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Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook

Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook

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by Adri N Sergio Pulvirenti, Mar a Carina Rold n

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Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Rick_J_Wagner More than 1 year ago
This book does not teach the basics of using Kettle. It's a collection of best practices for accomplishing things with Kettle (or Pentaho Data Integration, it's commercial cousin.) Kettle itself is intuitive enough to learn, so this book could serve as a good resource even for Kettle novices. (They'll have to self-study other materials, perhaps the product documentation, to get off the ground.) Once a basic level of expertise is obtained, the patterns and practices given in this book will be of use. Use cases for common scenarios are well represented. (Examples: How to read data from a database, dealing with fixed format and comma delimited files, working with XML, consuming a web service, generating reports.) These were all expected so no extra credit for these topics, though it's nice to have them all documented in one place for future reference. There are also quite a few recipes given for things I'd never before encountered like parsing of unstructured files (i.e. a Log4j log file), writing out JSON, producing Cartesian products given two lists, and matching values using fuzzy comparison logic. These topics were pleasant surprises to find, I can imagine practical uses for many of them. As an experienced ETL user, I can assure you anyone doing real production work with an ETL tool will find a few things of value here. If you have a need for integration work and don't enjoy a lot of low-level coding, you probably owe it to yourself to try Kettle or another ETL product. If you're using ETL for anything beyond dirt-simple scenarios, you'll probably save yourself some time and effort by reviewing the best practices contained here.