People Get Ready: The Curtis Mayfield Story

People Get Ready: The Curtis Mayfield Story

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by Curtis Mayfield
PEOPLE GET READY accomplishes a too-rare feat for box sets: It leaves you a sense that history is unfolding before your ears. A true godfather of soul, Curtis Mayfield was also one of the most articulate social critics to grace the music world, and this three-CD set traces his development as one of R&B's most distinct voices. Disc one tracks Mayfield's journey from


PEOPLE GET READY accomplishes a too-rare feat for box sets: It leaves you a sense that history is unfolding before your ears. A true godfather of soul, Curtis Mayfield was also one of the most articulate social critics to grace the music world, and this three-CD set traces his development as one of R&B's most distinct voices. Disc one tracks Mayfield's journey from the Impressions' inspirational R&B classics ("It's All Right" and the gorgeous "People Get Ready") to more politicized and soulful emancipation proclamations, like "This Is My Country" and "Choice of Colors." Mayfield went solo in 1970, and while the funk got heavier, he continued to address race issues with evocative meditations like "We People Who Are Darker Than Blue." Disc two finds Mayfield focusing largely on ghetto life with prime cuts from his landmark SUPERFLY, a funkadelic soundtrack that burned up the charts. It closes with "Billy Jack," an epic slow jam that withholds its bluesy horns in a kind of musical foreplay. The third disc flags a bit, thanks to a brief Mayfield disco derailment, but it continues to show off his social-realist eye with "Mr. Welfare Man" and "Homeless." PEOPLE GET READY won't let you forget that Mayfield, currently paralyzed after a tragic stage accident, had the musical chops to match his lyrical ones. Filled with dirty, chunky grooves that gave Mayfield space to use his fabulous falsetto, his wah-wah pedal, and brilliant horn charts, this set will move you -- mind, body, and soul.

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All Music Guide - Richie Unterberger
The focus of this three-CD, 51-song production is on Curtis Mayfield's solo work; much of the first disc is devoted to his most popular work with the Impressions, but the remainder of the compilation surveys his solo output from 1970 to 1990. The Impressions tracks are uniformly excellent, but the Mayfield-only cuts are more problematic. The best of these -- the Superfly highlights, of course, and early-'70s singles like "(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below We're All Going to Go" and "Beautiful Brother of Mine" -- are as good as anything he ever did. But even in the early '70s, he was erratic. Some of the post-Superfly stuff is OK; this period takes up half of disc two and all of disc three. Mayfield never lost his vocal abilities or his production skills; after the late '70s his material got into dance music and romantic urban contemporary. For a Mayfield retrospective, most will be better off with MCA's two-disc Anthology 1961-1977, which goes into the Impressions period with much greater depth and includes the cream of his '70s solo recordings.

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Disc 1

  1. Gypsy Woman
  2. It's All Right
  3. I'm So Proud
  4. Keep on Pushing
  5. Amen
  6. People Get Ready
  7. Woman's Got Soul
  8. We're a Winner
  9. I Loved and I Lost
  10. Fool for You
  11. This Is My Country
  12. Choice of Colors
  13. The Makings of You
  14. (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go
  15. Move on Up
  16. We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue
  17. Check out Your Mind
  18. Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)
  19. Stone Junkie

Disc 2

  1. Beautiful Brother of Mine
  2. Get Down
  3. We Got to Have Peace
  4. Freddie's Dead
  5. Superfly
  6. Give Me Your Love
  7. Pusherman
  8. Future Shock
  9. If I Were Only a Child Again
  10. Can't Say Nothin'
  11. Kung Fu
  12. Sweet Exorcist
  13. To Be Invisible
  14. Mother's Son
  15. Billy Jack
  16. So in Love

Disc 3

  1. Only You Babe
  2. Party Night
  3. Mr. Welfare Man
  4. Show Me Love
  5. Do Do Wap Is Strong in Here
  6. You Are, You Are
  7. Do It All Night
  8. You're So Good to Me
  9. Between You Baby and Me
  10. Love's Sweet Sensation
  11. Love Me, Love Me Now
  12. Tripping Out
  13. She Don't Let Nobody (But Me)
  14. Baby It's You
  15. Homeless
  16. Do Be Down

