Persuading Spring (The Four Seasons, #4)

Persuading Spring (The Four Seasons, #4)

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by Serenity Woods

A hot fling offers them both a chance to escape their pasts…

Four friends. Four seasons. Four ways to fall in love.

Book 4: Persuading Spring

Bridget Hitchcock – Birdie to her friends – is getting married to the man of her dreams. Or so she keeps telling herself. When Fate intervenes


A hot fling offers them both a chance to escape their pasts…

Four friends. Four seasons. Four ways to fall in love.

Book 4: Persuading Spring

Bridget Hitchcock – Birdie to her friends – is getting married to the man of her dreams. Or so she keeps telling herself. When Fate intervenes to ruin the big day, Bridget’s devastated, but she’s honest enough to admit that the humiliation and embarrassment has upset her more than actually losing Mal. Standing on Wellington quay in the rain in her wedding dress, she contemplates where to go from here, and has no idea.

Aaron Reed is dashing through the rain with his son to their hotel room when he spots the beautiful bride who looks as if she’s about to jump into the water. With a struggling veterinary business miles away in the Northland, a seven-year-old who’s having a sneezing fit, and a crazy ex-wife who’d insist the boy had pneumonia if it meant scoring a point against Aaron, the last thing he needs is to complicate his life even more, but when Bridget looks into his eyes, he’s lost and has to help.

All her life, Bridget’s been one of the good girls. She’s reliable, trustworthy, and sensible, and she’s always done the Right Thing. But for the first time she acts on impulse and takes up the offer of a man she’s just met to go away for a week to a tiny island where there’s nothing to do except eat ice cream and snuggle up to the cute guy who can’t seem to leave her alone.

Maybe life’s not so bad after all. But it’s difficult to move forward when old habits are holding you back. Will their hot fling be enough to help them escape the chains of their past?

Warning: contains a cute veterinarian with large feet. You have been warned.

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Four Seasons , #4
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Serenity Woods lives in the sub-tropical Northland of New Zealand with her wonderful husband and gorgeous teenage son. She writes hot and sultry contemporary romance with a happy ever after, and has won various writing competitions including the Harlequin Blaze Aviator Challenge and the RWNZ First Impressions Contest. She would much rather immerse herself in reading or writing romance than do the dusting and ironing, which is why it’s not a great idea to pop round if you have any allergies. You can check out all her books at

