Perspectives on Higgs Physics II / Edition 2

Perspectives on Higgs Physics II / Edition 2

by G. L. Kane

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview
1What Can Precision Electroweak Data Tell Us About Electroweak Symmetry Breaking?1
2Higgs Boson Masses and Couplings in the Minimal Supersymmetric Model23
3The Standard Model Intermediate Mass Higgs Boson68
4Searching for Higgs Bosons at LEP 1 and LEP 2104
5Discovering a Light Mass Higgs Boson at the Tevatron Collider131
6Constraints on the Higgs Boson Properties from the Effective Potential148
7What Is the Mass of the Lightest Supersymmetric Higgs Boson?181
8Electroweak Breaking in Supersymmetric Models208
9Detecting and Studying Higgs Bosons255
10Electroweak Baryogenesis and Higgs Physics320
11Addressing the Mysterious with the Obscure - CP Violation via Higgs Dynamics359
12Why I Would Be Very Sad If a Higgs Boson Were Discovered383
13Topcolor Assisted Technicolor389
14Proposals for Studying TeV [actual symbol not reproducible] Interactions Experimentally407
15Strong WW Scattering at the SSC and LHC428

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