Perspectives on Solvable Models

Perspectives on Solvable Models

by Vladimir Rittenberg

ISBN-10: 981022107X

ISBN-13: 9789810221072

Pub. Date: 01/28/1994

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Exact Steady States of Asymmetric Diffusion and Two-Species Annihilation with Back Reaction from the Ground State of Quantum Spin Models1
Quantum Hamiltonians and Self-Organised Criticality15
Scalar Kinks25
Schrodinger Invariance in Discrete Stochastic Systems39
Exact Thermostatic Results for the n-Vector Model on the Harmonic Chain53
Non-Hermitian Tricriticality in the Blume-Capel Model with Imaginary Field59
Fusion of A-D-E Lattice Models83
A Critical Ising Model on the Labyrinth131
Quasi-Particles in the Chiral Potts Model153
Quantum Superspin Chains175
On Algebraic Diagonalization of the XXZ Chain189
q-Deformations of Quantum Spin Chains with Exact Valence-Bond Ground States197
The Tensor Product of Tensor Operators Over Quantum Algebras: Some Applications to Quantum Spin Chains207
On the Exceptional Structure of [actual symbol not reproducible]223
Infinite Families of Gauge-Equivalent R-Matrices and Gradations of Quantized Affine Algebras231
Quasi-Rational Fusion Products245
Counting Rational Curves on Rational Surfaces255
Sigma Models with (2,2) World Sheet Supersymmetry277
Gauge Field Improvement, Form-Scalar Duality, Conformal Invariance and Quasi-Locality293

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