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Persuading Spring (The Four Seasons, #4) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ReadYourWrites 8 months ago
Persuading Spring is the 4th and final book in The Four Seasons Series. Each book focuses on one of four girlfriends from New Zealand who all went to university together and later started a very successful lingerie business of the same name. Each girl represents a season either by name or personality. This book focuses on Bridget “Birdie” Hitchcock and what happens to her after she is jilted at the altar and meets a very nice guy named Aaron Reed and his young son Mateo. While everyone else is watching a distraught Bridget look as if she is going to jump into the water, Aaron jumps into action and talks her off the ledge and convinces her to spend the afternoon in the hotel room with him and his son. They soon find that they both had been in one-sided relationships that ended up in heartbreak and pain. Aaron invites Bridget to visit him at his island home for a few days and she does something completely out of character and agrees. I loved everything about this story. It appeared to be a lot more reflective than the other 3 books. And, there was definitely a whole lot more sex. Since it’s the last book, I felt like Serenity Woods decided to go all out with the sexy time. At one point, I felt like I was reading from the pages of Playboy, and that’s not a bad thing. Aaron and Bridget held nothing back. They also were willing to give into each other emotionally even though everyone else was concerned that their fling would end in tragedy. They went into everything with all eyes open and took the time to evaluate their feelings along the way. I felt that Serenity portrayed everyone in an honest and refreshing way. I was also relieved that their relationship wasn’t totally treated like a fairytale. There was definitely a happy ending but legitimate time did pass before the happy conclusion. More importantly, everything for all of the Four Season girls was wrapped up in a nice bow. **Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**
specialangel87 9 months ago
Persuading Spring is a fantastic ending to a fantabulous series. I hate to see the series end as I have come to love all the characters. Surely there could be a reunion story. Please? I am so glad Birdie did not marry Mal. He wasn't good enough for her. I found it interesting, but not really surprising, Birdie wasn't heartbroken over the break-up. Aaron is my idea of a perfect match- a man who puts his son first and loves animals puts him near the top of the list. Add in all of his other wonder qualities and he exceeds first place. Birdie and Aaron are perfect together because they are such gentle, sweet people. Serenity Woods always writes well-written stories with heart and soul. Her characters are well-developed and likable. The New Zealand scenery comes alive with her descriptions. She is definitely on my short list of must-read authors. I highly recommend reading Persuading Spring and the other books in The Four Seasons Series.
JANE_LANE04 9 months ago
Different and satisfying ending to a sweet series. As we finish the the series with Bridget "Birdie" and Aaron, I enjoyed having a completely different situation than the rest of the books. After being jilted at the alter, Birdie runs, literally, out into the rain with nothing more than her wedding dress. Aaron and his young son, Mat, spot her alone in the pouring rain on the way back to their hotel. Kindhearted Aaron worries about leaving her alone and invites her back to the hotel to warm up and wait out her next move. When the shock of her situation wears off, Bridget and Aaron both feel a bit of something, but are unsure how to proceed in this sticky situation. When Bridget says she still plans to take her intended honeymoon time, but as a solo trip, Aaron suggests she visit his town in the northland. There are no promises, just the pull they both feel about seeing what happens between them. It was nice to have a couple with no history (like our Autumn and Winter gals), nor life-threatening worries (for our Summer-themed novel). While this is a bit of a whirlwind romance, I enjoyed how both Aaron and Bridget considered the realities of their situation, with Bridge newly single, Aaron divorcing his wife and trying to keep her from leaving the country with their son, not to mention a long distance relationship. I definitely felt their desire to make it work, but not push so hard to break them apart. We haven't seen a lot of Bridge in the previous books, so I had to take everyone's word for it that she was the responsible "good girl" who was somewhat itching to settle down. There was a lot of growing up for her after the ruined wedding, but it felt natural and enjoyable to follow her down her new path. I received a free copy of "Persuading Spring" in exchange for an honest review.
JWright57 9 months ago
5 Star Review This series has been a pleasure to read and I loved each book for different reasons but what a way to end an amazing series. In many ways I'm sad to see this series end. Book 4 in The Four Seasons Series and this was the one I have been waiting for Bridies (Bridget's) story. When Birdie is jilted at the alter she runs off in the rain and that's where a kind stranger and his son come to her rescue. Aaron and his son Mateo get her out of the rain and into some warm clothes. And that's where the real story begins. This series will make you feel like you have visited New Zealand , its full of details about the history, the scenery and the wildlife. Each book is its own love story with a HEA all tied together by the four girls being best friends. I received this book for an honest review
HeyerF4n 9 months ago
Although part of a series of interlocked stories about four friends who own a lingerie shop called Four Seasons, this is a standalone book. Bridget (Birdie to her friends) is rescued by Aaron and his 7yr old son Mateo on the worst day of her life, and they both make her feel a little bit better (chocolate fudge ice cream anyone?). Aaron is a real gentleman, a white knight in shining armour and his son is adorable. Despite the situation they feel an attraction, one that is strong enough for Bridget to look him up again a week after her wedding was called off. Once they meet again they can't resist the attraction they feel, even though they have both been scarred by love and have lives 500 miles apart. This was a delightful story and a fitting end to the series. Warning of Strong Language. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.
CathyGeha 9 months ago
Persuading Spring by Serenity Woods The Four Seasons #4 Wonderfully wonderful – this book is my favorite of the series. This book provides an excellent conclusion to the Four Seasons Series that ties everything and everyone up in a sparkly bow of happiness and it made me smile from beginning to end. Aaron Reed and his son Mat are walking in a downpour when Mat sees a woman dressed in a wedding gown contemplating water in the harbor. What should they do – try to help or walk on by? And, Bridget “Birdie” Hitchcock is not sure what to do when asked by them if she needs help. Seeing warmth and kindness in Aaron’s eyes she trustingly follows him and his son to a hotel room, warms up and realizes her life has changed in a moment but that moment might be the making of a better future for her. She decides to take some time for herself, travel a bit and then stop in to see Aaron up north in Russell where he has his veterinarian practice. Perhaps it will just be a thankyou but perhaps it can be more. Aaron and Bridget have both experienced the destruction of dreams for their future. Both are open, honest, caring people. Both feel an attraction to one another. Both realize it is much too soon to be in love. But they also both realize that it would be a crime not to explore what they are feeling. I loved this book! I liked the fact that Bridget and Aaron were willing to take the time to explore the potential for a relationship. I loved that there was not some major drama to pull them apart. I enjoyed seeing their friendship grow and become all that it could be. Though a sweet and perhaps simple love story it also discussed the issue of divorce, custody, bullying in school, friendship and a great deal more. Thank you to the author for the copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 5 Stars