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Penric and the Shaman

Penric and the Shaman

4.8 5
by Lois McMaster Bujold

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Publishers Weekly
★ 12/05/2016
Bujold follows Penric’s Demon with another brief tale set in her World of the Five Gods, this time combining supernatural sleuthing with finely drawn characters and a panoply of emotions. Four years after the events of the previous novella, Penric is now a learned divine in addition to having previously become a temple sorcerer. Senior Locator Oswyl of the Father’s Order has come to Martensbridge in pursuit of Inglis kin Wolfcliffs, a murder suspect who is also one of the Wealdean royal shamans. Oswyl believes that Penric’s demon (and therefore Penric himself) will be immune to the magically persuasive powers of the shaman. Accompanied by some guardsmen, the pair set off into the hinterlands in pursuit of Inglis, only to find that catching him is the simplest part of their adventure. When Great Beasts, demons, and gods take part in the affairs of mortals, nothing is as it appears. Bujold makes Inglis’s grief and guilt palpable but lightens the mood with Penric’s droll humor. This is a wonderful expansion of her World of the Five Gods. (Mar.)
Library Journal
Lord Penric has joined the Bastard's Order, studying and marking time as a sorcerer in the court of the Princess-Archdivine. Locator Oswyl arrives, looking for a wizard to find the shaman Inglis, who is accused of killing his best friend. Released from his service to the princess and accompanied by his demon, Desdemona, Penric travels with Oswyl into the mountains where he is forced to use his still-burgeoning powers when they are confronted with unexpected magic and spirits in capturing Inglis. VERDICT Set in the world of "The Five Gods" (The Curse of Challion; Paladin of Souls; The Hallowed Hunt), Bujold's novella takes series fans back to a well-known realm in an exciting new adventure. The varied voices, especially between Pen and Desdemona, add a fun slant to a serious tale.—KC

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Subterranean Press
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5.70(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.10(d)

Meet the Author

A science fiction legend, Lois McMaster Bujold is one of the most highly regarded speculative fiction writers of all time. She has won three Nebula Awards and six Hugo Awards, four for Best Novel, matching Robert A. Heinlein's record. The majority of Bujold's works comprise three separate book series: the Miles Vorkosigan Saga, the Chalion Series, and the Sharing Knife Series. The mother of two, Ms. Bujold lives in Minneapolis.

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Penric and the Shaman 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
dathi More than 1 year ago
Bujold near her peak. Theology, confusion, character development, great writing. Amazing writing. Did I say how good the writing was?
MontzieW 4 months ago
Penric and the Shaman (World of the Five Gods (Publication) #3.6) by Lois McMaster Bujold is in a series but I have not read the earlier books and feel I might have missed something. Although the author tried to catch the reader up I still felt I was behind. I may not have read this series but have read many books from this author so I knew I would enjoy it. I was not disappointed. Full of great fantasy, the supernatural, mystery, and adventure. Because the dialogue was made for another time/world it was at times difficult to read and I had to reread a couple of times. Even the story line itself as it was keeping with the ancient dialect. Enjoyable read overall. Thanks NetGalley for providing me this wonderful read.
Murasake More than 1 year ago
It's four years after the events of Penric's Demon, and Penric is fully trained and invested as a divine; he's now Learned Penric. And of course, a sorcerer. He's serving at the court of the Princess-Archdivine. He is continuing his mostly scholarly work, as he and Desdemona become better acquainted and better at working together, when a Locator of the Father's Order arrives seeking assistance. He's been assigned to seek and bring back to Easthome a shaman accused of murder. A killer shaman is dangerous; he can't pursue one without a sorcerer and at least a small armed troop. Unfortunately, Oswyl has had a difference of opinion with the sorcerer and troop originally assigned to assist him. They've gone off in pursuit in a direction he thinks unlikely on the evidence, and he's asking the Princess-Archdivine to supply the sorcerer and troop he needs. She does, and the sorcerer, of course, is Penric. The rather dour Oswyl is not initially impressed by Penric's youth and seeming inexperience, or by his cheerful, sunny manner. Despite this, they work fairly well together, tracking the shaman, Inglis kin Wolfcliff, accused of the murder of his best friend. When they find him, of course, the situation is more complicated than official reports have suggested, and Inglis needs Penric's help, while the Acolyte serving the village where he's found needs Inglish's help. Penric, Oswyl, and Inglis all have a lot to learn, and very little time to learn it in. The story is told alternately from the viewpoints of Penric, Oswyl, and Inglis. The World of the Five Gods remains a fascinating and enjoyable one, and I look forward to more stories set there. Recommended. I bought this book.
-Bebe More than 1 year ago
A fantastical read! This is an excellent sequel to Penric's Demon, although you wouldn't have to read the first novella to get full enjoyment. Penric is charming, intelligent, and generous sharing the stage with other well-developed and interesting characters. And Penric is an excellent first introduction to the World of Five Gods books. Full disclosure: I'm a huge fan of this author! I read everything she writes as soon as it's available. She's a favorite for rereading; I inevitably discover that her books have so much more to say than I caught the first time through.
Jophan More than 1 year ago
So happy to see another Penric story! He's growing up, but still has things to learn about his duty. And this story brings back the animal shamans of "The Hallowed Hunt".