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Perfect Phrases for Business Letters

Perfect Phrases for Business Letters

4.4 12
by Ken O'Quinn

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Whether it’s writing a proposal, motivating employees, or reaching out to customers, the Perfect Phrases series has the tools you need for precise, effective communication. Distilling complex ideas into specific phrases that diplomatically and honestly depict the concepts at hand, this invaluable series provides:

  • The best techniques to


Whether it’s writing a proposal, motivating employees, or reaching out to customers, the Perfect Phrases series has the tools you need for precise, effective communication. Distilling complex ideas into specific phrases that diplomatically and honestly depict the concepts at hand, this invaluable series provides:

  • The best techniques to communicate messages and goals in business letters and proposals
  • Tips for bringing out the best in every employee in every business
  • Dialogues and scripts to practice interactions with customers or employees— tailorable to any industry or company culture
  • Phrases for each step of the sales process

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Perfect Phrases Series
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Meet the Author

Ken O'Quinn is principal of Writing with Clarity. A professional writing coach, he conducts workshops for corporate and global public relations firms.

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Perfect Phrases for Business Letters: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Writing Effective Business Letters, Memos, E-Mail, and More 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I took heavy breaths as I stepped through the forest. The twigs were snapping under my feet. I saw mice and voles on the ground. As I was looking at the voles I tripped over a branch and crashed. See part two at warriors result two.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pretty good, pretty helpful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But i hate hohofelina
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Icekit jumped out of the warm nursery into the cold leaf-bare ashe face-planted her face into the cold blanket of snow. Breezekit and Antkit, her littermates, padded next to her. Icekit bolted straight up, eyes wide in shock. "Cold! Cold!" She shcreeched. Antkit fell over, laughing while the crystal snow covers part of his black-and-brown pelt. Breezekit chuckled, but didn't mimicked the moves Antkit did. Icekit narrowed his fiery amber eyes at Antkit. "It's not funny!" She growled. "Acourse it is!" Antkit giggled. "You were so ready and...and...you fell over and your face went in the snow..." he lost his words in laughter. "Antkit. It's not that funny." Breezekit's cold mew made Antkit pricked his ears, but he continued rolling in the snow. "Antkit! Breezekit! Icekit!" Mossflower's worry mew ecgoed. "Coming!" Breezekit called back to his mother. "Come on Icekit!" Antkit licked his sister's muzzle. Icekit followed Antkit and Breezekit inside the nursery, where their mother, Mossflower, is in a comfortable nest. "It's nearly moonhigh. You should go to sleep." She soothed them. "But I don't want to go to sleep!" Antkit's frustrated mew woke up Foxkit and Thistlekit, who were just born two moons ago, and wailed. Dawnflight, the mother of Foxkit and Thistlekit, sht up staight, looking around in confudion and wonder. "Hush!" Mossflower scolded Antkit and batted his ear with her tail. "Ow!" Antkit whined. "Oh, apprentices don't act like that!" Icekit reminded him. "You aren't apprentices yet." Mossflower meowed stenrly as her kits wiggled next to her stomach. --------- "Icekit!" Antkit jammed his paws on Icekit's muzzle. "What?!" She whisered as she looked outside sleeply beyond Antkit. It was nearly dawn, although there wasn't anyone out there. Breezekit was already staring out in the entrance, his fur standing on end. "Let's go!" Antkit locked his small teeth on Icekit's muzzle and hauled her up from the nest and next to the entrance. "Let's explore beyond camp!" Antkit finally told them. "Yeah!" Breezekit agreed. Icekit rolled her eyes, but she smiled when she was doing that. "Let's go!" Antkit padded out of the nursery, with Breezekit and Icekit behind him. ---------- Icekit's fur stood on end and closes her eyes tightly to make sure that no snowflake caught her eyes. Antkit butted his head on Icekit's shoulder. "Come on!" He urged. "It's great, isn't it?" Breezekit told his sister but something else startled them. Three tall shadows roam the blanket of snow in front of Icekit as she heard unfamiliar voices. "Twolegs!" Antkit gasped loudly. One of the shadows jumped up and raced towards Icekit and her littermates, holding a small rectangular box with metal bars in front of it. "Run!" Icekit ordered her littermates. But Antkit was already being carried up by a pink, hairless paw from the twoleg. The twoleg gently put Antkit in the box and closes it with the metal bars and the twoleg called out to the other twolegs. The two twolegs with one box in each paw as one of them reaches for Breezekit. "No!! Breezekit!" Icekit cried out. The twoleg put Breezekit in the box and the metal bars closes his excape. Icekit looked at him eyes wide before a paw grabbed her. Icekit spatted in fury and terror as the twoleg puts her in the box. Metal bars closes her sight. "Breezekit! Antkit!" Icekit called out scared. No one didn't reply but the sudden twoleg voices. Icekit shivered. "What going to happen to me now?" OF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE MORE, TELL ME!