Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices 2009

Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices 2009


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Reviewer: Josie Martin Bowman, RN, MSN, PhD (East Carolina University )
Description: This is an update of a publication setting out the "approved standards and guidelines, guidance statements and recommended practices and reflects the perioperative nurse's scope of responsibilities."
Purpose: The purpose is to present the published standards of nursing practice of the American Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN). The standards incorporate the American Nurses Association (ANA) standards and the ANA code of ethics. For nurses working in the perioperative area, these standards are critical to quality practice.
Audience: Practicing nurses in the perioperative area are the intended audience. This book also is a good reference for students assigned to the perioperative area. The standards were developed using references to support the information.
Features: The 2009 publication presents the information in four sections, a departure from the previous edition. The four sections include standards of perioperative nursing practice, AORN guidelines and guidance statements, recommended practices, and additional resources. The standards cover areas such as bariatric surgery, latex precautions, malignant hyperthermia, mass casualty, aseptic surgery, equipment, and patient safety. Tables are used to highlight specific areas.
Assessment: This is a necessary publication for nurses in the perioperative area. It is useful as a reference for those studying perioperative nursing or observing in the operating room.

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