Perfect for the Beach: Some Like it Hot/One Wilde Weekend/Blue Crush/My Thief/Hot and Bothered/Murphy's Law

Perfect for the Beach: Some Like it Hot/One Wilde Weekend/Blue Crush/My Thief/Hot and Bothered/Murphy's Law

3.8 50
by Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Janelle Denison, MaryJanice Davidson

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a novella
By Lori Foster

Kensington Brava

ISBN: 0-7582-0772-7

Chapter One

Cary headed to Axel's office, urging Nora inside and shutting the thick door behind them.

He turned to face her, considered everything he wanted to say. But she was just standing there, her arms folded over her middle, her soft mouth trembling, her cheeks hot. And he jumped the gun.

He kissed her.

Nora didn't have time to react. She'd done her best to block out his warm masculine scent, to ignore how fine he looked with his shirtsleeves rolled up and his tie loose. His visual appeal got to her every time, but she'd been resisting it for almost a year now. His brown hair, shades darker than her own, was immaculately trimmed but always disheveled in a very boyish way. His green eyes were teasing and they made her feel both lighthearted and needy.

She'd been prepared to hear his coaxing voice, to withstand the intensity of his warm appraisal.

But she hadn't even considered a kiss. At least not now, not in the office. God knew she'd spent too many nights imagining what it'd be like, but she'd assumed it'd never happen.

It happened now. And the second his warm, firm mouth touched hers, coherent thought evaporated. Her mind felt sluggish, her skin far too sensitive, while her heart pounded fast and hard, making her struggle for breath. Mercy!

It wasn't an invasive kiss. It was gentle and sweet, soft and lingering. Her toes curled.

Cary hovered so close she didn't dare open her eyes or she'd be caught. They shared breath. His scent wrapped around her. His body heat added to the heat of the day and her own turbulence.

"Nora," he whispered, and his big hand curled around her nape, caressing, keeping her close. His palm was hot, too. Everything about the man sizzled. "Kiss me back."

She drew a stuttering breath. "I ..." Don't know how. No, she couldn't say something that stupid. But it had been so many years, the memories of kissing had long since faded. The need remained, but the mechanics were vague. "I'm sorry."

His forehead touched hers, displacing her glasses. "I'm not giving up."

She almost laughed. For the length of time she'd known Cary, he'd been gently persistent, crawling under her skin and into her dreams, and not a day went by that she didn't think of him. During the week, he found one reason or another to come to the office and talk with her. At every social event, he sought her out. "I know."

"I do so like kids."

That sudden disclosure startled her. "What?"

He raised his head, gave her a long look, then straightened her glasses with a small smile. "When I bitch about it, that's just exhaustion talking. If I didn't love kids, I wouldn't work so hard to keep them healthy."

Heat rushed into her face. "You said plain as day you didn't want any."

He rolled one shoulder. "Men say that crap all the time. It's nothing, just hot air meant to bloat our images as bachelors." Then, more firmly, "I want kids. Someday." And softly, "With the right woman."

Why did he have to look at her like that while saying such a thing? Nora tried to back up, but her shoulder blades were already touching the door. "Your someday is probably ten years away."

Eyes narrowed in consideration, Cary looked her over. "Will you go to dinner with me tonight?"

She almost swallowed her tongue at the quick change in subject. "What does that have to do with you and kids?"

There was that small smile again, teasing her senses, melting her heart. "I can't start figuring out when someday will be until I start making headway with you."

Nora dropped back against the door; she needed it for support. "You just want to have sex."

"With you? Damn right." He braced his hands on the door at either side of her head. "Bad."

Somehow, her heart was in her throat, choking off her breath. She stared up at him, and got snared.

"Knowing you've been celibate two years just honed the knife." He kissed her cheekbone beneath the armature of her glasses.

"Knife?" she squeaked.

"The one that cuts me every time I think of lying down with you." His breath warmed her neck, then his mouth was there, damp, gently sucking.