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I sat frightened, was this really the choice I wanted? I shook my head to clear the second thoughts. I pushed further the night hiding me. Concealed as always was my dagger, it's weight my only companion. Rosa said don't walk out, but I had. Now, I was prepared to show them I was ready. With a click of my tongue I set off to a fast run. Trails of frozen air hung around me. I stopped quickly looking t the man before me, he grabbed a slender wrist roughly and smelt my neck. 'Hold still' I told myself. "Mortal, you come why?" He snapped his deep voice thundering. "My name is Liata, I come for the Change." I replied steadily. The Change, the one thing I had fought, fought until I realized it was impossible to win. His colorless eyes widned in surprised but he ushered me in. -- A short while later I found myself bowing to Mulka, his snow white fang glistened wettly. I controled my breathing as he pulled me to my feet. "Ms. Keri you wish the Change I have heard." He aed calmly hi icy blue eyes studying me. I nodded, "Yes." He nodded slowly. "Long over time my dear." The term of endearment had me shudder. He waved a hand at the guard before leading me to a small chamber. The soft glow of a candle flickered eerily. He sat on a black couch drawing me onto his lap. I tensed naturally, some instincts still urging me to kill. He glanced at my thigh before removing my dagger. "An old enemy now voluntarly becoming a child of the Night. How strange." He touched my cheek tracing down to my artery. He held it there feeling my pulse. It drifted to my collarbone causing me to shift in annoyence. "Yes, and attempting to suduce me may only suceed in you with a take through you heart." I growled. He chuckled and kissed me lightly a triumphent gleam in his eyes. "You are at MY mercy love." He lowered his head teeth sinking into my neck as I screamed. -- I woke later as Mulka sat next to me smiling. "Welcome to the darkness Love."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read it at ghost town result one under the title 'Rainbow Dash(we should have a scary story contest)'.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Preface- this story is a prequel to SeaShanty's Trials. Originally published as "It Runs In The Family", this story introduces you to SeaShanty's mother (Oceanpaw) as a young shecat, and shows everyone that trouble runs in the family. Ps, SeaSpray is SeaShanty's father. As the sun rose, so did Oceanpaw and her sister, Misttail, nicknamed Misty. "Wake up, Misty!" shouted Oceanpaw, pouncing on her drowsy sister. Misty yawned grouchily and curled up tighter. Sighing, Oceanpaw padded away, calling out over her shoulder, "Tell Mama I've gone to the shore." Being a Waterclan cat, Oceanpaw had been around the ocean her whole life, and loved it. She adored the feeling of the wind in her chestnut colored fur and the way the salt of the ocean stung her turquoise eyes. However, her small size made the ocean dangerous for her. Currents could pull her out as if she weighed nothing. Even so, she was overly confident and padded towards the waves. The waves were just lapping the middle of her legs when she began to get pulled out to sea. Within seconds the water was up to her neck. "Helppppp!!!" she cried over and over again. But it was pointless. The other Waterclan cats were sleeping. Just as she was closing her eyes to accept fate, strong paws grasped her. Her breathless body was dragged along as another cat swam to the sand. Once they arrived at the shore, Oceanpaw looked at her rescuer. She knew this cat. His name was Seaspray, and he was a fellow Waterclan cat. "Are you okay?" he asked tenderly. "I'm fine," said Oceanpaw briskly, unable to admit defeat. Together, the cats walked back toward camp. The next morning they again met at the beach unexpectedly. From that day on, they saw eachother every morning. One day, Oceanpaw realized she loved him. But when she told him, he wasn't happy. "No, Oceanpaw, dont say that!" he said, turning away. "I love you too, you know I do, but I....I'm not from Waterclan!!! I'm from Fireclan. I was sent here to spy. Thats why I can't love you. I have a mate, and a family back at Fireclan. I'm...sorry." he said. Then he ran off. Oceanpaw watched him go. "Oh...I forgot to tell you...I'm going to have your kits." she whispered to the sand. "But I guess you can't love them, either."