Peoples and Cultures of North Africa

Peoples and Cultures of North Africa

by Peter Mitchell

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North Africa is a land of vast deserts, sprawling coastlines, and a crossroads of commerce and religiosity. The scene of clashing empires, North Africa has also been the setting for colonial wars, imperialism, and violent civil warfare. In this volume of the six-book "Peoples and Cultures of Africa" set, readers will encounter the people, places, and things that make this portion of the African continent so unique. Arranged in an alphabetized and encyclopedic manner, this book offers readers a series of essays that touch upon topics such as religion, culture, economics, governance, and tribal differences. North Africa is a part of the world that strikes many people from distant regions as mysterious. Its peoples are sometimes seen as almost stepping out of the Old Testament days of long ago. Yet, as readers of this fine book will discover, North Africa is also home to a vibrant people who strive to find a place in the modern world. Taken as a whole, this book and its parent series are first-rate tools for students attempting to learn more about an important portion of the world map.

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Peoples and Cultures of Africa Series
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