"Oh." She literally panted. Without really considering it, she put her hands up against his chest-and froze at the delightful feel of solid muscles beneath fine linen. She could feel his heartbeat, too-hard, slow, and steady.

"I want you bad enough that it hurts, Nora. Tell me yes."

He kissed his way up to her ear, leaving a damp, molten path behind on her neck. His tongue touched her lobe, prodded just inside, and her knees almost gave out. "Yes."

Grasping her shoulders, Cary lurched back to see her face. "Really?"

Uh-oh. Nora blinked fast, bringing herself back to reality. What had she said? "Ummm ..."

His hold tightened. "No, never mind. I heard it." His grin stretched from ear to ear. "Tonight?"


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Perfect for the Beach 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This anthology was unlike any I'd read before. There are 6 authors, and at first I wasn't certain I'd feel fulfilled. However, it turned out to be a fun book. The stories are quick and if you are like me, sometimes it's nice to take a break from the long, intense romance stories and read something you can finish in one sitting. As a mom, I don't have loads of time to read, so this was a nice change of pace for me. The most exciting stories were Foster's, McCarthy's, and Denison's. Those women know how to write a quick romance and leave you with a feeling of contentment. Fast Fun Stories For The Road!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
These light-hearted short stories were a breath of fresh air. I absolutely loved each of the six sizzling stories. Grab this one before you head to the beach.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A page turner from start to finish~~ Lori Foster brings us the story of Cary Rupert in Some Like it Hot. It sure is a hot story, and just they way we like it. Cary has met his match in Nora and watching the sparks fly is just pure fun. Janelle Denison makes flying so much more fun in One Wilde Weekend. Alex Wilde must convince his girlfriend Dana that he wants more than one wilde weekend, he wants a lifetime of them. Those Wilde men really tug on your heart. Blue Crush by Erin McCarthy starts with something you hope never happens to you, losing your top in the ocean. But hey if it ends the way it does for Sara, ladies let them tops fly. Being 'rescued' by Kyle the lifeguard certainly turns the day around. Mary Janice Davidson brings her wit and style to My Thief. Fast thinking and even faster action makes this tale exciting from start to finish. Hot & Bothered perfectly describes the story by Kayla Perrin. There is plenty of steam to heat you up in this story so you better turn up the a/c. Morgan Leigh takes us to the beach with Murphy's Law. We met Kat & Sam in Wildest Dreams and it was worth waiting for their story. When the summer gets busy I just love reading these short stories and I think you will also.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The title says it all - these six short stories are just right for lazy, carefree days at the shore. Between the sun and scorching tales of seduction, you'll want to be near the water to cool off.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Some Like It Hot' was scorching. I thought Nora was just plain adorable, and who wouldn't want a sexy guy like Cary pursuing her?! I enjoyed how the hero's friends got involved near the end. It added a wonderful mixture of humor to an intense romance. Loved it! Janelle Denison's 'Wilde Weekend' was a wonderful, refreshing story in that the heroine was a bit older and it was already an established romance. I really liked how Janelle didn't create unnecessary, lame conflict but rather had the h/h deal with their feelings upfront, which made it more rewarding. Plus, it was another story about those sexy Wilde men, and who doesn't enjoy them?! If ever I'm at the beach and suffer from a similar dilemma, I hope that a hottie lifeguard like Kyle is there to rescue me! ;) Very hot, and Sara was a very lucky woman. Plus, smart is very sexy. 'Blue Crush' was a decadent, wonderful treat, and perfect for the beach. 'My Thief' was funny and romantic and charming - and of course hot! - and reinforces my admiration of Mary Janice Davidson's writing. Robin was a firecracker, and Johnny Crusher held up admirably from their first encounter. And I can't forget to mention Uncle Rich - what a hoot! 'Hot and Bothered' was the first story by Kayla Perrin I've read, but it won't be my last. I really liked Trey from the first moment I 'met' him, and I thought Jenna was a sensitive, lovely woman with a passionate heart that truly belonged to Trey. Their story was sexy and sweet, and I breathed a sigh of happiness at their HEA. I hope Ruby gets her own story! I forgot how much I wanted to read about Kat & Sam, secondary characters from the Wild Dreams anthology, until I started reading their story. Wow, Sam was devastating (in a sexy, intense way, of course), and I felt for Kat as a caring woman who didn't want to cause the man she loved emotional pain. 'Murphy's Law' was a little bittersweet, but that enhanced their romance, and I was eagerly anticipating the moment they would finally give into their feelings. It was well worth it. I loved this anthology, and each story was a gem.
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿Some Like It Hot¿ by Lori Foster. Though sex with her would be ecstasy, Dr. Cary Rupert knows that he loves nurse Nora Chilton. However, Nora refuses to go out with him as she seeks a forever love. Cary wants that position.