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Porlogue- I grew up with three bros and one sis. I was the smartest n more mature. But that all changed when one day a assin came. The story- "talon!" I barked. My brother was pinning me down. "Get off!" I demanded. He snickered and shook his head. My other brother, flash, ten tackled him. "Fight me instead" aske flash. Talon then beg nipping at him. They began fighting when mum came in. "Boys" scoulded piper. They stopped and whinned. "Were sorry mum" they pleaded. She sook her head and truned to my sister, amber. My sis was curled up and shaking, she hated fighting. Mum licked her gently. Amber got up and wgged er tail. My brother stone then appeared. He was panting. "Mother i have terrible news!" He barked. Mum cocked her head. A loud explosion thn came from outside. "Were under attack!" He howled. We all got up. "We must hide amber" my mum ordered. "You and your broters must fight" she demanded. We nodded. We then stepped outside. Thousands of cts were fighting all of ar wolves. We all gasped. Talon took a step forward. "Today we shall fight like wolves!" He howled. He and falsh then charged and took out 20 cats. While me and stone stood there. "I have a plan" he said. "But we have to talk else where." He then took my paw and we telaported to a cave. "Ok thy are fighting on the plain" he behan. I nodded. "So if we light it on fire we would win" he finished. I nodded again. Our had pelts that were fire proof. We telaported back and saw amber's dead body. "No!!!!" I wailed. My brothers then joined me. "Mums gonna kill us" said flash. Talon growled at him. We then sobbed. Another army of vats then burst out. "Quick talon! Lite the field on fire!" I ordered. He nodded. The field was then set ablaze. The cats began to shriek. "No!" They yowled. As the bodies burned mum steped out of the flames. She gasped at her daughters dead body. "Not my litle amber!" She cried. She then collapsed. Tears flowing. Claw shook his head. He then raised his head up. "We shall howl in her honor" I said calmly. We then join in together in howling. "Oh amber may lupus guide you with all his might . Through the starry night. May he help you up the ladder. Make you less sadder. May you be with our ancestors. And may all live in peace. Go to the cave of souls. And make your life hole. Go to the light. On this night" we sang. I began to cry and stopped. I curled up with my mum. My brothers then soon joined me. The next morning we took ambers body down to the river. Flash dug a hole under an oak tree. We gently placed he body there. Talon then covered her up. Stone made a shrine of bones to honor her. We then sat th sorrow at her grave. I teared up. While my brothers tried to keep a straight face. My mum whimpered and whinned. 'If only da was here' I thought to myself. He had vanished for over 4 moons now. I sighed. I then pad to the den with my family. We curled up together and slept. I ha dreams though. Da was there. He was defending us like always. His brown fur swaying. Ah the good old days. But then the dream changed. I was in a dark forest. Infront of me was a ghostly figure. It was amber. "Prepare for the future" she gasped. "Prepare yourself become stronger" she begged. I then awoke. I thought for a moment. "I must become stronger" i exclaimed. "And wiser!" I howled. "So in the future I will be better" I declared. With amber wathing over us. I knew w would b safe. I would train. To maybe become a great cheiftan. Of a bold soldier. Or a wise wolf. Who knew
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Strange Kit by Silverleaf ~~~~~~~~~ "One shekit," Softfeather said to Mareleaf. Mareleaf lifted her head to see her new daughter. "Congratulations," Firestorm whispered softly to his mate. The little kit melwed for milk and started to suckle. "What should we name her?" Mareleaf asked Firestorm. At that moment, a shaft of light shines through the roof of the den and onto the kit, making her bluish grey fur look rainbow. "How about Rainbowkit?" Firestorm asks. "Yes its perfect," Mareleaf whispers, looking at her daughter with admiration in her eyes. ••••••••• "From this day on until you earn your warrior name you shall be known as Rainbowpaw. Lightningdust will be your mentor," Flutterstar exclaims. Rainbowpaw walks up to Lightningdust and touches noses with her as the clan shouts, "Rainbowpaw! Rainbowpaw!" "When can we start training?" Rainbowpaw asks, her wings flapping up and down in excitement. "We can go out right now whenever your ready," Lightningdust responds. They walk out of camp, Rainbowpaw bouncing up and down with excitement. Lightningdust takes her to the training hollow. "Alright," she says, "the first thing you should know about hunting. What do you think it is?" "Keep quiet so the prey doesn't hear you?" Rainbowkit quiers. "Very good!" Lightningdust exclaims. "Now just because you have wings doesn't mean you ca-" she breaks off suddenly as she hears a loud growl comming from the bushes. ••••••••••••• Im probably gonna write more if i win. Hope you liked!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stop trying to kill my mate its impossible for a cat to give birth to a human if u dont stop i will me a story of ur mate dying so...