meltdown occurs, because let's face it, who wouldn't have one, and Odessa is left to make desserts at her families restaurant under her overbearing sisters watch. After Maggie enlist Odessa's help the two set off on a wild hunt for Maggie's husband. It is a search that is hilarious and will keep the reader entertained for hours. Once you start the hunt you will not stop until he is found. Pennywise, is one of the most hilarious novels I have read in a long time. I actually laughed on the first page! The author tells the story from Odessa's point of view, though without Maggie's situation you would loose the story. Odessa's voice and attitude/perspective is very funny. The pair gets themselves into many situations that will make the reader chuckle. The novel is full of vibrant, colorful characters. Without any one of them you would feel something was missing. Each character plays a key role in the story regardless of its size. One of the joys of reading for me is finding a new fresh author. I found one by reading Pennywise. After finishing this book I researched the authors' other works and I will be reading the sequel to this novel. The novel was full of solid content, entertaining story, developed characters and humor to make me laugh repeatedly. The novel is mystery, suspense, and humorous fiction with has some spicy love scenes. It tells the tale of two best friends, one who will stop at nothing to find her husband, and the other who learns about family, overcoming heartache, taking chances, love and loyalty. It is a wonderfully delightful read and I highly suggest it. *Reviewed for reviewthebook*
janimar More than 1 year ago
Jill Brock's novel is about a divorced woman, Odessa Wilkes who recently lost her high paying job and is working part time making desserts for her sister's restaurant. She is dealing with less money and struggling with her self esteem. In addition to all that, working for her sister is hard as Candace can be very demanding. Odessa's life is further turned upset down when her best friend Maggie Swift hysterically comes into the restaurant one day concerned about her missing husband Roger. Is he having an affair, has he stolen from the company? These questions nag at both Odessa and Maggie. Odessa agrees to help Maggie get to the bottom of what is going on but she does not realize how dangerous this is going to be. This adventure throws Odessa and Maggie into the roles of amateur detectives as they get involved with many unsavory characters. In addition, quite unexpectedly, Odessa's ex husband shows up adding to her turmoil. This novel has it all: romance, mystery, suspense, adventure and humor. Brock writes about real multidimensional people who are witty and funny and so I found myself laughing out loud and rooting for these two unlikely sleuths. Also throughout the book, there is character growth in the two main characters, which is often missing from mystery stories. I could not put the book down and after finishing it, I was hoping Brock would write a series so I could read more about the adventures of Odessa and Maggie.
detweilermomPA More than 1 year ago
This is a funny mystery written by Jill Brock. Odessa Wilkes's life has spiraled out of control when she loses her job and is dumped by her boyfriend all in one day. She is stuck baking for her ovebearing sister at the family restaurant for a living. Odessa's life is further thrown for a loop when her best friend Maggie comes into the restaurant ,with her son Rocket in tow, crying that her husband , Roger, has disappeared. After much drama and pleading on Maggie's part Odessa agrees to help find the missing Roger. The plot thickens after Maggie finds some insurance files that Roger has signed which is unusual since he wasn't involved in that aspect of the job anymore. She also found a mysterious list of numbers. So Odessa and Maggie start their search for Roger armed with their copy of 'Private Invesigating for Dummies' and helped or hendered by a wide assortment of characters from Odessa's Aunt Renne to the sinister Hamm. I really enjoyed this book and will be seeking out other books by this author. I recieved this book through reviewthebook.com for free and I am not required to write a favorable review.
Literary_Marie More than 1 year ago
PENNYWISE BY JILL BROCK Odessa Wilkes had it all: a project head job at an advertisement agency, a two-year relationship with a loving man, and a successful life living in New York City. In less than a New York minute, her world flips upside down. She loses her job thanks to an embezzling boss. Carrying her desk belongings in a box walking on the street, her boyfriend suddenly dumps her. He didn't even offer to carry the heavy box like the gentlemen Odessa knew him to be. On the same day, she was trapped in a subway fire. Odessa developed anxiety attacks from all the stress. Right now the only thing that relaxes her is baking desserts for the family restaurant, Blue Moon. Just when things seem calm, Odessa's best friend, Maggie Swift, storms into Blue Moon unexpectantly with her ADD son in tow. The homemaker needs help finding her missing husband, Roger. Could Roger be having an affair? Or has something gone terribly wrong with his insurance career? Instead of alerting authorities, the two best friends set out to become Private Investigators. Their friendship and personal lives change during the search for Roger. Odessa discovers a new life and love interest when she least expects it. Maggie gains a new career and independence. This book is filled with comedic adventures of the amateur detectives. Author Jill Brock's debut novel is a fast, great weekend read. The plot is engaging and descriptive. The characters are memorable and hilarious. Jill Brock describes the setting and characters in such vivid detail; it was like watching it on the big screen. There are moments you will literally laugh out loud, and other moments you feel the emotions of the character as if you're really there. If you're looking for light, fun reading and a story to escape in, I recommend picking up and reading Pennywise, the first novel of a mystery series. I look forward to reading more adventures about Odessa Wilkes and Maggie Swift. November 1, 2009 ? L Marie ?