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Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age, of Mary Somerville

Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age, of Mary Somerville

by Mary Somerville

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Nicht-exklusives Verkaufsrecht für: Gesamte Welt.


Nicht-exklusives Verkaufsrecht für: Gesamte Welt.

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CHAPTER III. EDINBURGH YOUTHFUL STUDIES AND AMUSEMENTSPOLITICSTHE THEATRES OF THE TIME. [My mother's next visit was to the house of her uncle, William Charters, in Edinburgh. From thence she was enabled to partake of the advantages of a dancing-school of the period. They sent me to Strange's dancing school. Strange himself was exactly like a figure on the stage ; tall and thin, he wore a powdered wig, with cannons at the ears, and a pigtail. Ruffles at the breast and wrists, white waistcoat, black silk or velvet shorts, white silk stockings, large silver buckles, and a pale blue coat completed his costume. He had a little fiddle on which he played, called a kit. My first lesson was how to walk and make a curtsey. "Young lady, if you visit the queen you must make three curtsies, lower and lower and lower as you approach her. Sooo," leading me on and making me curtsey. " Now, if the queen were to ask you to eat a bit of mutton with her, what would you say ? "Every Saturday afternoon all the scholars, both boys and girls, met to practise in the public assembly rooms in George's Street. It was a handsome large hall with benches rising like an amphitheatre. Some of the elder girls were very pretty, and danced well, so these practisiugs became a lounge for officers from the Castle, and other young men. We used always to go in full evening dress. We learnt the minuet de la cour, reels and country dances. Our partners used to give us gingerbread and oranges. Dancing before so many people was quite an exhibition, and I was greatly mortified one day when ready to begin a minuet, by the dancing- master shaking me roughly and making me hold out my frock properly. Though kind in the main, myuncle and his wife were rather sarcastic and severe, and kept me down a good deal, whi...

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