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Oh my god! It's not a kit! What the he<3>ll is that thing?" "She's losing a lot of blood! We need more hands!" "Starclan help us! It's a twoleg child!" Riversong sprang to attention. She had heard the cries already, but was unable to do anything about it in her pinned down state. She had been warned that this was not going to be an easy pregnancy when she felt kicks in her womb, but she had thought nothing of it. This last comment, however, was enough to send her over the edge. She kicked and screamed and clawed her way out of the arms of the strong cats restraining her. She yelled, "Oh my god! But that's impossible!" For it was, indeed, a human child. Covered in blood and uterus fluids, and having the squishy, soft, hairless skin that a twoleg has, it was quite obvious that it didn't fit in. His skin was a sickly green from the lack of nutrients only a human mother could provide him. Suddenly, she was jerked back down to a lying position by the medcat. She remained there, partly out of weakness and partly because she simply did not want to see this hideous monstrosity she had given birth to. She looked over into the loving eyes of her mate, Enderfur. He was crying. He said, "Hey, honey. I would ask how it was going, but it's pretty obvious the answer is pretty da<3>mn poorly." He gave a half-hearted chuckle. She looked him in the eyes, her fuly of regret mingling with despair. She trembled. "Your not the real-" He interupts her. "Father? I know." He turns his face, crestfallen. Riversong had known he wasn't the father from the start. But, thinking about it now, she could not remember who had been the one to impregnate her.. All she could remember was that it was something important, something deadly. Suddenly, there was a scream from the medcat's apprentice as Riversong's stomach exploded from a buildup of blood. Riversong herself only managed a meek mew before her vision turned white, and then went dark. For her, all was silent. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That's the end for now, folks! I will be continuing this story at HUMAN ALL RESULTS, if all goes well. I hope this story cos across as well-written and entertaining. I'm sorry to leave you at a cliffhanger, but I have to end this prologue somewhere. So, stay tuned!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Born yesterday two moon years ago Libertyshine gave birth to three kits. Libertyshine licked them until they shined. Luckyleaf,come look at our kits. Said Libertyshine. I walked over to her. I am a father. I said. What shall we name them? Asked Libertyshine. The black hekit with brown eyes will be named Glintkit. I said. The brown hekit with green eyes will be named Pouncekit. Said Libertyshine. The white shekit with blue eyes will be named Freedomkit because she will want to be free. I said. Well... something seems to be wrong with her. Said Libertyshine. I will get Spiritstar. I said. No need. I am here. I heard what was going on. What is the problem? Asked Spiritstar. Umm... said Libertyshine. That is Glintkit. I said pointing to the hekit that is black with brown eyes. He will make a fine warrior someday. Said Spiritstar. Thanks. The brown hekit with green eyes is Pouncekit. I said. He will make a fine leader someday. Said Spiritstar. Thanks. The white shekit with blue eyes is Freedomkit. I said. She will make a good appertience someday. Said Spiritstar. Thanks. The problem is that Libertyshine and I think something is wrong with her. I said. No need to worry when you are in spiritclan. Said Spiritstar. Can you call the medicine cat over? Asked Libertyshine. Sure. Dewdropbell. Called Spiritstar. Dewdropbell ran over to Spiritstar. What is the matter? Asked Dewdropbell. Freedomkit,the white shekit with blue eyes,has a problem. Said Spiritstar. I will take Freedomkit to the medicine cat den. Said Dewdropbell. I will come too. I said. So together Dewdropbell and i walked side by side while Freedomkit was being carried by me. When they reached the medicine cat den Dewdropbell and I walked in. Freedomkit still in my mouth. I put Freedomkit down on the oak tree exzamination table. Dewdropbell listned to Freedomkit's heart. Her heart beats okay. It is three thuds then a ten second pause then the pattern starts all over again. She was born with a tiny heart. It could be serious. Said Dewdropbell. Does she need medicine? I asked. Yes. Said Dewdropbell. What does she need to take? I asked. She needs to take medicine that is called: mint tea leaf wraps. Her heart will not grow bigger. Make sure she takes the medicine until her heart beats like yours. Said Dewdropbell. Thank you. I said. Your welcome. Said Dewdropbell. Then i put Freedomkit on my back,picked up the medicine,and left. The weeks and months past. Yesterday one moon year ago she and her brothers turned one year old. Today one moon year ago all the kits,excpet for Pouncekit and Glintkit,teased Freedomkit because she was born with a tiny heart. Tiny heart kit. Said Lilackit. Stop it. Said Glintkit defending his sister. If Freedomkit has a tiny heart she must have a tiny brain. Said Speedykit. Cut it out. Said Pouncekit. Bigger hearts are winners the kit with a tiny heart is a loser. Said Lightkit. Lightkit,Speedykit,&Lilackit go now. I sais. The three kits ran off. Freedom kit wept. They hate me. She sobbed. You may never make friends. Said Glintkit. You always have family as friends. Said Pouncekit. You can put your heart to anything you want. Trust yourself. I said. No matter how big or small your heart is you will have the courage to stand up to bullies. Said Glintkit. Today i followed Freedomkit. She ran into a bully and the bully's group of friends. We are sorry. Said everyone.Wanna play? Asked Freedomkit. Sure. The others said. You can put your heart to anything you want to.