Pesticide Alert: A Guide to Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

Pesticide Alert: A Guide to Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

by Lawrie Mott, Karen Snyder

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Library Journal - Library Journal
Although federal and state agencies monitor to some extent the composition and permissible residue of pesticides in fruits and vegetables, this guide points out that regulation is often faulty and that dangerous levels of toxic substances may be consumed. The guide lists 28 of the most commonly eaten fresh foods, from apples to lettuce to watermelon, and gives the most widely used pesticides, their toxic effects, and means of decreasing the residue for each food. In most cases, thorough washing, and where feasible, peeling, will decrease risk. It is also possible to find organically grown produce. A bibliography supplies authoritative sources. A good reference for concerned consumers. Eleanor Maass, Maass Assocs., New Milford, Pa.
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
YA-- Unbeknown to most health-oriented people, the fresh produce that is the mainstay of their diet is nowadays contaminated by various pesticides. Mott and Snyder state that the EPA has established tolerances without the necessary health and safety data, even though no ``safe'' level of exposure to a carcinogen may exist. They provide an alphabetically arranged guide summary of the 26 vegetables and fruits most often eaten, along with lists of the five most frequently used pesticides, and whether and how they can be removed--by washing, peeling, or cooking. Sections on each food then provide more detailed information on the pesticides and their effects on health. The valuable and disturbing information in this book is readily acessible by index, bibliography, notes, and sources. There is also a summation of federal regulations and on pesticides overlooked by the FDA's normal monitors. For serious students, this readable, non-technical text provides sources and additional information rarely found elsewhere, making it a superb addition to collections serving young adults.-- Barbara Batty, Port Arthur I.S.D., Tex.

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