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Peter and the Sword of Mercy (Starcatchers Series #4)

Peter and the Sword of Mercy (Starcatchers Series #4)

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by Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Jim Dale

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The year is 1901—it's been twenty-three years since Peter and the Lost Boys returned from Rundoon. Since then, nobody on the island has grown a day older, and the Lost Boys continue their friendship with the Mollusk tribe, and their rivalry with Captain Hook. Meanwhile in London, Molly has married George Darling and is raising three children: Wendy,


The year is 1901—it's been twenty-three years since Peter and the Lost Boys returned from Rundoon. Since then, nobody on the island has grown a day older, and the Lost Boys continue their friendship with the Mollusk tribe, and their rivalry with Captain Hook. Meanwhile in London, Molly has married George Darling and is raising three children: Wendy, Michael, and John. One night a visitor appears at her door; it's James, one of Peter's original Lost Boys. He is now working for Scotland Yard and suspects that the heir to England's throne, Prince Albert Edward, is under the influence of shadow creatures. These shadow creatures are determined to find a secret cache of startstuff which fell to London many centuries ago. The starstuff is hidden in an underground vault which has only one key: the Sword of Mercy, a legendary weapon kept with the Crown Jewels. Molly is determined to help, but when she suddenly goes missing, it is up to her eleven-year-old daughter, Wendy, to keep the starstuff out of the Others' clutches. She has heard her mother's stories of a flying boy named Peter Pan, and he may be her only hope in saving the world from a shadowy doom...

Editorial Reviews

This Peter & The Star Catchers novel involves a secret cache of starstuff, an underground vault, a legendary sword, and a kidnapped woman. Wendy, the daughter of the missing woman, believes that only a flying boy named Peter Pan can rescue her mother and save the world. A swashbuckling adventure series with an enviable flair.
VOYA - Amy Luedtke
What happens when courageous and imaginative children turn into adults? Twenty-three years have passed since Peter's last adventures with the Starcatchers, and although Peter is still a reckless boy with the ability to fly, the rest of the world has changed. Peter's friend Molly is now a grown woman, a respectable wife, and mother with a daughter of her own. The Starcatchers have all but disbanded, as there have been no sightings of new starstuff for years and their great enemy Ombra is dead. So when former Lost Boy James, now a London policeman, discovers that Ombra is still alive, Molly does not believe him until it is too late and they are kidnapped by the villain. Luckily Molly's preteen daughter, Wendy, is as brave and resourceful as her mother once was, and she embarks on a dangerous journey to the magical Mollusk Island to enlist Peter's help. Ombra is creepy and menacing, hatching a sinister and deadly plot to steal the hidden cache of remaining starstuff. Ombra is aided by a new and perhaps even scarier henchman, the Skeleton, and Peter struggles to overcome his fear of this terrifying foe. As in all the Starcatchers installments, this adventure is fast and intense, and readers will feel compelled to find out what happens next. Even though it is the fourth volume, the story holds up well on its own and should not be too confusing for readers new to the series. Reviewer: Amy Luedtke
Children's Literature - Keri Collins Lewis
Molly Aster Darling has put the past behind her and is contentedly raising three children, Wendy, Michael, and John, when James, one of Peter's original Lost Boys brings alarming news. He believes their nemesis, Lord Ombra, survived the rocket explosion and now, twenty-three years after his supposed death, is somehow controlling Prince Albert's closest advisor, von Schatten. Eager to find the Cache, a secret stash of starstuff that fell to London centuries ago, von Schatten has two teams at work: one digs while the other searches for the key to the hidden vault—the tip of Curtana, the legendary sword of Charlemagne. When James and Molly both disappear, Wendy alone knows why and is in a race against time to save her mother and the world from the evil Others. The only solution is to find Peter, a decision that brings together the book's main plots and characters, past and present. Fans of the previous books will relish the reappearance of beloved characters and savor the perfectly woven threads of friendship, family, and courage. Humorous episodes, such as those featuring Uncle Neville and his ornithopter, provide welcome relief from the well-developed and keenly felt elements of fear and malevolence. A satisfying balance of believable history and delightful fantasy, this much-anticipated addition to the "Peter and the Starcatchers" series will keep readers on edge as two skilled storytellers take them on an action-packed adventure with the heroes they love and the villains they love to hate. Reviewer: Keri Collins Lewis
School Library Journal
Gr 5–8—Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson's fourth prequel (Hyperion, 2009) to J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan is set in 1902, 23 years after Molly Aster's last adventure with Peter, the Lost Boys, and Captain Hook. There is a new danger facing the heir to England's throne. When Molly tries to investigate and is kidnapped, her daughter Wendy must set out to find the mysterious Peter, who may be the only one who can rescue Molly and save the throne. This is a thrilling adventure with an overseas flight on a makeshift helicopter, constant escapes from crooked authorities and pirates, exciting flights with Peter, and loyal friendship and familial love. Grammy-winning Jim Dale's narration is pure magic. While the first three books in the series form a coherent trilogy, this volume can stand alone for listeners unfamiliar with the previous titles. An excellent addition to library collections.—Jessica Miller, New Britain Public Library, CT

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Brilliance Audio
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Starcatchers Series, #4
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12.30(w) x 16.10(h) x 1.50(d)
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9 - 11 Years

Meet the Author

Dave Barry is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of more than a dozen books, including Dave Barry's History of the Millennium (So Far); The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog; Dave Barry's Money Secrets; and Big Trouble. Along with Ridley Pearson, he is the co-author of Peter and the Starcatchers, Peter and the Shadow Thieves, Peter and the Secret of Rundoon, Escape from the Carnivale, Cave of the Dark Wind, Blood Tide, and Science Fair.

Ridley Pearson, in addition to the Peter and the Starcatchers series with Dave Barry, is the award-winning author of Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark, Kingdom Keepers: Disney At Dawn, Kingdom Keepers: Disney in Shadow, Steel Trapp: The Challenge, and Steel Trapp: The Academy. He has also written more than twenty best-selling crime novels, including Killer View and Killer Weekend. He was the first American to be awarded the Raymond Chandler/Fulbright Fellowship in Detective Fiction at Oxford University.

Greg Call studied graphic design at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver. After graduating in 1983, he worked as an Art Director at the Colorado Institute of Art until the desire to do more illustrative work found him in Pasadena, California, attending The Art Center College of Design. Upon graduation in 1988, he began working freelance for clients in music, entertainment, and publishing. Greg has been recognized for his work repeatedly, including awards from the Society of Illustrators and Addy awards among others.

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Miami, Florida
Date of Birth:
July 3, 1947
Place of Birth:
Armonk, New York
B.A. in English, Haverford College, 1969

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