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Curtis Mayfield   Primary Artist,Guitar,Horn,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
Master Henry Gibson   Percussion
Calvin Bridges   Background Vocals
Impressions   Track Performer
Jones Girls   Background Vocals
Ross Traut   Guitar
Phil Upchurch   Guitar
Mystique   Background Vocals
Bunny Sigler   Keyboards
Michael Sembello   Guitar
Leroy Hutson   Background Vocals
Michael Brown   Keyboards
Buzz Amato   Keyboards
Gil Askey   Horn
Sol Bobrov   Strings
Dennis Belfield   Bass
Peter Bertolino   Strings
Lorin Binford   Horn
Frank Borgognone   Strings
Tony Brown   Guitar
Keni Burke   Bass
Tony Carpenter   Percussion
Fred Cash   Vocals
Liz Cifani   Strings
Dale Clevenger   Horn
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Eugene Lambchops Curry   Keyboards
Clifford Davis   Horn
Bobby Eli   Guitar
Mikki Farrow   Background Vocals
Tom Ferrone   Guitar
Johnny Frigo   Strings
Karl B. Fruh   Strings
Dean Gant   Keyboards
Adrian Gola   Strings
Bruce Gray   Keyboards
William Green   Keyboards
Donnelle Hagan   Drums
Harry Hagan   Horn
Norman Harris   Guitar
Michael Hawkins   Background Vocals
Kitty Haywood   Background Vocals
Vivian Haywood   Background Vocals
Paul Howard   Horn
John Howell   Horn
Arthur Hoyle   Horn
Morris Jennings   Drums
Quinton Joseph   Drums
Carlton "Cotton" Kent   Keyboards
Harold Klatz   Strings
Ron Kolber   Horn
Robert Lewis   Horn
Ricki Linton   Background Vocals
Robert Lustrea   Horn
Tracy Mayfield   Bass
Craig McMullen   Guitar
Floyd Morris   Keyboards
Roger Moulton   Strings
Bill Porter   Horn
Lonnie Reaves   Keyboards
Arnie Roth   Strings
Julia Tillman Waters   Background Vocals
Lebron Scott   Bass
Don Simmons   Drums
Robert Sims   Drums
Fred Spector   Strings
Luis Stenfanell   Percussion
Wendell Stewart   Drums
Alfonzo Surrett   Background Vocals
Fred Tackett   Guitar
Chester Thompson   Keyboards
Tim Tobias   Keyboards
Efrain Toro   Percussion
Ron Tyson   Background Vocals
Carlos Vega   Drums
Larry Washington   Percussion
Maxine Willard Waters   Background Vocals
Luther Waters   Background Vocals
Oren Waters   Background Vocals
Fred Wesley   Horn
Earl Young   Drums
Pat Ferreri   Guitar
David Loeb   Keyboards
Hank Ford   Horn
William Puett   Horn
Michael Ingram   Percussion
Sonny Burke   Keyboards
David Arenz   Strings
Preston Wilcox   Drums
John Ross   Keyboards
Todd Mayfield   Background Vocals
Gary Slavo   Horn
Bruce Grailisch   Guitar
Frances Jeffrey   Strings
Christopher Rex   Strings
Bill Schoen   Strings
Rudolph Stauber   Horn
True Saints   Background Vocals
Rich Turfo   Keyboards
Sonny Seals   Horn
Dino Fakaris   Background Vocals
Alice Sanderson   Background Vocals
Ann Haywood   Background Vocals
Angela King   Background Vocals
James Walker   Bass
Len Chausow   Strings
Jimmy Williams   Bass
Alejo   Percussion
Tyrone McCullen   Drums
Elliott Golub   Strings
Gary Ray Thompson   Guitar

Technical Credits

Donny Hathaway   Arranger
Curtis Mayfield   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,drum programming
Gene Page   Arranger
Bunny Sigler   Producer
Roger Anfinsen   Engineer
Gil Askey   Arranger,Contributor
Fred Breitberg   Engineer
Jim Burgess   Engineer
George Bussey   Arranger
Tom Flye   Engineer
Carlos Glover   Engineer,drum programming
Bruce Gray   Producer
Riley Hampton   Arranger
Norman Harris   Arranger,Producer
Eddie Kramer   Engineer
James Mack   Arranger
George Pappas   Engineer
Gary Peterson   Discographical Annotation
Don Sciarrotta   Engineer
Ron Tyson   Producer
Richard Wells   Contributor
Fred Wesley   Arranger
Harry Yarmark   Engineer
Johnny Pate   Arranger,Producer
Roy Glover   Arranger
Coco Shinomiya   Art Direction
Gary Slavo   Arranger
Ron Stanley   Engineer
Carl Paroub   Engineer
Rich Turfo   Arranger
Dino Fakaris   Arranger,Producer
Barney Conway   Engineer
Leon Mitchell   Arranger
Frankie Bleu   Composer

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