¿One Wilde Weekend¿ by Janelle Denison. Alex Wilde loves Dana Reed. Though they exclusively date, she does not trust him with her heart. He wants Dana to marry him so he plans a weekend getaway.

¿Blue Crush¿ by Erin McCarthy. At the beach, Dr. Sara Davis loses her bikini top as Tropical Storm Bonnie hits. Lifeguard Kyle Vanderhoff rescues her and the mouth to mouth is terrific. However, both wonder about the aftermath.

¿My Thief¿ by Mary Janice Davidson. To avoid hotel detectives, thief Robin grabs accountant John Crusher in his room and starts kissing and stripping him. However, once security leaves, John wants to insure Robin is not gone too.

¿Hot and Bothered¿ by Kayla Perrin. Jenna Arnold returns to Florida to get her spouse Trey to sign their separation paper. Now that he has her on his surf, Trey plans his campaign to keep Jenna as his wife forever.

¿Murphy's Law¿ by Morgan Leigh. After quitting her job due to unrequited love of her boss Sam Parrish, a sad Kat Murphy goes to the beach. Sam follows her because he feels the same way.

These six heated well-written tales live up to the title, as this anthology is PERFECT FOR THE BEACH.

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a collection of six short stories by different authors. Before reading this book, my first thought was that the short length of each story would disappoint me. Boy, was I wrong! I loved each and every one of these stories. Some of them made me laugh out loud, like Erin McCarthy¿s BLUE CRUSH, which is one of my favorites in this anthology. Other stories, like Lori Foster¿s SOME LIKE IT HOT, had the perfect mix of sensual love scenes, emotions and very likable characters. Mary Janice Davidson¿s story, MY THEIF, had her trademark quirky, offbeat characters that you can¿t help but fall in love with. Kayla Perrin¿s story, HOT AND BOTHERED was a wonderfully heartwarming story that reunited two characters that had never stopped loving each other. Janelle Denison¿s story, ONE WILDE WEEKEND, adds new meaning to the mile-high club! What a hot and sensual story with wonderful characters. I highly recommend reading Morgan Leigh¿s story, MURPHY¿S LAW. I fell in love with the hero from this story. There is something for everyone in this anthology. It would be hard for me to pick just one favorite out of all six stories, but I guarantee you won¿t be disappointed with this collection of fun, steamy and heartwarming love stories that are all perfect!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this book you get six wonderful stories! Lori Foster's Some Like It Hot-Cary Rupert and Nora Chilton heat things up nicely.Cary has been in love with Nora for months,but has been repeatedly been turned down when it comes to getting a date with her.Nora wants a permanent relationship and doesn't think thats what Cary has in mind.Now Cary finally gets what he wants,Nora and that permanent relationship. Janell Denison's One Wilde Weekend-It's Alex Wilde and Dana Reed's story.Another of those wonderful Wilde men! Alex plans a weekend getaway to convince Dana they have a future together,and boy does he do some convincing! Erin McCarthy's Blue Crush- Sara just wanted to be known for once as Sexy Sara instaed of Serious Sara.She goes to the beach and takes a swim where she ends up getting pulled way out in the water by stongs winds,and gets pulled back in by Kyle,minus her bikini top. Kyle who is head lifeguard spots her and dives in for the rescue.They take refuge in the lifeguard hut to wait out the storm and try to ignore their attraction to eachother.When they eventually give in...Yowza! MaryJanice Davidson gives us lots of heat and laughter in My Thief.John Crusher is an accountant in town for a convention,Robin Filkins is the thief who jumps him in his hotel room,add in meddleing Robin's Uncle Rich and you end up with a very fun and sexy romp. Kayla Perrin's-Hot and Bothered,Trey Arnold is not going to let Jenna Maxwell walk out of his life