Perspectives on African Americans

Perspectives on African Americans

by Walter G. Secada

ISBN-10: 0873534611

ISBN-13: 9780873534611

Pub. Date: 06/28/2000

Publisher: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Publication date:
Changing the Faces of Mathematics Series
Edition description:
New Edition
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8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Focus on Research Related to Teaching and Learning
1.Confronting Beliefs and Stereotypes That Impede the Mathematical Empowerment of African American Students7
2.Teacher Expectations and Their Effects on African American Students' Success in Mathematics15
3.Reaching All Students Mathematically through Questioning21
4.A High Level of Challenge in a Collaborative Setting: Enhancing the Chance of Success for African American Students in Mathematics33
5.African American Students' Success with School Mathematics51
6.Race Consciousness, Identity, and Affect in Learning Mathematics: The Case of Four African American Prospective Teachers61
Part 2Focus on Instructional and Curricular Modifications Aimed at African American Students
7.The Use of "Call and Response" Pedagogy to Reinforce Mathematics Concepts and Skills Taught to African American Kindergartners73
8.Lessons Learned from the "Five Men Crew": Teaching Culturally Relevant Mathematics81
9.Teaching Mathematics to the Least Academically Prepared African American Students89
10.African American Students Conduct Mathematical Research97
11.Culturally Relevant Mathematics Teaching at the Secondary School Level: Problematic Features and a Model for Implementation107
12.STEP: An Enrichment Model for African American High School Students123
Part 3Focus on Specific Methodologies
13.Fostering Multicultural Connections in Mathematics through Media135
14.Using Flags to Teach Mathematics Concepts and Skills151
15.African Networks and African American Students157
Part 4Focus on Future Mathematicians and Mathematics Educators
16.Struggling toward Diversity in Graduate Education: A Reflective Exercise169
17.Changing the Faces of Mathematics Ph.D.'s: What We Are Learning at the University of Maryland179
18.Developing Future Mathematicians193

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