Persuasion [Audiobooks]

Persuasion [Audiobooks]

by Jane Austen

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Disc 1

  1. Sir Walter Elliot of Kellynch Hall, Somersetshire
  2. 'Sir Walter Would Quit Kellylnch Hall'
  3. Captain Frederick Wentworth, a Commander of Intelligence and Spirit
  4. Anne Agrees to Divide Herself Between Uppercross Cottage and ...
  5. The Crofts Settle in a Kellynch Hall- And Expect a Friend
  6. Captain Wentworth Joins the Social Circle
  7. "Altered Beyond His Knowledge"
  8. A Walk in the Countryside
  9. To Lyme and the Home of Captain Harville
  10. A Chance Meeting With Mr. Elliot

Disc 2

  1. An Accident on the Cobb
  2. Return to Uppercross
  3. Louisa Begins to Recover
  4. Anne Arrives in Camden Place, Bath.
  5. Mrs. Clay Remains in Favor
  6. Louisa Begins to Recover
  7. Anne Renews Her Acquaintance With an Old School-Fellow
  8. Another Meeting With Captain Wentworth
  9. The Concert Evening

Disc 3

  1. Back With Mrs. Smith
  2. 'I Think You Should Be Aquainted With Mr. Elliot's Real Character'
  3. Further Proof
  4. Anne Reflects and Learns More
  5. An Unsought Encounter
  6. A Morning of Thorough Confusion
  7. Captain Wentworth Resumes Conversation
  8. Captain Wentworth Asks for Writing Materials
  9. The Letter- "I Must Speak to You by Such Means as Are Within My Reach"
  10. Glowing and Lovely in Sensibility and Happiness
  11. 'Who Can Be of Any Doubt of What Followed?'

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