forever.Jenna left their spur of the moment marriage after a huge argument,now she's back to get Trey's signature on a separation agreement to make it final.With the help of Jenna's friend Ruby,Trey takes a passed out Jenna home so he can convince her their marriage shouldn't be ended. Morgan Leigh's Murphy's Law gives us Kat Murphy and Sam Parrish's story.Kat has secretly been in love with Sam(her boss) from the start.Kat won't let Sam know her true feelings since he lost his wife in a car crash 2 yrs.ago and she's afraid he'll tell Kat his wife was his one and only love.After quitting her job,Kat heads for the beach house of a friend(Jonah). Sam tracks her down,and thanks to her best friend Camelot he now knows Kat's feelings and he's got plans of his own.And man,what plans! % of these authors are autobuys for me,now I can add Kayla Perrin to that list.This is one for the keeper shelf!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a fun book with feel-good novellas by some great authors. Lori Foster's Some Like It Hot has Dr. Cary Rupert trying to prove to Nora Chilton that he is the perfect man for her. Nora is reluctant to enter into a relationship since being widowed. Cary is most convincing of how the two of them are perfect for each other. In One Wilde Weekend, Janelle Denison brings us yet another Wilde family member, Alex Wilde, who wants a permanent commitment from girlfriend Dana Reed. A hot read in which Dana discovers the lengths Alex will go to in order to convince her of his love. Blue Crush by Erin McCarthy has Dr. Sara Davis topless in the surf, only to be saved by lifeguard Kyle Vanderhoff. These two are instantly attracted to each other in a steamy read. My first story by MaryJanice Davidson was My Thief, a fun tale about thief Robin Filkins and responsible accountant John Crusher. These two are brought together under unusual circumstances and with lots of humor; in the process they fall in love. I will be looking for more books by Ms. Davidson. Another first for me was author Kayla Perrin whose Hot and Bothered has Trey Arnold trying to save his marriage to estranged wife Jenna Maxwell. Jenna is hesitant to try again with Trey, but he is very willing to please! Morgan Leigh wraps up the book with Murphy's Law. Kat Murphy is in love with her boss, Sam Parrish, and quits her job after deciding that he will never get over his deceased wife. Sam will do whatever it takes to prove to Kat that he wants her in his life permanently. This was a very enjoyable book by some of my favorite authors and two that were new to me. My only complaint would be that the stories weren't long enough - I wasn't ready for any of them to end. Great reading for the beach or anywhere - wonderful job, ladies!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is great! I got to read stories by my favorite authors. It also gave me a chance to read 2 new authors that I thought their stories were wonderful and will buy them again. I love anything that Lori, Janelle, Erin and Morgan writes. When you read their books, you are there with the characters. 'Some Like It Hot' is another great story of from Lori. I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold and the way Carey did not give up on his love for Nora. In Janelle Denison's 'One Wilde Weekend', we get to read Alex Wilde's story. Alex and Dana go away on a weekend vacation and Alex wants to convince Dana to take the next step in their relationship. I loved reading how Sara and Kyle met in Erin's 'Blue Crush'. This story has one funny thing after another happening to her hero and heroine. I have not read anything before by MaryJanice Davidson or Kayla Perrin, but I will now. In 'My Thief' by MaryJanice Davidson we get to meet John, a law-abiding citizen, minding his own business when he was dragged into his own hotel room by Robin, whom is being hunted for by hotel security. It was fun to watch the story unfold. In 'Hot and Bothered' by Kayla Perrin, I enjoyed reading what lengths Trey goes through to get his wife back. 