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Perspectives on Nonviolence / Edition 1

Perspectives on Nonviolence / Edition 1

by V.K. Kool

ISBN-10: 0387970967

ISBN-13: 9780387970967

Pub. Date: 11/22/1989

Publisher: Springer New York

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Springer New York
Publication date:
Recent Research in Psychology Series
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.03(d)

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Table of Contents

Section I—Keynote Address.- 1. The Role of Organized Nonviolence in Achieving Stable Peace.- Section II—Psychological and Sociological Perspectives.- 2. Explorations in the Nonviolent Personality.- 3. T.A.T. Responses of Some Nonviolent Individuals.- 4. Attributions of Cause, Responsibility and Blame Among Violent and Nonviolent Individuals.- 5. Nonviolence, Attribution of Intentionality and Dogmatism.- 6. Power, Personality, and the Dialectics of Nonviolence.- 7. Mohandas K. Gandhi: Nonviolence, Principles, and the Chamber-Pots.- 8. Dimensions of Moral Development Among Nonviolent Individuals.- 9. Psychology Ought to Honor the Paradoxical: The Power of Weakness.- 10. Toward a Methodology for Nonviolence.- 11. The Nuclear Age Persona: From Coping to Nonviolent Change.- 12. Evaluation Research of Nonviolent Action.- 13. “Killing the Messenger”: Public Perceptions of Nonviolent Protest.- Section III—Philosophical Perspective.- 14. Nonviolence as New Science.- 15. Seven Forms of Nonviolence for Peace Research: A Conceptual Framework.- 16. The Limits of Nonviolence.- 17. The Paradoxes of Violence, Moral Violence, and Nonviolence.- 18. Ecological Nonviolence and the Hindu Tradition.- 19. Opposition to Violence: A Jewish Perspective.- 20. A Comparison of the Ethical Principles of Selected Old Testament Prophets and Gandhi.- Section IV—Social Work Perspective.- 21. Social Work Values, Nonviolence, Peace and Development.- 22. Toward a Nonviolent Reconceptualization of Intergenerational Conflict.- 23. Material Simplicity and Nonviolence.- 24. A New Way of Thinking: The Essentials of Nonviolent Living.- 25. The Idea of a Center for Global Nonviolence.- 26. Alternatives to Violence: An Educational Approach.- 27. Peace Education—A Response to Violence in Detroit.- Section V—Political and Historical Perspectives.- 28. Transnational Citizen Cooperation as Nonviolent Action.- 29. Nonviolence and International Relations: A Conceptual Analysis of Power from Scholarship in Nonviolent Action.- 30. The History of Nineteenth-Century American Peace Reform Press: Some Research and Directions.- Author Index.

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