'Murphy's Law' by Morgan Leigh was great. Sam follows Kat to the beach after she quits working for him. The sparks fly between these two as they work out their relationship.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Perfect For The Beach has it all, it makes you wish for a hot summer day on the beach and some romance to enjoy. Some Like It Hot by Lori Foster has Dr. Cary Rupert making his move on nurse Nora Chilton. Nora has worked for fellow Dr and friend Axel Dean for almost a year. Cary overhears Nora¿s reasons for not dating him and this gives him a plan to win her. Some like it hot has everything you look for in a Foster book, passion, family, friends and laughter. One Wilde Weekend brings another member of the infamous Wilde family by Janelle Denison. Alex Wilde takes his girlfriend of a year, Dana Reed away for the weekend. Alex is ready for a commitment but needs to find out what is holding Dana back. This Wilde tale makes you want for more. Erin McCarthy¿s Blue Crush has Dr. Sara Davis looking to change her save image with a day at the beach. She doesn¿t plan on losing her bikini top in the surf and being rescued by hunky lifeguard Kyle Vanderhoff. Their attraction to each other is off the charts and their conversations will make you laugh and blush. This story is another great book to treasure. My Thief by MaryJanice Davidson has John Crusher meeting the most unusual woman in his hotel room. Robin Filkins has been playing a game of cat and mouse with her uncle for years. But now she is the one who gets caught by sexy John. Robin is a very unconventional heroine but MaryJanice pulls it off with laughter and steam. Kayla Perrin has Trey Arnold and his estranged wife Jenna Maxwell in Hot and Bothered. They met and married quickly a few years ago. Jenna was scared and ran back home. Now she wants a divorce but Trey won¿t let her go until they met face to face. Once he gets her back on his turf all bets are off. Murphy¿s Law by Morgan Leigh is another fun, sexy story. Kate Murphy quits her job and goes to think about her life at a friend¿s beach house. The only problem is her boss Sam Parrish has followed her. The same boss she has a major crush on. Sam sets out to convince Kate that they belong together. Kate is a sassy woman and has met her match in Sam. Morgan Leigh brings out all the works to make this story grab your heart and your funny bone.
Guest More than 1 year ago
....that's what this anthology is. From Ms. Foster's smitten doctor to Ms. Leigh's smitten legal assistant, you'll be charmed by how well these authors draw you into the lives of the heros and heroines. Just like in real life, you'll experience laughter, heartache and joy. This book is a must read for everybody. It truly is Perfect for the Beach, or anywhere.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lori Foster's 'Some Like It Hot' shows us how Dr. Cary Rupert lets Nora Chilton know that he's the one man she's been looking for. 'One Wilde Weekend' by Janelle Denison gives us another one of those 'Wilde' boys. Alex wants Dana Reed forever and isn't afraid to show her how much. Erin McCarthy's 'Blue Crush' has Dr. Sara Davis looking to have some fun in a tiny red bikini. The fun starts when she 'rescued' by Kyle, the lifeguard. Mary Janice Davidson give us one of the yummiest accountants in 'My Thief' to go along with one of the most unusual heroines I've had the pleasure of reading about. 'Hot and Bothered' was the first I've read of Kayla Perrin and it won't be the last. She gives us two very different people, each determined to get their own way. 'Murphy's Law' by Morgan Leigh has Kat Murphy quitting her job and heading for the beach for a very good reason, only to discover that ........ Well, you have to read it to find out!! Kudos ladies for writing stories that are 'perfect for the beach' or absolutely anywhere. This one is a definite 'keeper'!!!